Wine Specials 6/7-14/2016

     WINES By Chris & Tony :
          Get Litered/ Tetra'ed While You Can :
     1) Pinot Grigio liters in a Tetra box On Special for $5.99, what a great deal to take when hiking and you want a sip of wine after a long walk or climb, convenient, easy, from VENDANGE, a deal.
          TWO ' New ' Rose Wines :
     1) Cape Rose from RIEBEEK CELLARS Collection in Swarthland, South Africa, On Special for $7.99 a bottle. Come check it out, Caitling tells me she really likes it , see what you all think?!?
     2) Rosado de Garnacha from CARMEN Dolores, $9.99, a soft, velvetty rose that has no edges, just ripe and bright fruit. We tasted customers on it the other week and many of you liked it so we added it here to our selection. Cheers!
          THREE Under $10 A Bottle :
     1) El Cortijillo Tempranillo from Spain, a 2015 vintage, On Special for $5.99 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume, from La Mancha, what a quaffable dry red with medium-to-light-body, some earth, some spice, chill thirty minutes and enjoy indoors or outdoors!
     2) Reserve Chardonnay , a 2015 dry white from South Eastern Australia, from LISMORE RANGE, $8.99 a bottle, with 13.2% alcohol by volume, this drinks really well, a balanced, tasty bottle of dry Chardonnay to enjoy with or without food. Cheers!
     3) BLANDINE' Le Blanc ' dry white Southwest France white from the Cotes du Gascogne region, 2015 , a blend of 60% Colombard and 40% Ugni Blanc, crisp, really quite dry and refreshing, best with food, when you enjoy some goat's cheese, some salads with a vinaigrette, or when you squeeze a lemon or lime over your food, from the Lot region of France where Cahors is, where Malbec comes from ...
          TWO Great Bottles Over $10 :
     1) ' K ' From KALTERN, $10.99 a bottle  for a Vigneti delle Dolomiti dry white that really impressed Chris and me, wonderful, great price, too!

     2) Toscana 2012 from DAINERO , $25.49 a bottle,  a Merlot , Sangiovese dry red that really impressed Chris and me. Come get some tonight to watch the returns from the six primaries tonight