Wine Specials 10/17-25

WINE From Chris & Tony :

     1) Sauvignon Blanc Private Reserve 2013 ALMA DE CHILE  from Chile's Aconcagua Valley, On Special for $9.99 : this dry white is lively and thoroughly refreshing and perfect now for this weather in the eighties!

     2) VOLTEFACE Vinho Regional Alentejano, $19.99, vinho branco / dry white wine made from the indigenous grapes of Castas and Antao Vaz by winemaker Teresa Metedo Dias is quite a lively broadcast, animated, personable and delicious blend of tastes to enjoy as they spread over the surface of your palate : cheers, obregado Teresa!

     3) Tinto dry red 2009 ' Cueva del MONGE ' Tempranillo dry red Rioja from the BODEGAS VINICOLA REAL, $27.99, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, is quite the flavorful treat. Medium-bodied, distinct, flavorful where the flavors reach out to your palate, but never impose their dominance, what a delicious delight! I liked it the two times I tasted it!
     4) ' Les Allees de CANTEMERLE ' 2011 Haut-Medoc, $29.99 a bottle, from CHATEAU CANTEMERLE in Macau , Medoc : classic,  good white pepper and spice, a treat to enjoy from a more angular, pithy, perky, dry and lighter food wine, a treat with a steak or other red meats, just like my lunch earlier, a steak I grilled this weekend and brought what I did not eat today for my delicious lunch!
     5) Carmenere ' Costa ' 2012 from Chile's Colchagua Valley, this CA2 , $31.99, from TERRANOBLE Winery, with 14% alcohol, has character, flavor, taste, personality, good medium body, polish, bright, silky flavors to please and to relax and to feel expansive about life and the moment, ours!
     6) Muscat sweet from the Greek island of Samos, CAVINO Deus , this sweet Muscat golden elixir , $10.99, with 15% alcohol by volume, is a real delight to sip! Try some tomorrow while watching the Presidential debate 1t 9PM : then go outside afterward and enjoy sipping more as you watch the moon and the stars above!