Wine Specials 5/19-30/2016

          WINE By Chris & Tony :
     TWO From Englad, HATTINGLEY Valley : thinking of you Steven Spurrier :
     1) Blanc de Blancs using the traditional method, 100% Chardonnay, a Brut dry sparkling , from Hampshire southern England, I liked how elegant, how bright and lively and so refreshing this distinct Chardonnay flavors are, a real treat. enjoy, $57.99 a bottle, try it sometime to have a wonderful ' new ' experience.
     2) ' Classic Cuvee ' $52.99 a bottle, also a brut that is made of the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir grapes, again so distinct, so unique, I like this about both : they have their own characters and add to the equation of what is already available. Add these to your taste experiences, live brightly, distinctly, vividly!
          FOUR Virginia Wines :
     1) Una Pera Pear Wine from FABBIOLI Cellars, $16.49 a bottle, what a dry, flavorful treat for this weather we are trying valiantly to enjoy! It is a lovely treat, another flavor component, come try some.
     2) 2013 Merlot from NORTH GATE Vineyard , also in Loudoun County like FABBIOLI Cellars, this $21.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume elegant red is fruit-forward, bright, smooth and round and lovely, quite the medium-bodied red to enjoy when sit around chatting or enjoying being outside, around a fire, around a grill, it will warm you in this evening chill!
     3) Nebbiolo 2013 dry unoaked red from GABRIELE RAUSSE Winery  in Charlottesville, VA., with 13% alcohol by volume,   one of my all-time favorite winemakers, owners, Gabriele Rausse himself that started the business in Virginia way back in April 1976, he is the real McCoy, the start to our wonderful Virginia way back when it all started, just with FARFELU Vineyard making wine way back then, many moons ago.
I LOVE  these elegant, bright, lighter expressions from Gabriele that has done several great tastings here before with you all over the years. Come get a bottle, perfect when the heat kicks in!

     4) 2011 Cabernet Franc from NARMADA Winery in Virginia's Amisville area, on the way out to the Lurray Caverns, On Special for $22.99, this is a lush and fruit-forward Cabernet Franc that should also be slighty-chilled like the others and enjoyed either with or without a meal, Tasty, silky, bright.

          ALSO :
     1) Vouvray 100% Chenin Blanc from France's Loire Valley, made by CHARLES BOVE, $18.99 a bottle, what a lovely new addition here to our selection. From Roy Cloud and Vintage 59 Selections : always solid, always distinct and flavorful, characterful, too! Go Roy! Go Katherine Hepburn!
     2) Malbec from Argentina's Mendoza valley, from COLIMAN, this magnum, 1.5ML bottle for only $11.99 is a steal, what an incredible value : bright, fruit-forward, tastes like the fruit of the grape, simply Malbec, not bulked-up, the real Malbec fruit flavors sing here, chill slightly, great party red.
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