Wine Specials 9/20-27/16

WINE From Chris & Tony : Sooo Many To Choose From :
     1) AC 4.090 Gewurztraminer from Chile's Valle de Lontue,Chile : dry, some great mouth-feel, mouth-grip, I like it, like it a lot, a treat with a meal that gives you a softer, gentler, easier-t0-sip Gewurztraminer : winner through-and-through, great with almost any meal, come try some, $14.49 a bottle.
     2) Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 Santa Julia sustainable farming from Julia Zuccardi in Mendoza, Argentina, $10.99, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, what a treat, I like it, chill 30 minutes, enjoy with a meal, off the grill, indoors or outdoors, a nice accompaniment to many a meal.
     3) Old Vine Zinfandel from Lodi, California, from VICTOR Vineyards, $17.99 a bottle, 2013, with 14.8% alcohol by volume, here you have flavor, structure, balance and some fruit-forward taste that stops just before getting jammy : some good spice, some good character, chill 40 minutes and enjoy. Cheers!
     4) 2014 Chenin Blanc ' Vusali Series ' from the HOUSE OF MANDELA, $21.99, with  13.5% alcohol by volume, from South Africa;s Western Cape, a Fair Trade incredible white that pretty much blew me away when I tasted it : liked it very much indeed, tasty stuff!
     5) BOE Brooklyn Oenology 2011 Chardonnay from the Long Fork of Long Island, New York State, made by Allie, $22.99, with only 12.6% alcohol by volume, this Chardonnay is a delight , plain and simple as that : a delight! vLIke it very much.