Wine Specials 2/16-23/2016 From Chris & Tony , Enjoy!

WINE Of Chris & Tony :

     1) Verdejo and Viura dry white blend from Rueda, Spain, this GRAN CARDIEL On Special for $10.99 was tasted here this past Saturday by Robert of Tradewinds Specialty Imports, and it sure is bright, lively, fresh and a really nice wine for sipping as well as for meal, from the 2014 vintage, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, this is perfect to lift the rain and the gray away from today!
     2) A dry white blend of the Portuguese grapes Arinto and also Fernao Pires, from the 2012 vintage, from Lisbao, On Special now for $8.99 a bottle, down from $15.99, it is highly recommended! I cannot say enoughgreat things about this, love, love, extra love it! Full, rich, rounded, creamy, multi-layered, wonderful, really a very special treat that will warm and please, soothe the stress and your muscles from shovelling this weekend. I did some, I am a bit sore, too.
          TWO Fine ' New ' Bubblies :
     1) Russian Sparkling wine 1870 Brut of ABRAU-DURSO, $12.99, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, that I was tasting recently with our local rep and that I quite liked, especially considering the price, great value, quite balanced and tasty and smooth and bright, too. Really glad to have these here at the store! Come check it out. This is a blend of Chardonnay, Riesling and also Sauvignon Blanc, and is fruit-forward and luscious!
     2) Edoardo Miroglio Brut Metodo Classico, On Special for $14.99 ( we iused to sell it three-four years ago for $24.99 a bottle ! ) is from Bulgaria's Thracian Valley , from the 2006 vintage, and I am floored by the depth and richness, the brightness, the layers and the bread, toast, yeast and complexity, yet complete harmony in this incredible sparkling wine made by an Italian. Bravo, this is highly highly recommended! Wonderful!
          TWO ' New ' Magnums of Wine 4 U! :
     1) Trebbiano D'Abruzzo 2014 from STELLA, $14.49 a magnum, is really showing well. Jody Jackman and Kay Mallon our local fine Winebow Group Import wine reps brought it by to taste here this past week. Chris and I both really liked it, thought it tasted so much better than some of the Pinot Grigio wines we are tasted on, and to have something more interesting and fuller, richer in body and taste, better to fend off this awful chilling cold, too, we have it here now for you! With 12.5% alcohol by volume, nice.
     2) Grenache + Syrah of LOS DOS , a 2013 dry red Spanish magnum from the Campo de Borja region, $15.49 a bottle, ( with a cork and not screw-top ) , with 14% alcohol by volume, this wine is tasty, flavorful, balanced and really nice and also represents quite a value!
          TWO More From Spain :
     1) Pazo Da Bouchina Albarino from Rias-Baixas Val do Salines, $19.99, we tasted this within the last two weeks and enjoyed hos refreshing, bright, a nice way to warm up and feel snug as you chill.
     2) Garnacha 2013 dry red from Spain fro ALBADA, $10.99 a bottle with  14.5% alcohol by volume, will rock and lull you, will soothe your tired muscles, too, a fine medium-bodied red to sip by itself and then pass over to your dinner afterward, with a glass to also enjoy with whatever your meal is, as this is quite versatile with food.
          THREE From Liguria, Italy :
     1) Pigato dry Indigenous White, from DURIN, the Riviera Ligure di Ponente, $18.99, 2014 with 12.5% alcohol by volume : to be tasted here this weekend on Friday, February 19th, 2016 from 5-8PM with Andrew Stover. Great dry delicious bright white, love it!
     2) Ormeasco di Pornassio , made with the indigenous Ormeasco grape variety, fuller, richer, much more complex than the Pigata, nice for this brrrrrrr cold of this week! $18.99 a bottle, , 2010, with 12,5% alcohol by volume.

     3) Colli Savonesi 2009 made from the Granaccia grape, i.e. the Grenache or Garnacha grape, this is a lighter, quite white pepper and spicy version, great chilled thirty minutes and served with finger foods, smoked salmon, especially wild, other smoked meats and fish, tasty, fun, something different, a great alternative to those wines you already know. From Italy.

ALL THREE will be tasted here this Friday eveining, 5-8PM, by Andrew Stover. Join us. Free tasting as they all are.