Wine Specials June 16th-23rd,2015

WINE By Chris & Tony :
1) ' Pirosmani ' 2013 red wine Kakheti from SCHUCHMANN, $9.99 a
bottle, 12% alcohol by volume, really elegant, fruit-forward,
medium-to-light-bodied, easy-drinking, a nice wine to sip, chill 30minutes
and enjoy even with this heat and humidity, it is not tannic or sharp and
edgy, more rounded and bright.
2) ' House Of Mandela ' 2013 The Thembu Collection, Chenin Blanc,
$11.99, Fair Trade certified, this refreshing, bright, crisp dry South
African white made by Nelson's daughter is really nice. love having it
3) Cabernet Sauvignon IG from Romania's Vale Carasului in Tirol, this
VARIUS2012 , 13.5% alcohol, $11.99, has really mellowed and softened into a
delightful red to chill and serve now even with this heat and humidity
chilled for thirty or so minutes! We will celebrate Gabriela's birthday
this Friday when we pour it here for you all from 5-8PM, cheers!
4) Nebbiolo 2012 , a Nebbiolo D'Alba, Piemonte, Italy, from VEGLIO, On
Special for only $12.99. a RIDICULOUS PRICE for a Nebbiolo of this quality,
it just has to breathe and open so it reveals all of it's many silky round
and supple and fruit-delicious charms .... Highly-Recommended! We will
taste it here with Chris on Saturday from 2-6PM, join us. No charge.
5) ' Hom ' House Of Mandela Deep River dry red Fair Trade blend of
Cabernet Sauvignon, 2014, $14.49 a bottle, is a real treat, and I enjoyed
it very much. Also made by Nelson Mandela's daughter, and once again, we
are thrilled to have it here and recommend it to you all this summer even
with the heat and the humidity!
6) " Father's Watch " a dry California red blend from Sonoma,
California from KIVEL STADT Cellars, On Special for $19.99 a bottle, , and
made with Syrah and other grapes, some that are more than 100 years old,
and this medium-bodied dry Red Rhone style will make a great Father's Day
gift this Sunday! Get it tomorrow and save 20% off the bottle cost, thus
pay only $16.00 a bottle tomorrow!
7) ' The Doctor's ' Gruner Veltliner 2014 from Marlborough, New
Zealand, from John Forrest of FORREST WINES, I just tasted this with him :
it's super bright, balanced, refreshing and tasty, I highly recommend it, a
great Father's Day gift this Sunday, buy it tomorrow and save 20% OFF the
$21.99, with only 12.5% alcohol by volume.
8) 2008 ' V ' VIVENCIAS , $42.99, a Vino de Calidad de Valtiendas,
D.O.P, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, a Spanish hearty, thick, deep, rich,
mouth-full that is delicious in bold and brash tannins and acids, that will
be great with a meal , a great wine when you grill! Cheers!
9) Primitivo Gioia Del Colle, 2008, from PIETRAVENTOSA, $48.99 a
bootle, a V.Q.P.R.D. from Southern Italy, with 14.5% alcohol by volume,
this is a delightful winner, a pleasure, an enormous treat, perfect for
Father's Day this Sunday! Just like the initials above indicate : " Very
Quinnly, Pleasurable, Redolent, Delicious : V.Q.P.R.D. " : tailor-made for
me I would say!
10) Aglianico Del Vulture ' Titolo ' from Elena Fucci, $49.99, a 2011,
with 15% alcohol by volume, another great dry red southern Italian wine to
treat your fathers to! I drank it with Elena here herself and I must say I
was charmed and warmed and treated and lulled and delighted! Wow!!