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     Great News This Morning As Our Country Recognizes A Female Candidate As A Party's Bid For The Next President of the Untited States! What will you all come get here today to celebrate this momentous day that, aside from how we each feel about the current state of politics in this great country of ours marks a momentous accomplishment, for many long overdue, recognizing and choosing a woman casndidate as our next possible President of The United States of America!
     SIX STATES HOLD THEIR primaries today and the results tonight will be even more revealing and telling.
     WHAT SPIRIT will you all choose to celebrate this historic moment in time for our country, for women, and so much more, too?
     WE HAVE QUITE a selection and I was driving to work composing today's store email in my head and I was thinking of mentioning a drink or beer, cider, water or wine that was a favorite of many of the strong, talented, hard-working, deserving women of all ages that shop here and that are really like family, starting with my immediate family : Nancy, Lynne, Abigail, Sis, Connie, Leslie, Cathy, Karen, Susie, Stephanie, Jessica, Deborah, Kim, Kate, Ranjit, Galeet, Miriam, Vania D, Marilyn, Sequana, Sheila, Jaqueline, Fernanda, Fabiana, Sonia, Gabriella, Pat, Mariana, Sylvia, Olivia, Sarah, Sara, Lloyd, Courtney, Linda, Pauline, Mary-Hannah, Katarina, Ann-Marie, Arica  ... and so many more, I could go on and on and on as the names of these wome, like Hillary, pop into my head.
     So , I COULD write a whole email based around what each of these fabulous strong and beautiful women like enjoy when they get a moment to relax. I need to do that sometime, I really do, but then maybe they do not want everyone to know? Have to be polite and respectful, too of their privacy. Suffice it to say that the spirit of this email that I type today is in appreciation and great pleasure for the many broad implications of today and the results earlier that partly were a result of the last two days.
     BEER, CIDER To Enjoy Tonight,THis Week :
     1) Cerveza Premium Golden Lager , the Gold of the Incas from CUSQUENA, On Special for $8.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 100% malted barley, " Cus Ken Ya! : Come check this out, not heavy, easy to enjoy now with this extra heat and the impending humidity, too : refreshing!
     2) Collaboration Not Litigation Ale Batch 8 from the AVERY Brewing Co., Boulder, Colorado, $8.99 a 1 Pint 6 Fl. Oz , with 8.9% alcohol by volume, .... brewed with Rocky Mountain water .... yes!
     3) ' Old Volstead's ' Small Batch dry Handmade Virginia hard cider from MT. DEFIANCE in Middleburg, Virginia, made with their local Virginia apples, On Special for $7.99 a 500ml bottle, with 6.8% alcohol by volume, come check this out, enjoy some tonight while watching today's primary results come in from each of the six states including California.
     4) ' Scrumpy in the Gunks ' Cider aged ina Bourbon Barrel, from the AARON BURR Cidery, LLC, Wursboro, NY, $18.99, with 8.5% alcohol by volume, only 82 cases made, limited production to the max! : " Still, unfiltered cider that contains the lees of the apples, pour slowly, and decant to evenly distribute " ... all the tastes and flavors, yes!
     LIQUEUR, LIQUOR From Jagir :
     1) Hand crafted BLACK DIRT bottled in bond Apple Jack, made from 100% Apple Brandy, a 50% alcohol by volume, 750ml bottle, On Special for $46.99 a bottle, a small batch distilled by Black Dirt Distilling in Warwick, NY, Batch No. 007 : James Bond will use this in his next movie we are sure, come try it 007! Cheers!
     2) Bloomery ' Sweetshine ', an artisinal blend of vice and virtue, a zestfully luscious Limoncello, $24.99, a 375ml bottle/ half bottle, with 21.1% alcohol by vloume, ... We tasted it here this past weekend with our local Legends' rep this last Saturday , it sold well, fun, made here locally in West Virginia, in Charles Town. This is a sure bet, no gambling or loss of money here, just lots of satisfying flavor and taste! Cheers. This would be great to sip tonight watching the pPrimary returns from the six states.
          TWO From AMERICAN FRUITS :
     1) Bartlett Pear Liqueur On Special for $17.99, produced and bottled by WARWICK VALLEY WINE CO., Inc. from Warwick, New York, with 20% alcohol by volume,  finished in oak, so some hints of vanilla and toasted oak add to this scrumptious pear flavor!
     2) Apple Liqueur Bourbon-Aged 12 Months from AMERICAN FRUITS  , On Special for $17.99 a 375ml bottle, with 19.5% alcohol by volume, .... " ... blended with our own apple brandy. It is then finished and aged in Bourbon barrels. .... smooth apple aromas and a smoky caramel bourbon finish. " Unique, stronger, more backbone, broader base, come try some!
     WINES By Chris & Tony :
          Get Litered/ Tetra'ed While You Can :
     1) Pinot Grigio liters in a Tetra box On Special for $5.99, what a great deal to take when hiking and you want a sip of wine after a long walk or climb, convenient, easy, from VENDANGE, a deal.
          TWO ' New ' Rose Wines :
     1) Cape Rose from RIEBEEK CELLARS Collection in Swarthland, South Africa, On Special for $7.99 a bottle. Come check it out, Caitling tells me she really likes it , see what you all think?!?
     2) Rosado de Garnacha from CARMEN Dolores, $9.99, a soft, velvetty rose that has no edges, just ripe and bright fruit. We tasted customers on it the other week and many of you liked it so we added it here to our selection. Cheers!
          THREE Under $10 A Bottle :
     1) El Cortijillo Tempranillo from Spain, a 2015 vintage, On Special for $5.99 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume, from La Mancha, what a quaffable dry red with medium-to-light-body, some earth, some spice, chill thirty minutes and enjoy indoors or outdoors!
     2) Reserve Chardonnay , a 2015 dry white from South Eastern Australia, from LISMORE RANGE, $8.99 a bottle, with 13.2% alcohol by volume, this drinks really well, a balanced, tasty bottle of dry Chardonnay to enjoy with or without food. Cheers!
     3) BLANDINE' Le Blanc ' dry white Southwest France white from the Cotes du Gascogne region, 2015 , a blend of 60% Colombard and 40% Ugni Blanc, crisp, really quite dry and refreshing, best with food, when you enjoy some goat's cheese, some salads with a vinaigrette, or when you squeeze a lemon or lime over your food, from the Lot region of France where Cahors is, where Malbec comes from ...
          TWO Great Bottles Over $10 :
     1) ' K ' From KALTERN, $10.99 a bottle  for a Vigneti delle Dolomiti dry white that really impressed Chris and me, wonderful, great price, too!
     2) Toscana 2012 from DAINERO , $25.49 a bottle,  a Merlot , Sangiovese dry red that really impressed Chris and me. Come get some tonight to watch the returns from the six primaries tonight!
     SAVE HERE ON WINE 3 Ways Every Wednesday!
     1) Thursday, June 9th, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : Andrew Stover is here to taste some great ' values ' from Siema Imports! Join us, free, some great discoveries, gems.
     2) Friday, June 10th, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : Chris Bartha will be here to taste some great wines of his : Italian, German, French and maybe more! Join us, free.
     3) Saturday, June 11th, 2016 : 2-6PM ) : We will continue to explore the ever-growing selections of Oenos Imports, one Greek wine, one Italian, one French and perhaps one Spanish : covering our bases. Free, join us,.
     THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, you all are the very best! Cheers,  TONY
     WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old store email I wrote and posted on June 9th, 2009, read and enjoy it and check for current availability today and pricing. Cheers, thanks again for all you do for us!   TONY

     IT'S ONE OF THOSE DAYS WHERE I HAVE TO DIG DEEP to start this week after enjoying thoroughly my delayed weekend. Our daughter is back from college having completed her four years in Charlottesville and now she's working on her Masters. All good. A month or so my family drove down to see her graduate and I took some bubbly to celebrate the moment. She and her room mates liked the YELLOWGLEN " Pink " Nuriootpa Aussie sparkling bubbly and so I took some with us. She didn't drink it all so this Sunday evening my wife, daughter and I enjoyed some out on our deck with some excellent Atlantic smoked salmon. We sell it for $10.99 along with the regular brut bottling and I recommend it because of the color and the soft, mellow yet bright flavors that simply rest and nestle nicely onto your tongue. It's very pleasing and not at all complicated. I'm glad, too that we drank it this weekend to coincide with the BREAST CANCER  Awareness/ Race. It sure was the right choice for that, too.

     WORK CONTINUES ON OUR NEW WEB PAGE. I was just listening to Ved speak about the gentleman working on it for us. He's supposed to be totally devoted to it and is working on every detail to make it " just right " with high-resolution photos, a space for all the categories that are important to us : and they are many today. The business has become so complex these days and there is so much more for us as retailers as well as you as customers. This has made it important for us to focus on something " new " and " exciting " pretty much everyday. On our new web page I believe I will be adding and subtracing things daily to keep up with everything. This will mean that when you check more than once a week that you will discover " new and exciting " things along with me.

     FATHER'S DAY IS COMING SOON on Sunday, June 21st, 2009 and you all may want to get your orders in with us early. Ask him whether there is a special os specific beer, liquor or wine that he wants to that we may order it early for you. Be proactive about this and get whatever alcohol-liquid libations that your father desires now so that it is done and you can plan the rest of the day's activities around him to make him feel truly special and appreciated.
    Here ar a few " Quick " suggestions :
       1) VERBENA'S 2007 Rosso di Montalcino Tuscan red, ON SALE for $27.99. Great when you grill.
       2) JOH. JOS. PRUM'S 2007 Riesling Kabinett, Mosel, Germany, $40.99 that tastes GREAT ALL ALONE but also complements many a meal.
       3) BLEASDALE'S " The Red Brute " sparkling Shiraz, $21.99 which is also great when you grill a meal outside.
       4) BEAUMONT'S 2003 Shira double-bottle size ( a magnum ) is ON SALE for $39.99 ( reg: $52.99 ) and is another great outdoors wine to be enjoyed with more than one father!
       5) KNAOPPAGUE CASTLE 1195 Irish Whisky ( new for us here ) , Very Special Reserve, $43.99 which will become a " new " discovery and treat for many fathers.
       6) YANJING Beer from China is also brand-spanking " new " for us and we've just put it ON SALE for $6.99. Come check it out early and see what he thinks, then buy him lots more.
       7) STEELEHEAD'S Double India Pale Ale ( from MAD RIVER BREWING CO. Readwoods, CA. 8.6% alcohol ) would give any father lots of extra flavor and " charge! " with that extra alcohol. too.
       8) MILAGRO'S " Anejo " Mexican tequila is ON SALE for $39.99 and is a class-act that has stood the test of time and which continues to be a dear favorite.
       9 ) FABBIOLI'S Raspberry/ Merlot off-dry Virginia wine from Leesburg is something that your fathers will be happy to share with you because they know that many of you will like it even though it may not ne his favorite. This could be an " extra " bottle that you through into the day and to the celebration of Father's Day. The bottles are signed by owner/winemaker Doug Fabbioli of FABBIOLI CELLARS.
    10 ) CAMBERLEY Cabernet Sauvignon/ Merlot from Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2004, $32.99 is beefy and earthy and meaty enough, with plenty of briar and spice, leather and punch to please almost any dad with a big grilled meal, too.
     SO : CALL US or come by and let's talk now about FATHER'S DAY and take care of anything that he may want now. Cheers to all the fathers out there!

      We Whole-Heartedly Bring To Your Attention These Beers/Liquors & Wines ... 

          BEERS To Kick Back With :
     1) TOMMYKNOCKER: " Oaked " Butt Head Block lager aged with oak ( 4-pack ) from Idaho Springs, Colorado has " Vanilla and spice character " and the " oak melds with the malty caramel flavors of the dopplebook lager".
     2) BROTHER Thelonious Belgian-Style Abbey Ale ( $14.99 4-pack from the North Coast Brewing company ) is new again for us.I love that the label sez : " Carpe Diem Vita Brevis " - nice add-on.
     3) FOUNDERS " Red Rye P.A. " Ale, a hopped-up brew with rye ( $10.99 a six-pack ) from the Grand Rapids, Michigan ( 6.6% alc. ) is another new entry. Ask Santos about it as well as the next FOUNDERS brewing selection.
     4) FOUNDERS " Centennial " IPA ( also $10.99 a six-pack, 7.2% alc. ) is unfiltered and dry-hopped.
          LIQUOR :
     1) FLOC from Gascogny, France, $17.99 from SAINT-LANNES is like the Pineau de Charente that we sell from the Cognac region of France. This is a wonderful aperitif to enjoy before or after a meal. It comes from the Armagnac region of southern France and may be a touch more potent than the Pineau de Charente because the Armagnac is distilled just once, not twice as is Cognac. Go To: for more info  17% alc.
     2) LIV distilled & bottled on Long Island, New York, $34.99 is made from 100% potatoes. Go to : for more technical info : or ask Ravi here at the store.
     3) Ed Phillips & Sons " Prairie " Organic ( from the heartland of Minnesota, ) is kosher for passover as well as organic , new and costs $44.99. Go green! It's another fabulous " new " product here at Cleveland Park.
     4)Slivovitz Plum Brandy , 3-Year Old from Hungary, from ZWACK, $27.99 is also kosher for passover. It's new and exciting for us here at Cleveland Park.JEREMIAH WEED Sweet Tea ( sweet tea flavored vodka ) , $20.99 southern style ( 70%, Norwalk, CT ) is the latest in this " Hot New " category for us. Come check it out!
          WINES To INSPIRE :
       Whites Of Sparkle & Splash :
     1) ENCOSTAS DO LIMAVinho Verde dry Poruguese white, slightly sparkling, $9.99, and low 10% alcohol is a perfect summer hot weather/humidity foil. Try some quick : it's becoming humid already. Where was our spring anyway?
     2) LEO HILLINGER'S Welschriesling ( it's not a Riesling at all, just sounds like it from the name ), $13.49 has a bit of sparkle, too and is just a touch off-dry and so thoroughly refreshing. It's from Austria and another bottle that I highly recommend for summer/hot weather battle. Don't let the heat and the humidity win!
     3) CHARLES LAFITE French Brut Sparkling wine, $11.99 is " new and exciting " for us here at Cleveland Park. The packaging/label are fun and they inspire confidence and the taste delivers it as well as satisfaction. Dry and fresh and bright : what's not to like as things warm up this summer?
     4) NINO FRANCO'S " Rustico " Prosecco from Valdobbiadene, $21.99 is back again. We've been out of some of Italy's best prosecco and are glad to have it with us once again. Go to : to check out the blog I wrote when owner Sylvia Franco came and did an in-store tasting awhile back. Dry, crisp, a bit of flint, mineral and grand splash and pizzaz!!
     5) NINO FRANCO'S " Primo " prosecc from Valdobbiadene, $30.99 is when you want all bright sunshine, butter, and silk and soft mouth-feel and no worries, no weight, no bother, now work on your part at all. It's simply marvelous and worth the money to completely relax and enjoy : creamy-dreamy-bright.
     6) STERLING VINTNER'S COLLECTION Central Coast CA. 2007, $13.49 Riesling is actually quite dry and quite sophisticated. I really liked it a whole lot when Paulette poured it for you all this past Saturday here in Cleveland Park. It's got some nice mineral quality and flavors that stimulate and render one curious. It's a great wine to enjoy with a lot of the excellent take-out from Nam Viet, Spices, the new Thai restaurant in the old Ivy's location, etcetera.
          ROSES Of Soft & Dry Hues  :
     1) CHARLES LAFITE dry Brut, $11.99, Vin De Sables ( wine from the sands ) Prestige dry rose is quite bright and lively. It's got some good character, too and is tasty enough to please many a palate. It's new : come check it out.
     2) JEAN-LUC COLOMBO'S Dry French rose is finally coming back by popular demand. It sells for $13.49 a bottle and is worth every penny of it because it is so appealing, lively, balanced, fresh and smooth. We all love it here : so do all of our customers.
     3) TOAD HOLLOW'S 208 dry CA. Pinot Noir " Eye Of The Toad ", $13.49 pretty much tastes like wonderful elegant, delicate, no bite or hassle strawberries! I loved it : so easy to drink all on it's own. Sam from LVDH tasted this last Friday with you all and we almost sold-out everything that we had. We will have to order more soon. The New York Times also loved it in their last review I am told.
          REDS Of Wonder / Reds Of Splendour :

     1) LEO HILLINGER'S " Small Hill ", $16.49 dry Austrian blend of Merlot/Pinot Noir and St. Laurent, 2007 is medium-bodied and the best I have ever had of this medium-bodied, many facetted dry red. It's so tasty and versatile : chill twenty-five minutes and watch it make the humidity back away from you and your family and guests. Close your eyes, chill, dream a few seconds ...

     2) POSADA DEL VIRREY, Carmelo Reserve Pinot Noir, $13.99 2005 from Uruguay is a really nice medium-to-light-bodied dry Pinot to enjoy with a thirty minute chill with almost any meal being served now with the weather being the way it is. This is something that will please and refresh all at the same time : and you will discover something new, too. Cheers.
     3 ) DE LOACH CA. Pinot Noir, 2007, $15.49 is a thoroughly enjoyable as well as reliable California Pinot Noir to enjoy just about anytime that you want a glass of wine now : with or without food. We always like having it here to recommend. It's a lighter-style Pinot and perfectly-suited for this hot/humid weather/
     4) FIRESTEED 2007 Oregon Pinot Noir, $18.99 is another Pinot that we love to suggest as temperatures soar high and people want to be refreshed and relaxed and to enjoy their food, wine and friends and not feel extra pressure on them.
     5) CASTLE ROCK 2007 Pinot Noir from California's Sonoma County has become a friend that pleases and impresses us each and everytime. It's always a slightly different blend, variation on a theme. It's always got a solid base of support from our customers. For $12.99 it has a bit more backbone than either the FIRESTEED or the DE LOACH : it's more medium-bodied , a bit darker and deeper, too in color.

     6) STERLING Vintner's Collection " Meritage " red Bordeaux blend of Cabernet and Merlot, $13.99 is an amazing lot of wine for the money. This California Central Coast red blend which also includes Petit Verdot and Malbec is something to buy up in multiples. Excellent wine / excellent value. Dry ans more like a wine from Europe.

     7) CHATEAU DE VAUGELAS red French Corbieres " Le Prieure " 2007, $10.99 has always been a favorote Rhone-style of ours and just last Wednesday  Washington Post wine writer Dave McIntyre just reviewed it as his favorite " value " wine. We agree : it offers so much for the buck and is drinking very, very well now.


And : Our Week's Tastings, Too:

     Friday, June 12th, 2009 ( 5-8 PM ) : We have Ronnie Miller Of Robert Kacher Selections here to pour a number of his best wines : dry French roses, TARIQUET whites from gascogny and the " Only Girls " dry red Syrah from Dianne of CHATEAU DES GUEULLES in Costires de Nimes. She has five girls and no sons : thus the name.
     TWO BEER TASTINGS from Santos:
       1) PERONI Italian beer from 5-6:30 PM
       2) MAGIC HAT Vermont beer from 6-8 PM.
     Saturday, June 13th, 2009 ( 3-7 PM ) : We have Arielle Monaco of Counrty Vintners here to pour as selection of the excellent, value-quality oriented Aussie wines of the Grateful Palate.
     MARK YOUR CALENDARS : Our next " Big Monthly Theme " Tasting will be Wed. July 1st, 2009 - AMERICAN & FRENCH to Celebrate both days of Independence : July 4th and July 14th, 2009. This will be BIG, this will be SPECIAL and fun. Can't wait.
     I AM SURE I HAVE FORGOTTEN to include things and yet it is time to post this email. Don't forget to check the three blogs : chatwine, chatart and chatpoetry all at : I have written about many of the tastings, winemakers/owners and included many pictures of all of you for you all to enjoy and hopefully share with family and friends. Cheers, and once again, thanks for all your support. Hope you are all well and enjoying life as much as you can, when you can. Let us help.   TONY