Valentine Wine Specials

WINES By Chris & Tony : Mostly Fruity, Off-Dry!
          FOUR Dry wines to celebrate tonight :
     1) Pinot Gris California's Carneros Valley, from ETUDE, a 2014 dry white On Special for $19.99 ( buy it tomorrow and SAVE 20% OFF this sale price and pay only $16.00 for the bottle!, regularly $27.99, so that is $11 off that price tomorrow! Call : 202-363-4265 if you cannot come and pick it up at your convenience. Perfect now for this cold and damp and possible snow? A real treat.
     2) Rosat Cava from BOHIGAS , a Brut-Dry Spanish sparkling flavorful, full and rich on the palate, long finish, fills your senses almost to full, splendid, beautifully rich heartfelt heartstrong heart-warming color to flame and flesh and flatter us all! $20.99, will hold it's own to some dark chocolate, a treat! Enjoy tonight.
     3) ' Radici ' from PALTRINIERI , Emilia Romagna, on Saturday afternoon with Robert Kennedy pouring was amazing from start-to-finish, a flavorful unfiltered dry rose , On Special for $19.99, that would be FABulous tonight with dark silky sparkling slicing-dicing-dashing DARK chocolate au-lait, too.
     4) ' Essential Xarel-Lo ' indigenous dry sparkling spumante Spanish Cava from JUVE & CAMPS, $17.49 a bottle, ...
WILL OPEN  and taste this tonight to celebrate Valentine's Day and all our loves, loves, special celebrations! Join me and Joseph tonight. Free wine-tasting , you are all invited! 5-8PM.

     5) FRanciacorta Brut from ELISABETTA ABRAMI, only $27.49, a ridiculously-inexpensive price for all this amazing taste and flavor, the only sparkling wine that passionate wine pros thinks comes close to real French champagne, this is amazingly elegant, bright, silky, polished, love it!

          OFF-DRY Treats To Celebrate Tonight :

       THREE From Greece :
     1) ' Deus '  SAMOS Greek Muscat, $10.99 a bottle for a golden expression, great value, too ... of peaches, apricots, honey and delicate nuts, yum!
     2) Mavrodafni of Patras , a drier-sweet-style wine ( Rot Suss, ) , $10.99, from Greece, rich dried fruit flaavors that are thick, dense, seep and weep and wish and wonder us all to wander closer to where this is made, and sold to us all at such low prices for all that we get! Perfect with tarts and pastries and pies, and so many sweets tonight to flame our passions and falir our smiles.
     3) ' Princess ' sweeter yet still not too swee-styled Syrah from Greece's EVANTIS Estate, a 2013 vintage-dated, 500ml with 14% alcohol by volume, $27.49 ( I have some here to taste you all on tonight, come taste! ) , it is magnificent, a real gem, a real star!
          FOUR from ITALY :
     1) ' Pineto ' Brachetto D'Acqui sweet           `        a delicate pink color, rose blush that will make our smiles blush, too with satisfaction, lovely! $19.99 a bottle, 2014, with 5.5% alcohol by volume, a true pure delight from Italy's Piemonte region! 375ml bottle, perfect size.
     2) ' Dolcemente ' Cabernet Sauvignon and Cesanese semi-sweet 375ml bottle, from outside of Rome, Italy , from Cantina GABRIELE, $6.49 a bottle, great to enjoy, richer, denser, more dark color and body than the delicate Brachetto!
     3) Brachetto from Piemonte from CASCINA FONDA ' Bel Roseto ' 2015, $22.99, with 6.5% alcohol by volume, again silk and subtle refined delicate flavors with accents of strawberries, cherries, cranberries, so smooth , like a welcome feather's touch that makes you turn, enjoy, and want more.
     4) " Voulet " sounds just like the French ' Voulez " which is the polite way to ask : " Do you want ... ?!? " , the rest is up to you both, as you sip this Italian Piemontese drier-sweet-styled red  ( we have it open here, ask me for a sip when you join us here later ), ... $16.49, a favorite all year riound here, the women love it sooooooo!
SAVE ON WINE HERE each and every Wednesday! Call Chris or Tony ( me ) for more info, pay on Wednesdays and always save! 202-363-4265.