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WINE From Chris & Tony :

1) Blueberry Moscato from TOMASELLO from New Jersey, a dlight to chill
and serve, easy to drink and enjoy, I tried them all, including the
Cranberry Moscato and the Raspberry Moscato, liked them all : $10.99 a
bottle, with 8.5% alcohol by volume, lovely and so refreshing.

2) Vermentino Di Sardegna dry white 2014, from VILLA SOLAIS SANTADI,
$13.49 a bottlewith 13.5% alcohol by volume, a lovely mineral, honey and
nutty quality that has some real character and weight, and is so bright,
too. This is a fine food wine.

3) Critone dry white 2014 from Calabria's Val Di Neto, made by
LIBRANDI, we are thrilled to have this wine and add it to our collection of
fine other LIBRANDI wines. Amy Riolo that cooks and talks about food and
wine just included it this past Friday in her cooking class, $17.99 :
flavorful, distinct, tasty, original, does not try to be anything else than
what it is already : class-act! Cheers, grazie Paolo e a presto, caio!

4) Carignano Del Sulcis Grotta Rossa from Sardinia like the Vermrntino
above, this dry red from SANTADI is medium-bodied-to-light, flavorful,
peppery and spicy, a great food wine to enjoy with anything off the grill.
Chill 30 minutes and enjoy completely!

5) Tempranillo and Petit Verdot combined here, aged in oak as well to
make this delightful 2012 using organic-grown grapes DOMINIO DE PUNCTUM
FINCA FABIAN, $17.99 , with 13.5% alcohol by volume, a
medium-to-light-bodied dry red. I meant to have this tasted here this past
Saturday with Estebe but forgot so we will taste it here soon. It is
outstanding in balance, flavors and will complement many a meal!

6) Petit Verdot 2007 Spanish red from Mentrida, Spain is On Special
for $19.99, regularly $19.99a bottle, and it is so silky smooth now, so
pleasing and charismatic, we all loved it here this past Saturday when
Estebe came to taste it. Highly recommended.

7) ' Gravello ' from Italy's Calabrian region, this Gagliopo dry red
blend has everything going for it, from the best vineyards, the best lots,
everything the very best and it shows, too here in this very best taste!
Cheers! $33.99 a bottle with 14% alcohol, this 2011 is from the Val di Neto
region specifically.

8) Le Passule Val Di Neto Vino Passito from LIBRANDI, in Calabria,
Italy, $38.49 a bottle, the 2008, with 14.5 alcohol by volume is a grand
way, a splendid manner to finish your meal with family and friends. Make it
special, enjoy some of this Vino Passito. Cheers!


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