Store Liquor Specials 3/15-22/16

          " Goodies " From Jagir In Liqueurs, Liquors :

     1) Beach Plum Gin Liqueur , small-batch distilled, from GREENHOOK GINSMITHS, $51.99 with 30% alcohol by volume, wow, beautiful color, really quite an exotic taste, too : a treat!
     2) Reposado Tequila 100% Agave Azul from Jalisco, Mexico, from CASAMIGOS, $57.99, gluten-free, with 40% alcohol by volume : the real thing, come taste the difference!
     3) 1843 DAVID NICHOLSON Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey , 100 proof, On Special for $32.99 a bottle, from the original ' 43 ' recipe, and worth every penny, what a treat! Come rediscover this, saturate your tongue and senses!
     4)  District Made Vodka , hand-made in Washington D.C., On Special for $39.99, with 40% alcohol by volume, from ONE-EIGHTH, Batch 7 / 470 bottle, wow, small-production, really high quality, too! Great packaging as well ...

     5) Old Tom Gin from HAYMAN'S , the authentic Victorian style gin, $29.99 a bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume, since 1863, England, the real McCoy from HAYMAN'S Distillery! Come try something old and yet sooo new and exciting!