Wine Specials From Tues-Tues : 1/19-26/16 Enjoy Call: 202-363-4265

WINE From Chris & Tony :

          UNDER TEN BUCKS / Dollare :
     1) Rosso Toscano 2013 , a Sangiovese dry red Italian ' value ' blend, from VILLA D' , On Special for $8.99 is showing brilliantly, Andrew Stover poured it here this past Saturday, nice, tasty, balanced, classic style dry Italian red!
     2) Merlot 2013 from CHATEAU JULIEN, Monterey, California, $9.99, from a family-owned wine estate, this is an incredible value and wine, way over-delivers for this price, really am thrilled to have it here for you all.
     3) Chardonnay 2014 from California's Monterey district , from CHATEAU JULIEN, for only $9.99, again it has both butter and accents of oak, and way, way over-delivers for only ten bucks, recommended!
     4)  Wagram Blauburger is a cross between two grapes created many moons ago in Austria, n off-dry, fruit-forward, touches of earth and spice and herb, dried flowers, some funk, too, funk in the best sense, like music, plays aver your tongue and tastebuds beautifully, I liked this a whole lot on Saturday when Andrew Stover tasted it, from WEINGUT JOSEF BAUER in Feuersbrun, with 13% alcohol by volume, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, I highly recommend it, really I do, I really became quite smitten with it! Regular price is $14.99 a bottle, ... come get some, it is nice to sip, will complement many finger foods, chill 30 minutes, talk, make merry, be happy!
          TWO from Manuel Rojas :
     5)  Syrah 2011 Private Reserve from Chile's Aconcagua Valley, from ALMA De Chile, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, with 14% alcohol by volume, this dry and full, developed, ample and endowed-with-spice-fruit-oak-complexities, it throws sediment and that gathers at the bottom of the cork, be careful when pulling the cork ( you could possibly write the word ' Chile ' with ath sediment that is part of the tasty Syrah that was never filtered out, I love it, it is a special, very tasty red, glad to have it here, GREAT VALUE, too!
     6) Merlot De Chile 2011 Private Reserve from the ALMA De Chile is lighterm brighter, more lively and fruit-forward, and we are also thrilled to have it here!
As I mentioned previously in this Tuesday store weekly email, Manuel Rojas will be here himself to pour these two wines for us. What a grand treat! JOin us, never any charge, always free to you all, always.On Special for $9.99 a bottle!
          OVER $10 & Recommended :
     7) Buntsandstein Blanc De Noir 2014 from WEINGUT STADT Klingenberg, $29.99, from Churfranken, with 12% alcohol by volume, this dry German white blew me away with each sip, I adored it, my kind of wine, layered, multi-accented, with deep highs, rises, and lows, moans and groans, belly guffaws, wrenching twists and turns that sweep my tongue and tastebuds to rise up and be flown around as if on my very own magic carpet ride!
AN INCREDIBLE WHITE, less than 300 cases made, this is worth coming and buying and enjoying now in this deep cold and wind and sometimes discomfort. Be warmed, comforted, teased, pleased and , of course, eased and so you want to smile before taking yet another sip. Let it sit on your palate for awhile. Do not rush this incredible experience.

          TWO From PIETRA VENTOSA :

     8) EstRosa , $21.99, Murgia, Puglia, southern Italy, a 2013 that is a lilting, lulling, lifting and lovely richer, more opaque, more body, more ripeness and fullness, Rubenesque, a conversationalist, a storyteller of tamer and wilder , more ribald Chaucerian stories and tales, that continue, do not tail-off, hit you and tastebuds bull's eye ' tween each bud, saturating, filling, cajoling, prompting and soooo pleasing us all. It is still showing beautifully, and will warm us all even now with this biting cold and freezing freeze! Made from the Primitivo grape. What expression.
     9) ' Allegoria ' Primitivo dry red from Gioia Del Colle, from PIETRA VENTOSA, $21.99, made from 100% Primitivo, this is so silky and satiny, so fine, so fleshy-red Primitivo fruit-forward-skinned, shined, sensuous, ... a real treat!

          THREE From Australia, David Tastes Them Here Tomorrow, Wed. 1/20/2016, Join Is, Free Tasting Always :

     1) Clare Valley Australia 2014 ' Traditional Dry ' Riesling from PIKE'S Vintners PTY, LTD, $24.49, with 11% alcohol by volume, I look forward greatly to tasting this tomorrow with David here as it has been awhile since I tasted it. We have sold it here and it has always been an asset to the store. Let's see tomorrow where it is in it's growth and development?!?

EXCITING TIMES. You will enjoy meeting David and hearing what he has to say. I have known David now for quite some time and he has been here in the store before tasting, but that was quite some time ago.
     2) ' Mathilda ' 2013 from Australia's Victoria, this Shiraz from TOURNON, $17.99, from French owner/ winemaker Michel Chapoutier, with 14% alcohol by volume, this is made from 100% Shiraz grapes. It brings a definite French Rhone sensibility, sensitivity to Victoria. It is a fine food wine, medium-to-lighter-bodied, great spice and herb and dried flowers, some fruit absorbed nicely, partially into the oak barrels that it was put into, I know this will be tasting even better than when Chris and I tried it 3-4 months ago! I am excited to welcome David to taste it here tomorrow night from 5-8PM.
     3) ' Red Right Hand ' from Australia's Western Australia Margaret River area ( made by Mike Kerrigan I believe, along with Nick Stacey that came up with the idea and the whole packaging and promotion, making of these wines called VINACEOUS! 
I remember when Nick showed Chris Pigott and me these mock-up labels for the wines on his laptop computer when we were at WEST CAPE HOWE where he worked to promote those fine wines, too that we have stocked and carried here for ten years now, with him and with Gavin Berry ( the winemaker ), and even MIchael Kerrigan ( the winemaker as well at HAY SHED HILLS, also in Margaret River ), they have all been here, all family, and we continue to work as such here! Cheers, join us tomorrow with David.


     Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 : 5-8PM : Come meet David tomorrow here and taste the three wines mentioned above. Free tasting, enjoy the moment! Stock up for this weekend's snow storm!
     Friday, January 22nd, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : Come meet Manuel Rojas again and try his super Chilean wines of DOS PASSOS, ALMA Del Chile, and IN SITU. This will be great.
     Saturday, January 23rd, 2016 ( 2-6PM ) : We ahve Robert of Tradewinds Specialty Imports coming by to do a tasting of some of the finest Aregentinian and Spanish wines in his portfolio! Fun, educational, entertaining as well, tasty, too!
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, you all are the very best, you really are. We thanks you for your support of us and what we provide here for you all. Gracias, merci, obregado, ... cheers and prost!
WHAT FOLLOWS bewlow is an old Tuesday store weekly email that I wrote and sent in January of 2011, read and enjoy it if you have time, and inquite about current pricing or availability of anything I mentioned then.