Wine Specials 6/22-29/2015

DON'T FORGET : we have 6-Bottle Wine-Samplers On Sale for $58.99 a bottle :
wow, six FANTABUlous wines all for under $10 a bottle each!
THE OUTER BANKS, any of you going there this year?!?

WINES 2 Drink / 2 Take On Vacation NOW :

1) Macabeo Dry Spanish white ( without sparkle, as it is often blended
to make sparkling wine ) BLANCO, On Special for $9.99 a 750ml bottle, this
REAL COMPANIA DE VINOS from the Vino de La Tierra De Castilla, with 13%
alcohol by volume is soft, bright, really full and mellow and so very
pleasing to sip and enjoy with many a meal. Highly recommended.
2) Dry Piemontese 100% Barbera Italian rose from Bricco Dei TATI, a
lighter, brighter, delicate salmon color, On Special for $8.49 is drinking
beautifully : lighter, brighter, silkier than past vintages, perfect in
price and taste to enjoy daily now with this intense heat and humidity that
is caking us, layering and smothering us down.
3) Spicy 2013 Shiraz from TANGLED TREE in Robertson, South Africa is
rich and full and rounded-flavorful with accents of spice and warmth and
extra rich flavors, that, when chilled 30 minutes come together and fill
our palates completely with satisfaction and flare, and coming in a plastic
bottle weighs less, will not break, $9.99 a bottle, with 13.5% alcohol by
volume : come taste all these delicious dark berries of flavors!
4) Bourgogne dry White Burgundy using ' the OTHER Burgundy grape - the
Aligote ', $14.49 a bottle, for Raphael Mallon,, with 12% alcohol by
volume, from NAUDIN-FERRAND, this is a perfect wine to enjoy with most
meals that are suited to this extra heat and humidity, enjoy outside in the
ALL THESE WINES are Highly Recommended. We do not have a favorite, except
for if one matches up better to the specifics of any gathering-event!
5) Chardonnay 2013 from Australia's Western southern tip at Denmark,
from WEST CAPE HOWE, $16.99 a bottle, 13.5% alcohol by volume, softer,
lighter, brighter taste, also LEAN&GREEN : this lightweight bottle saves
21% glass resulting in a lower carbon footprint. Go to : for more info. Cheers, thanks Gavin Berry!
6) ' Rigole Rosso ' 2012 from Italy's Friuli region, from the TENUTA
TOMASELLA, since 1965, this dry red blend of 85% Merlot and 15% Refosco,
$19.99 a bottle, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, is tasty, distinct, a really
glorious food wine, medium-to-lighter-bodied, chill 30 minutes and enjoy
with many a summer, hot weather meal and BE AMAZED!
7) Saint George grape / also called Aghiorghitiko from Nemea, Greece,
this 2011 dry red from SKOURAS , $21.99, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, is a
really fine food wine with great acidity and some muscle from the tannins,
with some hearty structure, enjoy this with a grilled or barbecue meal,
chill 30 minutes to help focus and enliven the flavors and to cut through
this 95 degree weather going on outside and all around right now!
8) Questo Non E Un Vino Tranquilo , this ' Osa! ' made from the
indigenous Frappato Sicilain grape grown in south-eastern Sicily, a dry and
elegant and fleshy-but-not-heavy rosato/rose from PAOLO CALI, $26.99 a
bottle, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, will be tasted here this Saturday by
Robert Kennedy.
Robert will be here Saturday, June 27th, 2015 from 2-6PM. Made with 100%
Frappato grapes, this is a real beauty. It will go On Sale this weekend for
our tasting as we drop the price on the bottle! So be prepared to be blown
away by this delightful dry Sicilian rose of breed, elegance, romance and
finery, the finest finery finely-fluted-flowered,fragrant, fresh
foreverness-of-rosatos! I do play with my word selections, I do , I do , I
9) Dry white 100% Assyrtiko Greek wine from the island of Santorini,
made by DOMAINE SIGALAS, $33.99, on the Aegean Sea, with 13.5% alcohol by
volume, WOW : this wine impresses, it is beautiful, it is attractive, it is
seductive, it is immediate, it shoots right out and covers the entire
palate with added luxury and illustrious gladnness/madness and ' so-right '
gladness! I really do love this special dry Santorini Assyrtiko dry soft
spledid white : silky fine. Highly recommended, too.
10) ' Piria ' dry and velvety and lighter-brighter-finer-PURER
Lambrusco red flavors and tastes , a Lambrusco Di Sorbara vino frizzante
secco, using 70% Lambrusco Sorbara and 30% Lambrusco Salamino , with 11.5%
alcohol by volume, we like this so much it will be poured here this
Saturday June 27th, 2015 from 2-6PM by Robert Kennedy, and we will rock it
with both this ' Piria ' red and well as the ' BIanco ' Lambrusco from
PALTRINIERI, Agenda Agricola PALTRINIERI Gianfranco, from Sorbara, Italy to
be exact, with 11.5% alcohol, from the 2013 vintage, Alberto the owner and
winemaker does a really splendid job with all of his Lambruscos!