Spirits Specials 8/22-29


     1) ' Original ' Calvados Pays D'Auge fruite et delicat - fruity and delicate - from LECOMPTE, Normandy, France, $25.99 a 375ml bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume, : I like this Original for the warm moths because it is milder, softerm lighter, less intense, easier to sip and enjoy with both heat and humidity, and this is a smaller size bottle, and easier to transport and to share, camping, with friends and family : apple brandy at it's very purest, brightest, best!
     2) PUR LIKOR three-sampler-bottle-packs back by popular demand. I personally love this. Owner Kiki Braverman from Germany brought these organic liqueurs to our attention more than two years ago, and this sampler pack of three is a great way to drink the best quality and to have some real variety as well. It includes a bottle !) blossom of elderflower with really dark deep color with 22% alcohol by volume, and ... 2) the spice blood orange liqueur, and a bottle of ... 3) williams pear liqueur, too, the last two with 25% alcohol by volume, all in a nice gift-pack of 100ml bottles, On Special for $27.99. A great product, a great gift idea, a win-win for everyone!
     3) Beach Plum Gin liqueur from GREENHOOK GINSMITHS, small-batch distilled, with 30% alcohol by volume, $51.99, thus is a great summer treat to enjoy now on vacation.: " created with a rare, finicky fruit with a prized piquant flavor recipe creates a distinctive liqueur with a lovely color. Dare I say that this is Slivovitz and gin combined in a refreshing unique way?!?
     4) Rye Small Batch 100% Rye whisky from WILLIAM WOLF, $30.99 a bottle, bottle # 3781, with 46% alcohol by volume, a product of Holland, and it is recommended to serve over ice, refreshing, forward and bright in flavors, too!

          TWO out of THREE From FERNET BRANCA :

     1) Branca Menta Fratelli Branca Distillerie, On Soecial for $30.99, mint and the Fernet Branc here combined. You need to find something to add to this like they add Coca Cola to the regular Fernet Branca. Think about the flavors of mint, crushed ice would be great for example, and maybe some soda water or even some tonic?! Be a mixologist, let me know what you try and like. Cheers!

     2) Fernet Amaro Extra Fine liqueur , On Special for $24.99 a bottle. This is how you settle your body after you enjoy whatever earlier in the day and evening. This makes it easier for you to sleep well and comfortable after a day and night of enjoyment! Clever, drink the Branca Menta first then the Amaro! Cheers! With 40% alcohol by volume.