Wine Roses 4 Nancy Quinn! 5/24-31/2016

     WINES From Chris and Tony : 4 Rose Wines & Cider :
          Rose Cider :
     1) Owner Rob Miller brings us this and pours it here himself from DLC Ciderworks in Jefferson, Maryland, this Holiday Celebration with a splash of Cranberry juice, $19.99, is a delight to sip, entirely his own apples, no additives, pure, natural, simple delicious!
          One Great Dry Austrian Pinot Noir Rose Magnum :
     1) Leo HILLINGER Secco dry sparkling Austrian rose from Burgenland, $37.99, is quite the way to celebrate this great weather in the 80's now and through Memorial Day ... love it!
          TWO French Roses For Nancy Quinn My Mother :
     We lived in France in the seventies and so this is to celebrate that and her great life. Come try them, enjoy!
     1) Vin de Provence  2015 ' Premier ' from PIGOUDET, $14.49, great flavor, color, taste, great concentration, and fabulous price, too. It offers a world of flavorful taste sensations that will complement many a meal, even those off the grill now as we are back to grilling weather outside. This one is for you Mom! Cheers!
     2) " La Vie En Rose " 2015 Saint-Chinian dry French rose from DOMAINE DE CAMBIS, $16.99, a good color, some real finesse, spit and polish and character, like my mother, she was brave enough to always speak her mind. I had been listening to some of my old records and listened to one of the Edith Piaf songs, and I was able to share that experience recently with my mother. Too bad Oscarthat I did not have the rose to share with my Mom, that would have been perfect. I toast you now Mom!