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Thinking Independently Today As Well As In Our Past / Big-Theme July 13th Wine-Tasting Here


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     BASTILLE DAY/ canada day, 4th of july, argentina'sday of independence, spain and bulgaria, too :  CELEbrations here wednesday, july, 13th, 2016, 5:30-8:30PM - join us, free wine-tasting!

     with 20% Off 12 or more still or non-sparkling wine bottles tasted with our seven repsWednesday night.

     taste and pay for the bottles, take them home or pick them up later, ...

     save big with uS @ClevelandParkWine&Spirits!!!

It's another drop-dead, gorgeous summer day here in Cleveland Park and in our nation's capitol and I feel great to be alive now. It's amazing the breeze and the sunshine and the clear blue skies and temperatures that are very reasonable for this time of the year.

It will be great to celebrate all these national days of independence tomorrow here with you all. I hope you are planning to come, the more the better. We will rock Cleveland Park here with so many great wine selections to enjoy, and especially on Thursday  the 14th of July ( le 14 Juillet, 2009 )  France's " Bastille Day " and day of independence and freedom.
     We have seven people coming to pour and all these countries will be represented. Unfortunately not India as our pourer just lost his father and is flying tomorrow to join his family. We will have the wines here and celebrate silently.
     Here is our roundup for tomorrow : seven tables in all, something for everyone.
     TABLE NUMBER ONE :We welcome back for a second time Sarah Frissant of her family's Chateau Coupe Roses in Minervois. Sarah is here now working with Vintage 59 Imports that brings her family's wines and sells them in the United States. Sarah will taste two from Chateau Coupes Roses, and four others, too from the fine Vintage 59 portfolio of small family, top-flight French wines that I will liste here below :
     1) Sauvignon Blanc 2014 " Le Blanc de la Marie ' from Francois Plouzeau's DOMAINE DE LA GARRELIERE, $26.49, a complex, edgy, acid-forward-fruit-forward white that will be a joy when paired with food. I like it on it's own, I start to really appreciate it when I take a bottle home and have it with me meal as I often do.
     2) Pinot Blanc 2013 from Alsace's DOMAINE PFISTER , $25.49, is a really dry, food-friendly Pinot that , even with this bottle age, is still youthful and bright and where the food will really flesh it out and make it a wonder to enjoy with many a summer meal, outside, it will refresh and help you accent your enjoyment as well as the food, what a treat, seriously fine.
     3) From Alsace, France, from the DOMAINE PFISTER , $37.49,  this non-vintage brut  sparkling Cremant is again so distinct, speaks volumes of the terroir, a great food wine, it definitely needs food as it is startlingly dry! No room to hide, it will find you, it will slime you good just like the new Gostbusters' movie will do to you, and you will love it!
     4) Fremillant 2015 dry rose from the CHATEAU COUPE ROSES in France;s Minervois, $17.49, has a deeper colorfrom the 40% Mourvedre, 30% Cinsault, 20% Grenache and 10% Syrah. It bristles, it wiggles, it rushes it envelops our palates in such a wonderfully warm, sincere embrace, love it, it will shine in the heat of tomorrow, it will give us shelter from the heat, it will act as the breeze does outside on our palates and tongues when things need to be shacken up ' just right' ! Cheers. Sarah will tell you a whole lot more.
     5) Les 4 Saisons 2014 Gamay Beaujolais from the DOMAINE CHASSELAY, $19.99, is so authentic and with such grip and grit and grin and grind, cuts through with lovely acidity, such toasty, roasted, dried flavors, a great food wine, one of the best, pure and simple and delicious with the solid flavors of the food to flesh out this soil and dried fruit flavors of the Gamay grape.
     6) Granaxa 2011 dry red blend, from the CHATEAU COUPE ROSES in FRance's Minervois, a 2011, using an original ancient old-clone of the Grenache grape, called Granaxa there, is a mixing poet of authentic, older, richer, wiser, more world-savy-weary-happy : like going to the top of the mountain, the one on your tongue, and shouting out loudly for the valley below to hear : " I - we have arrived, I - we are utterly pleased, charmed, spelled, pleasured and happy - thank you, merci beaucoup mes - nous nouvelles amis! Oui, si, a sure thing, a discovery. It sold-out at our last tasting quickly, $30.99 a bottle.
TABLE Number TWO : Theresa & John Morrison, owners of Boutique Vineyards Selections :  taste Canadian, Californian  & Oregon wines :
     1) Niagara Peninsula VQA 2014 CAVE SPRING dry Riesling, $16.49, 11% alcohol by volume is a delight as it constantly fluctuates, moves and winds and curves and swirls and sweeps me and my tastebuds off their footing, lulling and a lasting positive impression here that refreshes me and pleases me, too, I smile as I sip this delightful soft-dry Riesling from Canada!
     2) Pinot Blanc 2015 from Oregon's Willamette Valley's CHATEAU BIANCA, $18.99, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, this is a milder, silkier, lighter yet quite flavorful white to enjoy also as a sipping wine anytime. This is a crowd-pleaser as it is so lovely, so lilting, like rocking gently in a hammock!
     3) Vin d'une Nuit ( wine for one night ) , a dry rose made with organic-grown grapes, by YORKVILLE Cellars, and from their Rennie Vineyard, $18.99 with 13% alcohol by volume, using the Malbec grape, estate-grown, in the Yorkville Highlands, in Mendocino county, CA., I have not yet tried this vintage but this will be great to keep the feeling of the 4th alive and strong even as we approach Bastille Day!
     4) 2012 Pinot Noir from oregon's Willamette Valley's CHATEAU BIANCA, $19.99 with 13% alcohol, this is like a whisper, a delicate breeze, a waft and a lovely quash as in using watercolors to paint on one's palate and tastebuds, senses, too : delicate, bright, toasty and roasted and so easy to enjoy and appreciate fully for the subtle not forceful flavors.
     5) 2013 Riesling VQA Niagara Penninsula ' Indian summer ' CAVE SPRING Canadian vineyard's sweet white, a half-bottle, $31.99 a 375ml bottle, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, this is a great way to end an evening ormeal, or to enjoy in the daytime, basically a treat anytime, certainly with fresh ripe fruits, too. a treat always. Celebrate Canada Day late here with us, better late than never!
TABLE Number THREE : Gustavo Iniesta of United Cellars/ Dionysos Imports : Chile & Spain:
     1) 2010 Viura dry Spanish white blanco Cueva del MONGE Rioja 2012, blend of Viura, Malvasia and Garnacha bianca,  On Sale for $27.99 a bottle, 13% alcohol by volume, layered, rich, nuanced and a bit of lovely summer refreshing decadence here, a treat!
     2) 2015 PAZO Da BOUCINA, a D.O. dry white Rias Baixas, $17.99, some real cream-of-sunshine filtered twice to make it airy and refreshing and nice!
     3) 2012 BICENTENARIO Gran Reserva, from Chile's Valle del Maule, $15.99, I LOVED the weight, the authority, the total authenticity of this dry, complex, flavorful Chardonnay : bravo!
     4) Urbion Cuvee Tempranillo-Garnacha, Spanish D.O.C. ... I liked the zest and the freshness, a distinct darker brightness with accents of weight, too, great value at $12.99 a bottle!
     5) 2009 Cueva Del MONGE Tempranillo red Rioja, On Special for $27.99 a bottle, the openness, the brightness, liveliness, excitedness of this bottle of red smooth , balanced Rioja quite stole the moment for me when I tasted it now twice with Gustavo. The flavors are deepening, the second bottle was even more layered than the first!
     6) 2010 MARQUES De LEGARDA Crianza Rioja Tempranillo, $17.99 a bottle, is a great food red as it can complement a paella and so many tapas, at a great price for so much distinct flavors, it will leave it's mark on you.
     7) 2013 BICENTENARIO Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon, $15.99 from Chile is a streamlined submarine of clear and swift, certain-footed, persistent flavors and tastes that will grow and spread if you let them, a lovely invasiveness, no evasiveness here at all, try some, fall in love.
TABLE Number Four, Stephane Defot of Z Wine Gallery Imports pours French wines :
     1) 2015 Muscadet Sevre Et Maine Sur Lie from France's Loire Valley's Le DOMAINE  BEDOUET , Vigneron, grower, winemaker, On Special for $11.99, clean, crisp, lively, totally refreshing, lovely, wonderful, a real treat!
     2) 65% Gros Manseng and 35% Sauvignon Blanc from France's Southwest , the DOMAINE Des PERSENADES, On Special for $10.99, I absolutely fell immediately in love with this dry white that he tasted us on a week-old, it was simply glorious, simply amazing, still bright, rich, vigorous, flavorful, only two cases available, get some quick!
     3) ' Rosalie ' 2015 Sainte Victoire Cotes du Provence DOMAINE TERRE DE MISTRAL, On Special for $16.49 a bottle, vigneron-recoltant, owner, grower and maker ... the best, dry, crisp, lively, a fine dry rose that looks like a perfume bottle, and it sells well!
     4) 2014 Coteaux Bourguignons Grande Reserve red Burgundy blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay, so lively, bright and refreshing, a lovely hot-weather Bastille Day red, chill 30 minutes, enjoy indoors or outdoors, fine wine for now, over-delivers, great in this heat!
TABLE Number FIVE : Narayan Campbell of GLOBAL Maryland Imports pours French wines and Oregon, too :
     1) 2013 Rose of Pinot Noir from BRYN MAWR Vineyards in Oregon's Willamette Valley, less than two cases, ages beautifully, showing like a lovely ripe, lush, bright, almost-mature dry rose of Pinot Noir, small quantities produced, a real treat, On Special for $14.99 a bottle now, rush over to taste it and buy it while you still can.
     2) ' Les Fees ' Pays D'Oc Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 JEAN D'ALIBERT, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, only three cases left of this smooth, rich, complete, some real balance in flavors dry red to quaff and chill-out with, chill 30 minutes before drinking and enjoy thoroughly.
     3) 2008 Bordeaux Superieure from CHATEAU SENAILHAC, $27.99 a bottle, a delight, an elegance, a subtle nuanced, classis, dandy smooth red Bordeaux, medium-to-lighter-bodied, great to enjoy now, ready and showing so well. Only these last three cases. From now all the production will be sold in Asia so get some while you still can!
TABLE Number SIX : Peter Flecchia pours HELFRICH wines of Alsace, France :
     1) Pinot Blanc 2013 HELFRICH, $17.49, with 13% alcohol by volume, WOW, this blew Chris and me away, really spectacular, loved it, really did! A treasure ...
     2) 2013 Riesling HELFRICH, $17.49, classic, flavorful, distinct, unmistakeable fine Riesling from Alsace, Marlenheim to be exact, another fine wine to enjoy on Bastille Day.
     3) Cremant D'Alsace Bruts sparkling wine from HELFRICH, a non-vintage dry sparkling wine, family-owned since 1934, the owner herself poured it here for us two years ago , ... lovely experience that.12% alcohol by volume, will have to aske Peter what the blend is? I liked it a lot and it will be great to toast with on Bastille Day! Cheers
SPEAKING OF WHICH, our sales rep Jean Gagliolo lost his father recently and so I want to raise a symbolic glass now to toast him, to toast, too my mother that loved French food and wine, she also recently passed away , and we will remember her and her life in a service on Saturday July 16th, 2016 from 1-3PM. Love you Mom! Sorry for your loss Jean!
JOIN US, ALL the wines will be discounted tomorrow night as usual, you may save up to 20% OFF the marked sticker prices tomorrow.
PLEASE JOIN US from 5:30-8:30PM, and please buy a bottle to show your support for these free events that many stores are now charging you for. We want to keep them open to you all so please show your support and buy something. Thanks, merci, gracias, obregado, grazie, ... and prost, too!
    JOIN US For The Weekend Tastings, too :
     Friday, July 15th, 2016 9 5-8PM ) : We have a Tradewinds Specialty Imports wine-tasting here with Estebe Salgado. Tasting Spanish and maybe Argentina wines. We may do an all-sherry tasting? That could be really fun and perfect for this hot weather!
     Saturday, July 16th, 2016 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Eddie from Opici Imports here to pour some French, Italian and California wines, too, like a Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon we just discovered from him, incredible wine for the money, so balanced, and under $20 a bottle I believe? Join us, never any charge. You are all more than welcome here, always, your home-away-from-home. For many of you we know your names here.
THANKS AGAIN for everything , you are the best, we do this for you, really we do. Tanks again,  TONY