Wine Specials 8/30-9/2

    WINE From Chris & Tony : Five Wines :

     1) Chardonnay 2014 from France's Val De Loire, from DOMAINE BELLEVUE :$11.99 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume, this is fresh and lively and bright and not oaked : enjoy now, perfect for this hot humid weather at times.
     2) Syrah 2011 VALLEGARCIA On Special for $15.99 a bottle, from Montes de Toledo, a Spanish Vino de la Tierra de Castilla,, with 15% alcohol by volume, chill and enjoy with a meal, very flavorful and bold, great when you grill outside or have flavorful cheeses.
     3) White indigenous Greek grape variety called Malagousia, using 100% of the grape, a 2014, a wine-art estate, On Special for $16.49, from TECHNI, my family loved this wine in August at the beach. It has it all, highly recommended. Come buy a bottle and see what you all think? Cheers!
     4) 2013 indigenous Greek grape varietal called Malagouzia from the producer ANTONOPOULOS, Axaia- Acaia , from Patras, Hellas , Greece, On Special for $19.99 a bottle, was $22.99.
Sotiris Bafitis will taste this here tomorrow night from 5-8PM, it will be special, we will taste it and other fine Greek wines.
I love Greek wines, they are wonderful and special and I am thrilled to have so many here, really a great treat! Cheers!
     5) Bourgogne Burgundy white Hautes-Cotes de Beaune 2012 from the Domaine Henri Naudin-Ferrand On Special for $19.99 a bottle, regularly $23.99 a bottle. Chris and I both liked this, I took the open sample bottle home later that day and my wife really enjoyed it as well with our meal. A treat, flavorful. balanced, mature, a real treat all around! Cheers!