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     I'M TRYING TO SOUND NEW HIP AND ORIGINAL and intriguing here so that you wonder what I am saying and open this email! You may be surprised from now on as perhaps I have gotten into too much of a sure-thing and you already know what that is and so don't feel it necessary to check what I spend the better part of a Tuesday writing here for hopefully your benefit.
I WROTE the above back on August 20th, 2009! It is fun to see what has changed since then, some things have stayed the same, too.
I AM SORRY and yet personally happy - selfish of me, I know - when some of you read last week's store email and thought you were coming to try 27 Greek wines. I am sorry for the confusion, but I was delighted to see you all anyway. I had just returened from my vacation the day before and to see so many of you here was a treat for me. You all looked so good, like summer was taking good care of you. Some of you did have some tough stories to share with me, too - and I sympathize, really I do.
HOPEFULLY many of you saw the total eclipse of the sun yesterday by the moon? It sure was a spectacle, and I was off and didi my best to make the most of it, succedding some. Go to our Facebook page at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits and see the pics I just put up, they will make you laugh, as more than just us humans caught the total eclipse bug!
I ENJOYED the process, the moment, knowing that on some level many of us were taking some time to catch it and be marvelled and pleased, awed and amzed! It was quite something else.
BUT : let me focus on our many specials now and pick up here later after getting your attention with some important spirits we have to cajole and entertain, soothe, please and tease your spirits!
IN BEER from Santos Rivera we have :
     1) Cherry Picker Farmhouse ale aged in oak barrels with cherries from the ALMANAC BEER Company, brewed in northern California, ( Farm To Barrel ) with Brett, On Special for $10.99 with 6.8% alcohol by volume. Brett is something that also occurs in wine, and some people like it, and can enjoy it, others cannot. It is not for everybody. Try it on for size, fit and feel : taste where your palate is on this? Cheers.
     2) Sunlight Cream Ale celebrates American brewing tradition by balancing smooth malt complexity with a crisp, clean finish. Made by SUN KING Brewery, a fresh local beer from Indianapolis, Indinia, a 4-pack of 16 Fl. Oz cans, On Special for $15.99 , ( a pint in every can ) - " Sun King remains dedicated to fresh ' local ' beer through exclusively Indiana-based distribution and continued growth, with a commitment to community development throughout the state. " We like that, really we do. Cheers.
     3) 1906 Reserva Especial , a 6-pack of 33cl bottles with 6.5% alcohol by volume, On Special for $11.99, : " 1906 es sinonimo de tradicion y de cuidado los detalles. Selecionamos las mejores materias primas y elaboramos nuestras recetas anadiendo el ingrediente mas importante : la pasion. Solo asi conseguimos que cada 1906 tenga una personalidad unica. 1906 es nuestra interpretacion mas personal. " Attention to every detail, using the finest ingredients, using original old recipe being careul, and ensuring the finest distinct unique product possible, that is their goal, and they succeed. Try this soon.


     1) ' Original ' Calvados Pays D'Auge fruite et delicat - fruity and delicate - from LECOMPTE, Normandy, France, $25.99 a 375ml bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume, : I like this Original for the warm moths because it is milder, softerm lighter, less intense, easier to sip and enjoy with both heat and humidity, and this is a smaller size bottle, and easier to transport and to share, camping, with friends and family : apple brandy at it's very purest, brightest, best!
     2) PUR LIKOR three-sampler-bottle-packs back by popular demand. I personally love this. Owner Kiki Braverman from Germany brought these organic liqueurs to our attention more than two years ago, and this sampler pack of three is a great way to drink the best quality and to have some real variety as well. It includes a bottle !) blossom of elderflower with really dark deep color with 22% alcohol by volume, and ... 2) the spice blood orange liqueur, and a bottle of ... 3) williams pear liqueur, too, the last two with 25% alcohol by volume, all in a nice gift-pack of 100ml bottles, On Special for $27.99. A great product, a great gift idea, a win-win for everyone!
     3) Beach Plum Gin liqueur from GREENHOOK GINSMITHS, small-batch distilled, with 30% alcohol by volume, $51.99, thus is a great summer treat to enjoy now on vacation.: " created with a rare, finicky fruit with a prized piquant flavor recipe creates a distinctive liqueur with a lovely color. Dare I say that this is Slivovitz and gin combined in a refreshing unique way?!?
     4) Rye Small Batch 100% Rye whisky from WILLIAM WOLF, $30.99 a bottle, bottle # 3781, with 46% alcohol by volume, a product of Holland, and it is recommended to serve over ice, refreshing, forward and bright in flavors, too!

          TWO out of THREE From FERNET BRANCA :

     1) Branca Menta Fratelli Branca Distillerie, On Soecial for $30.99, mint and the Fernet Branc here combined. You need to find something to add to this like they add Coca Cola to the regular Fernet Branca. Think about the flavors of mint, crushed ice would be great for example, and maybe some soda water or even some tonic?! Be a mixologist, let me know what you try and like. Cheers!

     2) Fernet Amaro Extra Fine liqueur , On Special for $24.99 a bottle. This is how you settle your body after you enjoy whatever earlier in the day and evening. This makes it easier for you to sleep well and comfortable after a day and night of enjoyment! Clever, drink the Branca Menta first then the Amaro! Cheers! With 40% alcohol by volume.

          WINE From Chris & Tony :
          ONE From France :
     1) A dry white blend from the DOMAINE VETRICCIE, on the Ile de Beaute , $9.99, a dry and tasty, distinct blend of 50% Vermentino and 50% Chardonnay, from France, this is a great wine to sip indoors or outside when you grill or have a plate of assorted appetizers, with salads, and so much more!
          ONE From Germany :
     2) 2015 Muller-Thurgau Halbtrocken white from Germany's Rheinhessen, region, a liter bottle at $15.99, a graet refresher, off-dry, what a treat when you want some more fruit in your mouth and less acidity or heaviness. This is great to sip all by itself, also great when you use a lot of butter in your recipes, a treat. More wine here as the bottle is as liter, and not a 750ml bottle!
          ONE From Australia :
     3) Shiraz 2014 from the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, made by SIDEWOOD, $16.49 a bottle,  : " Handpicked from individually selected rows on our 300 acre estate. This cool climate wine was carefully crafted in the winery, and is the result of an extraordinary vintage. Complex and elegant, rich ruby red in clor, with brooding aromas of black and red fruit., enhanced by tantalizing notes of cassis and nutmeg derived from 15 months in French oak barriques. ... " With 14.5% alcohol by volume, chill 30-40 minutes and enjoy the energy, the power, the force and concentration of firm deep flavors! Yes.
         ONE From Virginia :
     4) Viognier 2015 from Charlotte County, VA. from Gabriele Rausse and his son made at the GABRIELE RAUSSE Winery, $18.99. This is great when you want to drink a wine made from all the grapes grown in Virginia, by the grandfather of Virginia wines ( going back to 1976 ,the principal gardener at Monticello for years now ), - and you want the purety and the freshness, the brightness that you can and should always get! The best yes, such amazing quality, and a value as well. Highly recommended.
          ONE From New York State :
     5) 2014 Dry Red Blend, $19.99 a bottle,  of 55% Merlot, 40% Corot Noir, and 5% Malbec: produced and bottled by OENOLOGY, calles SHINDIG, this is lively, bright, edgy, refreshing, with bing cherry tartness, and weight from the Corot grape, chill 40 minutes and enjoy with a meal of smoked foods, anything off the grill, what a great and refreshing, distinct wine this is! Yes.
          ONE More Wine  Wine From France :
       6) ' Roche Gravit ' 2015 100% Gamay, from the town of JUlienas, made by ALBERT BICHOT, this is  not a beefier ( like the Fleurie we have from Manoir du Carra, $19.99  - not a beefier version, more muscle, power, tannins and acidity than some Cru Beaujolais wines, and this needs a meal as a result. Chill ), and so this 2015 On Special at $19.99 is softer, rounder, more gentle and silky, rounder, kinder for this heat and humidity when you want to sip your red. Medium-to-lighter-bodied, chill 40 minutes and enjoy with or without food. Cheers.
          TWO Sparkling Wines :
       ONE From Armenia -
     7) Origins methode traditionelle Brut, On Special for $23.99 a bottle, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, from Yerevan, made from the indigenous grapes of Khatoun 60%, and with the Voskehat 40%, made in the Vayots Dzor region, I like the polish, the freshness, the brightness, the pure flavorful tastes that are here. It is really quite amazing, and perfect for this heat and humidty. It is a special treat, buy it tomorrow here and get 20% off this bottle price. Yes!!! Highly recommended.
     8) 4478 Methode traditionell Nobleeffervescence from the Val D'Oasta northwestern Italy, made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, On Special for $27.99, I love this with asian meals, middle eastern, tex mex and Mexican foods, too : great when there is any jalepeno or cilantro included in the meal! Highly recommended, what a great treat. Mmmmm yeah.
          SAVE HERE each Wednesday on your wine purchases : UP TO 20% OFF the marked sticker prices. Ask Chris or Tony for help.

     1) BUY any bottle of 750ml wine at $19.99 or more and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker price.

     2) Buy any six bottles of wine ( except Moet or Veuve Clicquot French champagne ) and SAVE 15% OFF the marked sticker prices.
     3) BUY any twelve bottles or more at any price ( except Veuve Clicquot and MOET ) and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker prices!
     CALL - PAY on a Wednesday if you cannot come by : 202-363-4265.
     Friday, August25th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : Join us here with Narayan Campbell and try some fine Chilean Sauvignon Blanc white and dry Pinot Noir rose from VIEJO FEO, as well as Petit Cote 2013 from LA GRANDE COTE, and some Chardonnay 2015 from PICO & VINE! Something for everybody we hope, great wines for this heat and humidity, though it might be a little bit cooler by Friday we hope.
ALSO : From Santos with BEER :
We have a GREAT LAKES beer tasting here of the their current flavors, join us, always a great treat!
     Saturday, August 26th, 2017 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Robert Kennedy coming to pour four great Italian small-production, family-owned wines of :  1) the Bianco dry white Trebbiano from the TENUTA CASALI winery in Emilia, Italy from Sylvia Casali, ... the 2) Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G. Brut from Valdobbiadene, from RONFINI, $18.99 : a softer, rounder, more bright delicate elegant expression of the Gllera grape, a lovely treat...   TWO Tuscan reds, ONE Tuscan red blend, ONE CHIANTI, both from AGRISOLE, , the Tuscan red blend is a touch beefier, more earth, a fine red to chill 40 minutes and enjoy with a meal, $13.99, and the more suple, polished, elegant Chianti 2015 DOCG at $18.99 a bottle. I took the Tuscan red for vacation and loved it, really was quite pleased! COME TRY all four with Robert this Saturday.

     ALSO : In Spirits From Jagir :

     We have a TWIN VALLEY Maryland, Rockville Tasting with Dave. We love these - 1) Rye, $35.99 2) Grand Thoroughbred Single Cask whiskey, $35.99 ... 3) 1812 Maryland Bourbon Whiskey, $35.99, ... and the 4) Black Joe Coffee Liqueur, too, $25.99
JOIN US for our tastings, they all are free and we welcome everyone, really want to see you. Bring family and friends and enjoy the moments here with us before heading on ...
     SAVE BIG  THREE WAYS - three ways here on wine each Wednesday!.... SAVE BIG!!!!!
     STAY HYDRATED TODAY, it sure is hot, and you want to be safe and alert and feel well, so drink lots of water first!
     ALL IS WELL, we have a number of you still here with us and not on vacation and that helps as these are trying times for all.
     WE HOPE we have plenty to offer those of you here, that is always our aim - to serve you all first as a happy customer is the best scenarion possible. always all ways.    
     SCHOOL has started for many, in Washington DC, and in Virginia. School will start for Maryland after Labor Day.
     THE POOLS are still open and that is good for all those that need to be refreshed in this intense heat.
COME BY, see what we have, get what you need and be safe and well-stocked and pleased. Cheers, thanks for everything!  TONY  8/22, 2017
     WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is my old store email from August 20th, 2009 : read and enjoy it if you have time, check for current availabilty and pricing, and vintages. Cheers!  TONY