Wine Specials 1/31-2/7

WINE From Chris & Tony :
     1) El Jefe ( Grande ) Tempranillo Spanish liters , unoaked, On Special for $11.99 a bottle, fresh, fruit-forward, bright, easy delicious quaffing, " sourced from sustainably farmed family vineyards, grapes fermented in traditional cement vats. " You all ove this, perfect to sip, smooth, needs no food. Perfect to watch the Super Bpwl with soon, or any game where you want wine and not beer. The more you chill it the drier it will taste.
     2) A dry 2014 New York State red wine , a blend of 55% Merlot, 40% Corot and 5% Malbec. From SHINDIG, On Special for $15.99, regularly $19.99, chill this 30 minutes and enjoy how lively and fresh and edgy-smooth it can be all at once. The Corot grape ripples it's flavors keeping the taste always a bit nicer with finger-foods.
     3) A Tannat . Merlot andZinfandel dry blend from ARTESANA Vineyards in Uruguay, a 2015, a medium-bodied red that again is best with food, perhaps some Tex-Mex meals, anything steaming-hot off the grill, even some vegetables marinated and grilled, a flavorful dish, casual or more sophisticated, this is a gem of a wine made for a female American owner from California,
     4) A sparkling Maria Gomes grape variety from Portugal's LUIS PATO is a real treat to enjoy while watching the games as it goes with all the flavorful foods we enjoy then, as it will cut through these flavors and provide relief and pleasure and bring gentle purrs and smiles to our faces! $18.49, a lovely treat! Discover Maria Gomes all over again!
     5) White Chateauneuf-Du-Pape , a 2012, from the southern Rhone valley, made by ALAIN JAUME & FILS ( et Fille ) , $49.99 a bottle, with 14% alcohol by volume, I loved this when I tasted it, will love it even more now as it has developed really nicely in the bottle. For me a great white Chateaneuf-Du-Pape can often provide more pleasure, interest, fascination and intrigue than the red counterparts for the same amount of money or less! Cheers, come try some. I tried this with the daughter when she visited and she was all so excited about her Lirac wines on the last visit. Wonder if she has changed and moved onto another village in the southern Rhone valley? I doubt it. We will see.
     6) Blanc de Blancs Reserve Celles-Sur-Ource RM ( Recoltant-Manipulant ) , $56/99 a bottle, Brut French champagne from JEAN LAURENT. 100% Chardonnay, disgorged on April 2016, from Dan Kravitz and Hand-Picked Selections, with 12% alcohol by volume, I was so impressed!
This last year I have been blown-away by many of the Blanc-De-Blancs champagnes that I tried for their power, concentration, finesse, flavor, complexity and sublime tastes from the atart all the way through the long finishes! This JEAN LAURENT is no exception, it shines and rises high in the spectrum, and is highly-recommended here. You great great value for great taste, and total harmony.