Wine Specials For Tues Nov 17th - Tues Nov. 14th, 2015 : Read & Enjoy!

HEY, HERE ARE SOME DELIGHTful wines to bring to your attention as Thanksgiving is right around the corner from us now ...

     1) Monastrell 2014, a red grape called Mourvedre in France, a Rhone-style dry red that has body, some pepper and spice, some acidity, a softer version, more fruit-forward, excellent with a casual group gathering, chilling and enjoying, shooting the breeze, feeling downright expansive about life, and sharing your smiles with others! Yes, si si si claro que si, from Spain's Yecla region, from CASTILLO Del BAON, On Special now for $8.99 a bottle.
     2) QUINTESSENCE Bordeaux red 2010, $14.49,  with 13.5% alcohol by volume, a wonderful food wine from a great vintage in Bordeaux , and at a great price, too! Love it, needs a meal!
     3) Chenin Blanc 2015 , a single vineyard Block V dry white from DE MEYE, Stellenbosch, South Africa, $12.99, that we just sampled you all on here this past weekend when John Morrison came to pour the wines of DE MEYE, six in all! ... The Chenin is soft and bright, mellow and mild, lilting and lulling and soooooo suesuesueSUEoooooootthhhhing! I liked it, really nice to sit and sip and relax and spend some time listening to others and coming to appreciate and understand them even better.
     4) Littel River 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon from DE MEYE, also poured here this past Saturday by John Morrison, is heartier, beefier, more rustic and rough, rumble and tumble style that calls out for a flavorful cheese, some tasty vegetarian dishes, some oriental, Indian dishes, bring out the curry, have some more dill, even a splash of a hot pepper here or there to smooth-out the sharp jags of acidity and tannins here, the wine and the food together here, a great winning combo! I liked this a whole lot, got my juices flowing it did, with each sip.
     5) Minervois French red called CAMPAGNE DE CENTEILLES , a 2010 ( great vintage in France ) dry red blend, $17.99, a complex dry red blend to enjoy with a flavorful meal, chill the wine thirty minutes before serving, made by Patricia Boyer-Domergue, using 70-100 year old vines, producing only natural wines from hand-harvested grapes, all sounds and tastes divine to both Chris and me that tasted it here within the last two weeks with John Chadwick our rep fpr Tenth Harvest. Thank you John!
     6) 2012 dry red southern Burgundy from the town of Morgon  using 100% Gamay grapes, $20.99 a bottle with 13% alcohol by volume, a softer, gentler, less tart or tangy Beaujolais cru village wine here, perfect to enjoy now with this colder weather, damper, too, rain coming Thursday, come get some tomorrow and save 20% off the price marked here.
     7) 2013 Chenas red Burgundy wine , $21.99, made by CHRISTOPHE PACALET, made from 100% Gamay grapes, this has substance, juevos, real angularity and bristling and bright clairty, a touch of toast and steel to make you jump, make you start, make you move and react to it's flavors. A great food wine, a great way to wash the food away while mingling with the flavors of the food and enticing more of those flavors to pop and to come out, to reveal themselves, to be better enjoyed, to better enhance the moment, to bring the moment's joys to you more completely! Yes, si si oui, oui, oui oui OUI!
     8) Gruner Veltliner  Loisium 2013, a Reserve DAC, from Karl Steininger, from Austria, $21.99, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, this is a bracing and broad and brimming-with-flavor and character dry white that has a solid and broad base to complement many a meal s the temps drop and the rain starts to fall from our skies above, it will dry you and satisy you, too. I like this, distinctly tasty and a treat especially now, fine with turkey and Thanksgiving.
    9) 2006 Bordeaux Superiore from CHATEA SENAILHAC, On Special for $22.99, just a few bottles left, really delightful and wonderful now, maintenant, no need to wait any longer. This is a beauty to drink even at Thanksgiving, not heavy, not sharp, all the tar, leather, toasted and spicy overtones are all balanced and really nice and providing great enjoyment with a meal, I like it a lot, and we will have magnums of it soon. That will be very nice for the end of the year.
    10) Tr ELLIOTT ' Queste ' Pinot Noir from California's Russian River Valley , $47.99 a bottle, with 14.5% alcohol by volume, a Burgundian-style Pinot Noir. I just tried with Dan Terrasa the entry level, this is the next step up and more flavorful and complex with great breed and balance. Both Chris and I really liked it a lot. I liked today's, too and am happy to have this for a special celebration at Thanksgiving, to those that really know and love wine, and are willing to spend the extra on it.