Wine Specials 2/21-

FROM Chris & Tony : FIVE Great Values : Italy, Greece :
     From Greece , a dry rose :
1) A 70-year-old Greek dry rose made with the indigenous grape there, Xinomavro, from the DIOFILI Winery in Siatista, Greece, NOW On Special for $7.99 a bottle, you have paid in the past over the three-four years $12.49 a bottle, as well as $9.99 a bottle, but not $7.99! This is the current vintage of 2015, it is fresh, lively, developing all it's flavors and tastes, a real steal for this price!Get it tomorrow, Wednesday when you mix a case of 12 bottles, and have the price drop to $6.39 a bottle!
     1) Buy any bottle ( except Veuve Clicquot or Moet & Chandon sparkling ), on any still or sparkling wine otherwise over $19.99 a bottle, and SAVE 20% OFF on the marked sticker price, whether On Sale already or not.
     2) Buy any six bottles ( Not VEUVE or MOET ), still or non-sparkling at any price and SAVE 15% OFF on the marked sticker prices.
    3) Buy any twelve ( 12 ) bottles, still or sparkling, and save 20% OFF on the marked sticker prices , except on VEUVE and MOET.
IF YOU CANNOT COME call and place your orders with Chris or Tony : 202-363-4265.
Pay on Wednesdays,
SAVE BIG on Wednesdays,
every Wednesday
here at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits!

     FOUR From Italy :
1) Pinot Bianco  2015 from Italy's Sudtirol- Alto Adige region, from ERSTE-NEUE, regularly $17.99 a bottle, NOW $12.99 a bottle, ( in a case of 12 tomorrow the price goes to $10.39 a bottle! ). It is delightful, clean, crisp, alive, lively, fresh and playful, too.
2) Pinot Grigio 2015 Sudtirol - Alto Adige, from ERSTE-NEUE, On Special for $11.99 a bottle, was $15.99 a bottle, it is softer, rounder, more flowery, rounder, easier to sip all on it's own : lovely, perfect now, both this Pinot Grigio and the Pinot Bianco, it gets down on 12 or more bottles tomorrow to $9.59 a bottle, another steal at that price. Great either to sip or with food as well.
3) Chianti , Panzano in Chianti, from PANZANETTO, On Special for $12.99 a bottle, 2015, elegance, finesse, classic traditional Chianti taste with a slight edge of acidity, some attitude, som grist and grind, a perfect wine, medium-to-light-bodied, a delight to taste with some food, and to enjoy a glass or two while preparing your meal! Tomorrow in a case of 12 or more bottles the price goes down to $10.39 - another steal, run the bases, copp a steal! A home-run baby!!!!!
4) Cabernet 2014 Sudtirol - Alto Adige, from ERSTE+NEUE, fine Italian Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, or so it tastes like both blended, dry, traditional drier, more pithy, perky, less fat and guts, more finesse, less glamour, the real thing, a great food wine. Medium-bodied, the food fleshes this tasty red out, On Special for $13.99, regularly $19.99. Tomorrow in a mixed case of twelve or more the price drops to $11.19 a bottle, what a steal once again!