Wine Specials 4/11-18

FOUR Sparkling Wines From Chris & Tony :
     1) Gran SARAO KOsher Spanish Cava, outstanding, $13.99 : what a deal, refreshing, alive, exuberant!
     2) Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso Veneto, Italy from RONFINI , $15.49, : bright , alive, delightful, a lovely sipping gentle generous great grand grinning sparkler to sparkle-UP any mood-moment-memory-magic, too!
          TWO ' New ' Portuguese - wow, love :
     1) QdoE ENCONTRO Bruto Classico Vinho Espumante dry rose made with the Touriga Nacional, $11.99, a dry rose that is so preened perfecto perfeccione, profundo, perfect in almost every way - and utterly dry and refreshing, and valued, too!
     2) QdoW ENCONTRO white semi-sweet branco blanc MEIO Seco Classico, $11.99, a delight for those that want no bite at all!
BOTH perfect for this warm weather, and so affordable, too. LOVE!!!!!
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