Wine Specials 3/28-

WINE From Chris & Tony :
     1) Chardonnay Private Reserve 2013 from ALMA De Chile, made in Chile's Aconchagua Valley, $9.99 a bottle, flavorful, tasty, some nice complexity, a fine food white to enjoy now , tasty all by itself! Si!
     2) Viognier 2015 from Argentina's La Rioja valley, from CHANARMUYO Estate, On Special for $10.99 a bottle : I like the fullness, the richness, the balance, the flesh and bright flair here - lovely!
     3) Firmint indigenous dry white 2013, an off-dry white wine from Hungary, from GROF DEGENFELD, $19.99 a bottle, a real complex, multi=layered treat that hits many spots on our palates, calls out for food when first opened, as the acidity, the minerality are robust, vocal and active, like a volcano, and yet, as it ages in the bottle being open a day, two or three it gets rounder, softer, fuller, more lush and creamy and a delight to sip all by itself! Yes!
     3) 780 cases produced of Texas sparkling wine by McPHERSON, in Lubbock, Texas, but finished off in southern California at Kim McPherson's winery. $20.49 a bottle, this is so fresh, lively, bright, refreshing, ahhhhhhh so nice to sip all by itself, a really lovely sipping sparkling wine, love it all by itself.
     4) VIA EDETANA Edetaria 2012 is a wonderful and special and fascinating blend of Garnatxa Fina ( Grenache ), Peluda & Samso , a D.O. Terra Alta, $22.99, ... 60% Garnacha, 10% Carinena, and 30% Garnacha Peluda, each grape aged for 1 year in 300 liter French oak barrels - promising a flavorful, balanced, unique and really tasty dry red that pretty much spoke to me in several liquid wine languages all at once, and I not only appreciated, but I understood them each equally well, especially when blended here as they are!

     5) " Thea ' 2013 dry white made from France's Petit Manseng and perhaps the only 100% Petit Manseng made in Italy by Vittorio at his winery TRE MONTI, $29.99 a bottle, ' Rubicone ' from Romagna, Italy, ... that we will serve for dinner tonight at Piccolo Ristorante with owner Vittorio that is here right now :        "Thea white is our most important white wine, in fact Thea was my mother name. She was the founder of our winery. We love this wine. In this wine you can find pinapple taste, tropical fruit when it is young but it is a white wine that you can ageing and after some years is possible to find hydrocarbur taste like in some Riesling from Germany.  This wine was selected from Alitalia Airlnes to use during the Pope's pastoral. The Vatican offers this wine to his guests during the flight. Just 400 cases in one year." Join us tonight, call for reservations now at : 202-342-7414 7pm, $69 plus tax and gratuity, yes, sic courses, 5 wines! Ohhhhhhh BABY yes!!!!!