Wine Specials For Pope Francis Visit & Yom Kippur 9/22-29/2015

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Wine By Chris & Tony : Thinking Argentina, Israel & Italy :

THREE From Argentina :

1) Reserva Chardonnay 2013 , Mendoza, $10.99, 13.5% alcohol by
volume, : " elegant and medium-bodied, this well-balanced wine offers fresh
fruit purity and refined complexity. " I remember really liking the
freshness, the fruit-forward qualities, the price and the balance, all
great signs for me of the joys to follow when tasting!

2) Torrontes 2013 from Don Manuel at LEGADO, desde-since 1611, $13.99
a bottle, an old-world winery looking for some modern innovations here, and
they succeed beautifully! Charming, pleasing, fresh and developed flavors
that do the job and more to provide a great sipping experience, inside or

3) Malbec 2013 from Mendoza, Argentina, $18.49, this ' Alberti ' from
BODEGA CALLE, with 14% alcohol by volume, using old vines to minimize and
roughness or harshness, and gravity-flow to do the same as there is the
least amount of human interference making this hearty, robust, bright and
intense, food-perfect dry and toasty red that will complement anything
grilled, some cheeses, most pate, most dried and cured meats, too. Our
customers love it!

We have Hortense Capelle from Finca Fabian of La Mancha , Spain to say a
few words about their ' new ' Sauvignon Blanc, dry red blend of Tempranillo
and 30% Petite Verdot, and their ' new ' sparkling, too : " come and join
us to taste and enjoy our organic wines!! " Always good to work with
Estebe Salgado of Tradewinds Specialty Imports. Gracias Estebe.

TWO From Italy :

1) We have the " Ferentano " 2012 dry indigenous white from Lazio,
Italy just outside of Rome, from FALESCO , $28.99, a grape I discovered
years ago and that Kelly sold at Palena and I sold here, and we traded
customers over it. Later we were at a tasting with the owner, winemaker
Riccardo Cotarella and we tasted it with him and a few others at Johhny's
On The Half Shell ( is that the name of the restaurant in the old La
Colline location across from the Union train station , I think so? ). I am
happy to have it here, and with it being an exceptional white wine with
many layers of flavor, so much honey and nut, mineral and complexity, yet
polish, creamy-dreaminess, a voluptuousness that is like layers of satin
sheets on one's tongue. An experience, and not far from Rome and where Pope
Francis lives ...

2) RA Mitello Molise Rosso DOC , a 2011 from DI MAJO NORANTE, $18.99,
using the Aglianico and the Multipulciano grapes. I tried it recently with
both Jody Jackman and also with Keith, both that work for Winebow Imports,
you all know Jody and love her : and I fell in love with this fantastic,
flavorful, tasty and memorable dry red from southern Italy! What a great
treat, great to enjoy with a meal.

TWO From Israel :

1) ' EverRED ' , a dry red blend of Cabernet and Merlot, a 2013, from
Isreal's Judean Hills, from the ELLA Valley Vineyards, $18.99, with 14.5%
alcohol by volume, a blend of 82% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 3%
Petit Verdot, a softer, kinder, more gentle Bordeaux blend dry red that is
kosher and also kosher for Passover. Try some.

2) Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, a 2009 single vineyard, that is also
kosher and also kosher for Passover, with 14% alcohol, a bit thicker,
denser, deeper and more voluptuous taste here, will please and relax and
offer you a nice experience, On Special for $32.99 a bottle, regularly
$39.99 a bottle. A real treat!


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