Wine Specials 5/16-

          WINE From Chris & Tony :
      WHITE :
   1) 2014 Pinot Gris BOE Brooklyn Oenology, North Fork of Long Island, $22.99 a bottle, from Allie the winemaker, this is so rich, so full, so amazingly layered and lovely with fruit overtones and great mouthfeel, a treat to hold seconds longer in your mouth before you swallow, and do not swallow all the wine, do it in steps, let the wine remaining in your mouth after you swallow a bit EXPLODE on your tongue and palate!  With 12.7% alcohol, this is a great wine to enjoy slightly-chilled 30 minutes indoors or outdoors, with whatever finger foods you have around, and then with your full meal later. Cheers, thanks Allie.
       ROSE : Three To Try -
     1) CARMEN Dolores Roasado De Garnacha, vino varietal de Espana : Robin liked this so much last year we ordered it again, and it is selling well once again!
     2) " L'Oratoire - Cuvee Divine " Vin De Provence, France from the Chateau PIGOUDET, depuis 1820, $21.99, so sublimely delicate and rich in taste, the color alone will lull and please you, the distinct taste with highs and lows and accents, tweeks, and full dotting of all ' i's ' ayes / eyes is pretty amazing. Come get some while you still can, it is selling quickly now : perfect weather for this.
     3) Kaapse Vonkel 2013 Brut dry rose from South Africa's SIMONSIG, a methode Cap Classique, $26.49, since 1971, made with a blend of 57% Pinot Noir and 43% Pinotage is so stylish, so bright and felxible and svelte and yet generous, displays a whole range of flavors and every emothion, too that your tongue and other senses can feel : highly recommended. Yes.
          THREE RED :
     1) " Shindig ' 2014 New York State dry red blend of 55% Merlot, 40% Corot Noir, and 5% Malbec. Chill 40 minutes, up to 60 minutes, enjoy cool kool refreshing, the Corot Noir flavors will brace the whole together, the glue, the spice and earth and what a treat chilled with anything seasoned of well-marinated , also hot off your grill, a real treat!
     2) Grenache & Mourvedre and Shiraz all blended beautifully, gracefully here together with polish and sheen, and lovely nuances of taste that thrill and appeal, tease and please us so! $19.99 a bottle, from the SCHILD Estate in Australia's Barossa Valley, this is a delight, chill 30-40 minutes, serve now inside or outside, perhaps in the shade outside! Australia is getting ready to explode here once again, and we are leading the way.
     3) 2013 Meritage a dry red Bordeaux blend from Virginia's Lousoun County from the NORTH GATE Vineyard, $27.99 a bottle, with 13.6% alcohol by volume, we have had Mark the owner here tasting it out with you all, and now it is drinking like many dreams come true : which is yours?!?
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