Wines 4/11-18/17

         WINES :
1) French Cremant D'Alsace from Domaine PFISTER, $37.49, bright, rich, round, delightful, great bubbles, so much sunshine to offer - so much moonlight, too, a real treat! 
2) the Cremant D'Alsace Brut of HELEFRICH , On Special now for $24.99, even softer, rounder, more light and lulling and easy in this heat, yes!
3) The ' Luminescence ' brut methode traditionelle Loire Valley sparkling vin mousseux from the DOMAINE Des HERBAUGES , $19.99 , a drier, more tart and tangy Melon de Bourgogne, Chardonnay and Grolleau Gris blend here , more robust, gutsy, raw and sooooo ahhhlive ( I amde that word up ).
AND ...
with more herbed goat's cheese and StoneWheat crackers my wife, daughter and I also enjoyed some fine wines from South Africa that Ian and Melissa poured here from their own company RED WOLF Importers,
1) Mourvedre ( a French Rhone valley red grape variety that makes southern Cotes Du Rhone and Southwest French reds , as well as fine Spanish reds that they call by the name of Monastrell ), this delightful soft, bright silky expression of rose from South Africa's BABYLONSTOREN, $19.99 was a pure delight, too on Sunday night.
2) " Babel ' dry red 2015 Simonsberg, Paarl, South African mostly Mourvedre with some Bordeaux grapes, too, $21.99, was so smooth and bright having been opened like the rose already for two - three days! It had not lost anything, was even more soothing and blissful than when both Ian and Melissa poured it here last Friday night.
GRILLING LAST NIGHT was a treat as the weather was incredible, really special, so nice to be outside, the greening of trees and shrubs and everything ( sorry for the pollen! ), and no mosquitos anywhere to be seen ( the only surprise was my wife screaming later inside as we were getting ready to watch the classic old movie : " Nine To Five " : " there's a snake! ").
I RESCUED THE SNAKE and released it back into the wilds from where it came , a small snake, nothing to worry about.
ANYWAY : I was offering some Bulgarian red for us to try, from Andrew Stover pf the CHAMLIJA Paraskarasa dry red ( drank beautifully last night, really enjoyed it, so did my daughter and wife ), and I will ask Andrew about availability?
ON SATURDAY Andrew was here with Marin Atanasov , wine consultant of Fine European Wines / Brand Marketing OrganizationWorld Wines 2-6pm, and we tasted some of the ...
1) ORBELUS dry red " Hrumski ' ( Notions ) 2013, $19.99, a dry blend pf Syrah, Melnik 55, Mourvedre and Marselanwith 14% alcohol by volume. It is from the Thracian lowlands , it reminds me of a fine Austrian red with high acidity and some good body, firm, svelte, a fine food wine once chilled 40 minutes or so ... organic,
2) Pinot Noir by CHATEAU BURGOZONE from Bulgaria's northern border Cotes du Danube, $16.49, much lighter, some spice and acid to edge it , medium-to-light-bodies, a treat, a fun wine to chill , and with salmon or some appetizers, some lamb even, just a nice salad, ... another treat that we all enjoyed here on Saturday when both Marin and Andrew waxed poetic over it.
COME GET SOME of all of these, sooner than later, be proactive, ready, prepared, rewarded, rested, real and receptive : alliteration is the way to go for me these days.
HAPPY PASSOVER Today all, thanks for all your support and community.
I ENJOYED this past Friday when I went to Adas Synagogue and did a 4-kosher-wines wine-tasting for 60 or so young professionals there. I knew a handful, the others I got to meet and talk with through a wall of loud chatting all around us. It was fun, it was exciting, I had a microphone, and I blared both my heart and my soul into it as I cried to be heard! A great group, a party of six I saw later as I passed by Coppi's Organic restaurant here to pick up a pizza to take home to share with my wife and daughter : our dinner Saturday night : loved it.
SO : in the spirit of Passover when it is okay to get some and enjoy we still have some incredible bottles of 2010 CR CASTRA RUBRA, $35.49, ( produced with the help of French Bordeaux producer Michel Rolland ), this Bulgarian kosher for Passover dry red blend from the Thracian valley, ( 60% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet Franc ), 14.5% alcohol by volume ... is a lovely medium-bodied yet robust, hearty mouthfulof food red, the food and the wine rounding each other out nicely! I had a saussage pizza at Coppi's on Friday night that would be amazing with this CASTRA RUBRA, really a great combo as the saussage was fiery and this would mellow that flavor and taste.