Wine Specials 5/9-16

WINE From Chris & Me - Tony :
     We Are Really Supporting Austrailian Wines Once Again - ACTIVELY - here in Cleveland Park.
     DO NOT GET ME Wrong - we have always supported Australian wines, but the high Aussie dollar against ours, and the need for distributors to bring in 600 ot 14 hundred cases at a time of the wines made it very hard and prohibitive to do so, and so they have suffered here in the United States now for almost ten years now. SAD.
     We have had important-from-the-start importers like Robert Whale close his operation. A sad moment indeed, as way back when he was one of the very first ever to bring Aussie wines to us, and in 1986 I believe there were six hundred cases of Aussie wines improted, total, for the entire United States? It was a small sum indeed, even if it was larger than that. Then Aussie wines exploded here and Robert Whale with others led the way. Thanks Robert.
     SO : here we are and it is time to have more and to show are renewed support for these fine wines that are slowly making their way back and , once again, finding a happy home on our shelves.
     HERE IS WHAT Chris and I have found to offer you all now:
          TWO Whites :
     1) Dry Riesling 2016 from Eden Vale and made by PEWSEY VALE, $18.99 a bottle, , an individula Vineyard selection, this is lean, bright-mean-honest-grit-grip-steel-strict-supple-as-it-warms tasting dry Riesling, what a great wine to sip now and enjoy thoroughly with many a meal in this heat wave coming to us soon!
     2) Chardonnay Filius 2015, from Australia's Margaret River, the VASSE FELIX dry Chardonnay is another gem, this one on Austrailia's western coast south of Perthe. $27.49 gets you a rich and layered mouth-feel that is really nice just to sip alone, or have some Chicken Cordon-Bleu or lobster dipped in melted pure butter and fly and sing and dance, too!
          THREE Syrah- Shiraz Dry Reds :
       WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between a Shiraz and a Syrah : nothing but the spelling and the pronounciation, nothing at all! They are one-and-the-same.
     1) Shiraz ' The Ripper ' Geographe Western Australia, from owner Michael Hope's HOPE ESTATE Family Vineyards, a 2013, $20.99 a bottle, this Shiraz has some really generous ripe and fruit-forward EDGY flavor, a touch more steely, a touch more accented spice and girth, great when you grill or have foods more marinated and stronger-tasting. Chill 30-40 minutes and ' let it rip! '
     2)  Shiraz 2013 from Australia's Barossa Valley which is inland from the town of Adelaide in southern Australia. This is from the SCHILD Estate, 21.49, with lovely polish and elegance, fruit-forward balance and generous yet tempered excitement for the tongue, lovely. Great to sip, like to chill 30-40 minutes to wake the flavors up, energize them, and to make them dance and sing, croon on our palate, yes!
     3) Syrah from ' The Right REVEREND ', $24.49 a bottle, from Mount Barker, a 2014, from West Australia sub-regional range, from : " our most reverend vineyards " says Nick the owner/ president of VINACEOUS Wines. Many of you have met and tasted with Nick here over the years from his WEST CAPE HOWE wines of Denmark, western Australia, to now with the Right REVEREND! We tasted this, too here recently when we featured and tasted these with you all for our Big-Theme Aussie wine tasting, sold a lot, too. This is a fine food wine, it has many layers of flavor, needs food to flesh it out some, as in reality the wines are loaded with ' spit and polish ' honest flavors!
          TWO Fine Aussi Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Reds :
     1) ' Avalon Tree ' Cabernet Fleurieu Penninsula, Australia, a Single Site from ZONTE'S FOOTSTEPS , On Special for $19.99 a bottle, this Cabernet is another fine food red, it has plenty to offer, a bit of an edge, a little more spice and grist and edge, and the food will flesh that out brilliantly. Would have been lovely with the steaks I grilled outside last night, mmmm, or some of our cheese we enjoyed earlier.
     2) Kangarilla Road 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia's McLaren Vale, On Special for $21.99 a bottle, there is real polish, brightness, fruit-forward silk and a lovely quality that makes this pretty irrestistable to sip all by itslef or enjoy with many a meal : I gave it top scores, five hugs, five WOWS, my highest praise almost : try and say ' Wow! ' five times straight, sip some, then try again, sip some more and try saying it once again : ALL fun!
          THREE Warm-Weather Whites :
          TWO VINHO VERDE'S with 9% alcohol by volume ...
     1) IT IS Vinho Verde time, almost, now, the weather just keeps flip-floppinh on us, and so we have FOUR back in stock ( 1) GATAO Vinho Verde, $9.99, 9% alcohol by volume _|: usually the most crisp, lean, tart and tangy with a splash of spark spark arc sparkle, too! ...
2) SANTOLA Vinho Verde , also with 9% alcohol by volume, and a touch of sparkle, a bit rounder, fuller, more gentl taste here, $8.99 ...
NEWS that I hear about this area concerns the 7-11 that still has not opened, they applied for the wrong lease I hear and so that has been delayed.
          TWO Vinho Verde's with 10.5%, 11.5% alcohol 
     1) Superior Vinho Verde 2015 from CURVOS, On Special for $9.99 a bottle,  with 11.5% alcohol by volume, more body, more weight and flavor, , a blend of the indigenous grapes used like Luoreiro 75%, 15% Trajadura and 10% Arinto : lovely, more levels of taste and flavor, great for this heat, enjoy at night!
     2) Branco Meio Seco Vinho Verde from ENCOSTAS DO LIMA, $9.99, the fruitiest, with the most weight, with 10.5% alcohol by volume, a touch of sparkle, too, this is the most unique Vinho Verde that I have ever tasted, and aquired tatse, great when you need a low alcohol white for when it is sweltering outside and you want it to complement your meal and you still want a glass or two of white wine! Cheers!
          TWO ' Ridiculous Value ' White Wines
     1) ' Cote de DANUBE ' Viognier dry white from CHATEAU BURGOZONE, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, ( regularly $15.00 a bottle, or more ), a really dry and refreshing Viognier, flavor, taste, it has it all, a treat. We finished the sample bottle left to us at home on Sunday afternoon celebrating the graduation from college of our neighbor James with Katarina, Byron and Carol, my wife and me included, and it was really good, and it had been open since Wednesday I believe? WE have just over a case so get some now. Five more cases are supposed to be coming to us soon, but you never know? Get some while you can - really special, and a ridiculous price.
     2) ' Quantum ' 2015 Chardonnay from DOMAINE BUYAR in Bulgaria, On Special for $10.99 a bottle, ( regularly over $20 a bottle ), this has some FABulous citrus and mineral taste, not heavy yet rich, bright, lively, engaging, a treat to enjoy now, a real treat, I really liked it a whole lot! Come get some while you can, this is excellent dry Chardonnay, with 12.5% alcohol by vlume, classic, balanced, distinct, try some! It will cut through the humidity nicely.
REMEMBER it is Teacher's Appreciation week, we started last week, and continue this week, too!
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