Wine Specials 5/2-8th

WINE From Chris & Tony :
       LOTS To Talk About : For Teachers :
       THREE Whites :
     1)  ' La Chapelle ' , a dry white blend of both the Chardonnay and the Viognier grapes, a 2015, a French Pays D'Oc, Vin Bio, biodynamic wine, $16.49 : so much extra layers and levels of pleasing flavors, will be tasted here with Camille on Wed. May 16th, 5-8PM, join us. What a fine wine. I like it a lot.
     2) ' Madeleine's ' Chardonnay 2013, from the BREAUX Vineyard in Purcellville, VA : what richness, depth of flavors, a treat now as all the tastes have evolved.
     3) Furmnit indigenous dry white from Hungary, made by GROF DEGENFELD, 2013 : I really like the complexity, the velvet touch, the rich brightness of filetered captured sunshine in these Furmint grapes, for $19.99 this dry white shines both and rocks, too!
       SEVEN Reds :
     What teachers would enjoy these? Many ...
     1) ' La Chapelle ' Cabernet Sauvignon blended with Merlot , a 2014, also from the French Pays D'Oc, also a Vin Bio = Biodynamic wine, $16.49, some grip, some girth, some muscle, spice, leather, tobacco, medium-to-lighter-bodied, some acidity, too : all spelling for my taste buds that it is a delight now with a meal, chill thirty minutes before serving, and enjoy with foods from the grill, well-seasoned, or marinated for awhile, a very fine wine to chase down, and separate and amplify like a Kodak moment the good food flavors. Yes. Camille will be pouring it here Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 5-8PM : join us.
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     2) ' Volere Volare ' Primitivo from Italy's Puglia region, the heel of Italy, from Marianna's PIETRAVENTOSA winery there. We tasted it here this past Saturday with Marianna with her other wines. $19.99, only a few bottles left of this delicious Primitivo that is produced in really small amounts. It is bigger, broader, a bit more guts, earth and bodt, more raw than her ' Allegoria ' stainless-steel Primitivo that we always sell here. Chill 30 minutes, enjoy with a meal, simple or fancy, this is a real treat.
     3) ' Allegoria ' Primitivo , also a Gioia Del Colle dry red that sees no time in oak and so is the perfect wine to enjoy now slightly-chilled with some finger foods, ohhhh yeah. I like this and would love to sit around sipping it and chatting with family and friends, old and new!
     4) 2011 MARQUIS Des BEYS a Granc Cuvee red blend from Pierre L. Brun, from Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, $21.49,  with 14% alcohol by volume, this is a really fine food wine once again, watching a good game or a good show, with a plate of hors d'ouevres and coldcuts to pass around, some cured ham or other cured meats, some hummus, some , chill again 30 minutes. Yes. The owner oenologue, winemaker was just here last week with Wes our rep for these fine Lebanese wines. All the bottles are signed for gifts except this one. 
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     5) ' Edetaria ' 2012 D.O. Terre Alta from Via EDETANA, $22.99, with 14% alcohol by volume, Made with the Garnacha grapes, the Carinena, the Garnacha Peluda, what a gustatory magnificent distinct, layered, spread-fully out like an open umbrella, sheltering, comforting, pleasing and teasing our tastebuds, I like this, this is exciting!, from Spain : " Cos i anima / cuerpoy alma, body and soul ".
     6) ' Rivedible ' Rosso Relativo / Rosato 2011 from Alice's own Azienda Agricola ALICE BONACCORSI, from Mt. Etna, Sicily, there is such subtle delightful silky layers of flavors and tastes of mellowed acids, calmed spices and perks and peaks of the indigenous grape variety called Nerello Mascalese, 100% in this case. Chill 40 minutes and  " Ruby take your love to town ... ".
     7) Riserva 2008 Primitivo Gioia Del Colle V.Q.P.R.D. dry mature flavorful 80% Primitivo and 20% Aglianico from Marianna's own family's Azienda Agricola PIETRAVENTOSA vienard in Puglia, Italy, On Special for $39.99, down from $49.99 : come get some of this or the younger more youthful 2010 : both On Special at $39.99, both marvels in their own right. The 2008 now speaks more loudly - clearly to me , but I love both depending on what the circumstances are to enjoy the wine.
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