Wine Specials 1/6/2016 Call:202-363-4265 Enjoy!

AND IN WINE : From Chris and Tony :

     1) Arinto dry Indigenous Portuguese white from FALCO, a 2012, On Special for $12.99, regularly $14.99 a bottle, great body, good definition, a beauty, best with a meal, will cut through many sauces and flavors!
     2) 2011 Riserva Salice Salentino dry red from Puglia, southern Italy, from CANTELE, On Special for $13.49. I loved this wine when I tasted it with Franceen our Vias rep, what a beauty, it blew me away, I bought it all! Come get some while you still can, it is almost gone now, one last call for you all! Great to enjoy with a meal, it will steel you nicely against this brutal cold and wind.
     3) 2014 Brachetto  DOC sweet delicate light red blush ( looks more deep rose in this case ) from Piemonte, Italy, from BARTENURA, $17.99 a bottle, with 6% alcohol by volume. Chill it thirty minutes and enjoy, lovely to sip, close your eyes, smile and relax and let the flavors linger and last for an unbelievably long time on your palate and tongue! Cheers! Kosher, lovely.

     4) ' Ever Red ' dry red blend of Cabernet - Merlot , 2013, from Israel's Judean Hills, from the ELLA VALLEY Vineyards, $18.99, with 14.5% alcohol by volume, a fine red to enjoy with a meal that is also kosher for Passover, a great addition here to our store, Glad to have it here for you all.

     5) 2015 Cabernet Franc from New York State's Finger Lakes region, from RAVINES, $20.99 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume, this dry red is medium-to-lighter-bodied, elegant, refined, more subtle and delicate, versatile, will go with many a meal. Chill slightly, really a balanced taste where the flavors continue to please, develop and surprise you! Nice. From owner, winemaker Morten that has been here tasting in the past with us and you all ...
     6) Garnacha Centenaria from MONTEVICOR, $22.99 a bottle, with 14% alcohol by volume, with some bottle age, a 2008, from Calatayud, this is a nicely-aged dry red Spanish treasure made from old vines, really old vines, a very special, wonderful treat indeed!