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Here I was responding to a picture that Mike Ratcliffe posted of himself and Phillip Myburgh , both wines from South Africa that we sell, here from Mike's WARWICK ( we have the Reserve 2002 in stock, $33.99, from Stellenbosch, a dry red blend of 42% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot and 28% Cabernet Franc )  to Phillip's DE MEYE ( we currently have the Unwooded Chardonnay 2014, $14.99, the Little River 2012 Shiraz, $13.99, and the Little River 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon ).
Anthony Quinn Wonderful pic!
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Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn Miss you Mike, been a long time since you did an in-store wine-tasting @ClevelandParkWinespirits, come visit, I need to give you an order for some more if your wines, I need a case of Pinotage and one of the Sauvignon Blanc for @ClevelandParkWinespirits, you can have them come this first week of November. I would give this order to Graham, but Ut us fun to give it to you as I see this pic you posted! Cheers!
Philip Myburgh
Philip Myburgh Athony, you can't only order from Mike!
Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn It was a novel and spontaneous impulse, sort of going directly to the source, it appealed to me, a lark, fun, I thought he would like it, but he did not leave a comment. Anyway, it was great to see your picture here Phillip, and it sure is a pleasure to always sell your wines as you already know, they continue to sell really well here, and I love having them on our shelves as I like having those of Mike's, ... hope you are well? Best to all there, keep up the great work, and we will shortly have your everyday value red to sell as well! Happy Tuesday, it is a beautiful fall day here as I get ready to write today's store email , and I think I will mention these fabulous wines of South Africa as I do ... great start to a fine week ahead ...


GREAT INDIAN SUMMER day today, I sure enjoyed my ride to work this morning. It is a bit bittersweet as I drove here as the wind and the rain have knocked many of the colorful leaves off the trees. The colors are also fading ever so , and yet the view is magnificent and makes me think of the fall and our many wonderful holidays and also meals that we are enjoying now and will soon with more gathered family and friends around our tables that we add leaves/sleeves into the tables to make them stretch longer to fit more people. 
IT IS ALSO STILL GREAT GRILLING time as even with the colder weather at times the smoked flavors on vegetables, fish and meats is wonderful. I grilled some steaks last night along with chicken thighs. Enjoyed some last night and have some, including the salmon fillets to enjoy for dinner and lunches here through the week. Tastes great, saves us money as well.
I GOT NUMEROUS complements last night on the steaks I grilled from my wife, that did not escape my notice and I smiled and appreciated each and every time that she mentioned this to me as we sat at our table last night with our daughter, nice to be together, the three of us and her two visiting cats!
Aaaaahhhhhh, life sure can be grand, I am enjoying appreciating each and every moment. I am also enjoying just being happy and sharing that joy and not over-thinking things, letting the stresses slip off my shoulders, smile more, laugh more, let go more. Life should be this and not stressing over situations. Do what you think is right, let that be your reward, and move forward confidently and with ease and be helpful, considerate, and relax so that both you and those around you feel the joy and the togetherness of the moment.
Enjoyed some Pierre Ferand French cognac yesterday celebrating a birthday, a friend turning 75! Wow, what an event, and she looked magnificent. We have some of the " Ambre " 1er Cru De Cognac here at $53.99 a bottle, it is a delicious class-act, one that we have enjoyed selling here for years. With our friend we enjoyed the " Abel " that was a gift to me many years ago by our then local French rep Stephane Defot : merci Stephane!
IT WOULD HAVE BEEN FUN to have served some of the Pierre Ferrand Pineau Des Charentes , $33.99, with 17% alcohol by volume, that would have been a treat to have and sip some outside on a beautiful Indian summer day, outside, chilling and relaxing before raking and bagging more leaves!
IT WAS A SPECIAL TREAT YESTERDAY, I made something special of it, pulled out our good crystal-cut glasses and gold-bordered tall glasses for water, for Pruneaux d'Armagnac, and Eaux-De-Vie Cerises, too : all from Sarlat, Perigord, France that were also gifts to us in the past. It was another period of time when things like that were shipped and sold by small companies like D&M Imports, where I knew the Frenchman, the mayor of Sarlat, France, Philippe Melot, great times. They were wonderful, too, that along with the old 1981 Barsac half-bottle that I served, everything showing really well.
I JUST HAD LEON HERE and I showed him some of the SAINT-ANAC Moelleux Bordeaux 2013 sweet wine, $12.99 , 11% alcohol by volume ( go to : ). Leon mentioned the Chateau D'Yquem Sauternes that I had written about, we have the 1995 and the 1998 half bottles ( $232.99 a bottle - come get one tomorrow and SAVE 20% OFF this price and pay only $185.60 a bottle !n ) ...
BUT THEN we also have two other FABulous Sauternes that are a bit more affordable for you all :
1) 2011 La Fleur D'Or Sauternes, $37.99, 14% % alcohol by volume, so deliciously ripe and rich and vibrant, bristles and blooms and blossoms right before your taste buds, like a spectacle, like a Las Vegas classy show ...
2) Chateau DDoisy Daene Cru Classe en 1855 2003 Sauternes, $96.99 a bottle, the color is so much more golden dark, like an amber with sun shining through it Lovely, with 14% alcohol by volume!
AND TO THINK that this all came as we sat and celebrated a birthday and I thought of things to share in my family's nice glassware and share with our neighbor's mother turning 75! If I had longer I might have thought of 75 things total to share, as it was between cookies and eaux-de-vie and Pruneaux brandy , and Oregon Semillon late harvest, a 1981 Barsac from Chateau Liot, some Abel Pierre Ferrand French cognac we were started well before heading back outside to finish raking some of our gracious and beautiful fallen fall leaves scattered all over our front lawns! Wow, a lot of fun, from the sublime to the practical and all on a beautiful Monday afternoon before we hads our sunset at just after 5PM that was a streak of the most beautiful yellow that took the form of the strip of a cloud, amazing!
BUT HEY, I have to talke ale, beer and cider here with you now. These are some wonderful selections that we have here now thanks to Santos Rivera.
     1) Natural Hard Apple Cider ' Original ' Crisp & Refreshing, from CRISPIN, On Special for $7.99 a 4-pack of 12-ounce bottles, fermented fresh-pressed USA apple juice, with 5% alcohol by volume, really tasty, we love selling it.
     2) Hard Cider pressed-on-site that is dry-hopped, from JACK'S , handcrafted, with 5.5% alcohol by volume, On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of cans, : " .... we grow, press and ferment apples, the package the final product ... ".
     3) Imperial American Bock lager aged in Bourbon barrels BOCK BOCK On Special for $13.99 for a 9.2 Alc. by volume, from the SCHMALZ Brewing Company in Clifton, Park, NY, for a 1Pt 6Fl oz bottle,  serious stuff, just read the neck label, impressive!
     4) Blanche de Chambly bottle fermented White Ale on lees by UNIBROUE, On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 5% alcohol and made from ale brewed with coriander and orange peel! Impresive, flavorful, distinct!
LIQUOR From Jagir and Malkit :
     1) The Distillery Edition handmade in Scotland's smallest distillery EDRADOUR that was established in 1825, aged 10 years, nestled in a pocket glen, in the hills above Pitlochry in the southern highlands, .... virtually unchanged in the last 150 years .... only 12 casks a week are produced ... a rare treasure for a fortunate few . " Sells for $56.99 a bottle with 43% alcohol by volume, come get some of this really special smooth and long-velvet-svelte and bright taste!
     1) Roundstone Rye Whisky , a unique Virginia whiskey , $53.99, distilled from 100% Rye, with 46% alc. by volume ...
     2) Roundstone Rye Single Barrel Whisky is also distilled from 100% Rye, $41.99, hand-crafted, small batch, with 40% alcohol by volume, what a value ...
     3) Cask Proof Roundstone Rye that is also organic Single Barrel whisky, also distilled from 100% Rye, $63.99 a bottle, with 58% alcohol by volume ... what a treat, really fine, so excellent, so tasty, filled with character, with tamed fire and flamed energies that ignite and soothe the palate, the soul, our spirits comforted by golden amber-colored spirits that are local and friendly and from Virginia, in Purcellville ... cheers, and thanks Chad, Becky and Scott. Come and taste again here sometime soon, we miss you all!
          More Liquor :
     1) Real Cranberry from DEEP EDDY in Austin, Texas, On Special for $16.99 a bottle! Deep cranberry color, great for the holidays!
          THREE Italian Vermouths From Italy From DRAPO :
     1) Dry liter bottle with 18% alcohol, $18.99
     2) Bianco liter bottle with 16% alcohol, $18.99
     3) Rosso liter bottle with 16% alcohol by volume
     I tried all three, flavorful, distinct, real personality, quite fun and would make great choices to experiment as budding mixologists to see what you all can concoct and invent and soak your worries and stresses away with ... lovely!
OUR 6-Bottle Wine Sampler Is Back ! Ready For THE Season, Chris & put it together this past week for you all : ALL ' New ' Wines for you to sample , Regularly $86.99 for the six-bottles, NOW ON SALE for $71.99 for the six, with our linen sack for easy transporting of six bottles!
     1) ' Le Blanc ' BLANDINE , a 2014 dry white Gascogne white blend of 60% Colombard and 40% Ugni Blanc, with 11.5% alcohol by volume, this white has zip and zest and is lively and fresh, with a bit of weight to hold it's own as the temperatures drop. It is lovely with a fun and trendy label that is ' new ' again as it harks back to the labels of long, long ago!
     2) Roero Arneis 2014 from Italy's Piemonte region, this dry indigenous white from Azienda Agricola MASSUCCO with 14% alcohol has some extra weight and body and will be even better when the food has more to cut through with either the seasonings or the sauces, it will also delight, intrigue and hold it's own, a favorite here, we sell lots of Arnesi here weekely, almost every month!
     3) 2013 Spanish Rioja red that is a lot of Tempranillo from ALTOS for the money, some real flavor and taste, but not heavy, will complement many a meal, it has been a favorite here now for two-three years, and this is a brand new vintage! I told Jeff our salesperson to keep it for awhile for the flavors to fill-out, round-out, and they have now. Lovely, tasty, distinct, I like it.
     4) Estate grown and bottled ' Bench Break ' 2012 Pinot Noirfrom California's Santa Maria Valley and made by CAMBRIA, this Pinot Noir is delicious and ripe and full and forward and yet still quite balanced and never loses sight of the fruit from which it started. bravo! This is a special bottling that was just made available to us. Charming.
     5) 2014 MARCEL Malbec from France's IGP Comte Tolosan, made with 100% Malbec, another well-made, solid effort that will shine with food, made to be chilled 30 minutes and enjoyed with a meal!
     6) PINK BUBBLES by LOBETIA , DOMINIO De PUNCTUM, Organic Estate & Winery, from Spain, a soft, silky, satiny-dry rose with some flesh and some extra color, but not too much, just enought to awaken our palate and tastebuds!
     FUN, Exciting 6-bottle wine sampler ready now 4 U ALL!
TAKE ADVANTAGE TOMORROW of our on-going, weekly Wednesday 3-part Up TO 20% OFF wine sale, three ways to save extra here, come check it out. If you cannot come then call us at : 202-363-4265. Cheers