Wine Specials 7/5-12/2016

WINE From Chris & Tony : Fun Choices Now :
     1) 2015 Curvos Superior Vinho Verde, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, with 11.5% alcohol by volume, I was sipping this last night while watching the fireworks on t.v. from the display at the Mall! It had weight, spirit, goos spritz, body, I liked it, would have liked it even better with food, but I enjoyed, it, tasty, fun, real character from Portugal.
     2) 600 PEAK 2013 Chardonnay from Central Coast , California, On Special for $14.99 a bottle, this is that round and full, sipple mouthfeel that is hard to resist, such a pleasure to sip!
     3) 2014 Unearthed Pinot Noir from California's Central Coast, On Special for $14.99 a bottle, lots of extra flavor and taste, it was a real hit when Iason tasted it out here this weekend to celebrate the 4th of July yesterday!
     4) 600 PEAK California Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, On Special for $14.99 a bottle, this is a smooth, really simply easy-to-drink-and-enjoy! On Special for $14.99 a bottle, needs no food, pure fresh rich fruit, all about the brightness, softness of the fruit here! Cheers.
     5) ' First Crush ' North Fork of Long Island, from BEDELL CELLARS, a 2014 red that tastes very much like a young, bright, youthful, fresh Bordeaux, red, $17.49, a 75% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Franc, certified sustainable, with 11.5% alcohol by volume, I liked this very much this past Friday night when we poured it here for you.
     6) 2013 Malagouzia indigenous white grape varity from Greece's ANTONOUPOLOS Winery in Hellas, Greece, On Special for $19.99 a bottle, regularly $22.99, this is a real special wine, really showing beautifully now, all the flavors are showing good development, almost at it's prime now and will hold there for awhile. This is a great summer outdoors white when you grill, when you spill, when you sail, when you flail your arms up in joy, yes! Limited quantities left, come get some now while we still have it. Thanks Iason for pouring it.
     7) Tazi white dry blend of 36% Malvasia Bianca, 24% French Colombard, 18% Vidal Blanc, 16% Pinot Gris and 4% Muscat, from ARIZONA STRONGHOLD Vineyards in Camp Verde, AZ, with 13.1% alcohol by volume, this is $19.99 a bottle, has a ful, filling mouthfeel and grip, rich, creamy, sunshine butter with some honey and nut cohesiveness and charm and appeal, it is a winner, best with a meal, will complement many a dish!
     8) 2013 Virginia Cabernet Franc " Marquis de Lafayette ' from the BREAUX Vineyards, $21.99 a bottle, with 13.8% alcohol by volume, this medium-bodied dry red is gritty, earthy, pithy, rustic, flavorful, a real treat to enjoy chilled 30 minutes with some grilled fish, vegetables and meats, too : nice, showed really well when Andrew poured it here this past Friday to celebrate the 4th of July weekend!