Valentine Liquor Specials!

FROM Jagir To Celebrate Tonight & Thru Week!
          LIQUEURS :
     1) Irish cream liqueur from BRADY'S made with the finest single malt Irish whiskey, produced in small batches, using local Irish ingredients, product of Ireland, qith 17% alcohol by volume, and On Special for $12.99! My daughter and wife say they are drinking Bailey's when they enjoy this at a $16 savings! I would say that is pretty good, and the taste is there to back it up, come get some and enjoy!
     2) Black Joe Coffee Liqueur , made with the Mayorga Coffee Co. and the TWIN VALLEY Distillers in Rockville, Maryland, On Special for $25.99 a bottle : decadently thich, rich, oozing concentration depth and stick-to-your-mouth-and insides, such a wonderful way to relax, smile, enjoy, and combat the cold and wet outside , and give love a chance to flourish, blossom and be!
JoAnn our local rep will be here tasting it again with you all this coming Friday, February 17th, 2017, 5-8PM : join us for that as she and I taste you on some great wines and spirits!    
3) 1812 Maryland Bourbon Whiskey , a handcrafted Spirits distilled in Rockville, MD from the TWIN VALLEY Distillers, On Special for $35.99 a bottle, and a richer, more intense and rich, yet refined and smooth taste once again that JoAnn will taste here this Friday with you all. It is like an Armagnac versus a Cognac - more fire and flame and warmth exploding onto your palate and tongue and impressing, pleasing, flattering all your senses, too.
     4)  Colorado Whiskey STRANAHAN'S On Special for $35.99, from $49.99 a bottle ( great product, great savings! ), from Denver, Colorado, : " Born in the fires of George Stranahan's old barn, our whiskey has always been hand-crafted exclusively with Colorado grains and Rocky mountain spring water. " It is double-distilled in small batches, a blend of four barleys and aged in virgin-charred American white oak barrels. The color, the bottle, the label, the bouquet alone once you open it and it whafts up into your nostrils and draws you closer to it, all as it should be, perfect purr-fect for Valentine's Dat today and tonight!
ALSO : available the ' Diamond Creek ' On Special for $35.99, take your pick?!?
     5) Grain-distilled English vodka from THREE OLIVES is On Special at the great low price of $16.99 a bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, tried-and-true, stood the test of time, here at a great price, a handsome sleek beautiful bottle, labels, and perfect to celebrate tonight Valentine's with that special one in your life, or special ones if you are gathered together with friends as well.