Talking Wine Specials-Tastings! 10/6-13/15

IT'S ALWAYS BUSY HERE as Ben Jardot from Robert Kacher Selections was just
here as he will be doing a French cognac, Paul Giraud VSOP cognac tasting,
as well as a French dry red MAS CARLOT, and a ' Classique ' dry white Cotes
Du Gascogne dry white blend , too ... something for everyone, ALWAYS,
something for everyone!

AND THE Le Grand Courtage sparkling French dry white and dry rose conceived
by women, made by a woman winemaker in France, for women, ... and me, being
a man, liked them, too : SO : for all that like a delicate dry and pleasing
bubbly, available On Special for both in the 750ml bottle at $19.99, and
also in the 187ml bottle On Special for $6.99. You SAVE about three dollars
when you but any of these from their regular pricing.

ALSO : TOMORROW we have the Erin that is the national U.S. rep fro them ,
along with Erin our local rep here to taste them with you all : wow, two
fine French sparkling bottles of bubbly, and two sparkling Erins, too! What
more could you want?! Not much. from 5-8PM, join us, everyone always

SO : My Head Is Reeling! Good thing I brought my lunch and have already
enjoyed it, as people just keep coming to see me as I am trying VALIANTLY
to type this store email to you all.

Soren Ludvigsen of Republic National Distributing Company just brought me
the J sparkling from California, as well as the J Pinot Gris, the J
PChardonnay , and the J Pinot Noir. I really loved the bone-dry sparkling
as well as the dry and really oaky Chardonnay, those were my picks of the
four today.

We will have the sparkling here in the store tomorrow ( it's here now, come get some, thrilled to have it! ) , come get
a bottle of clean, crisp, form, steely, svelte, athletic, lovely and bright
sparkling J tomorrow, and enjoy it with a salad with a good vinaigrette on
it, what a treat, lovely, a great food bubbly as it will make you hungry to
enjoy a meal with family and friends and business associates, too!
Thanks Soren.