Spirits Specials 12/20-27/16

IN SPIRITS From Jagir we have :
     1) Borough Bourbon Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey finished in French oak barrels, from REPUBLIC RESTORATIVES , District Of Columbia, On Special for $49.99 a bottle, so flavorful and alive with fire, warmth and charm, love it! Medium weight...
     2) KINSEY Whiskey Aged 7 Years, A Pennsylvania Classic resurrected after years of neglect and freshened and brightened, so lively and smooth, silky-bright, satiny - loved it. Carolyn Moffa our local rep poured it here this past Saturday, a lovely treat from Pennsylvania, On Special for $35.99, really recommended.
     3) Pisco ' La Diablada ' , Amelia's Centennial Blend, $38.99, silky, bright, satiny, sooooo delightfully refreshing and smooth, I like it a whole lot. Melanie Asher that makes this with her sister Elizabeth was just here last week in the store saying : " Feliz Navidad. " Feliz Navidad Melanie!
     4) " Los Parra;es ' Anniversarion SINGANI, On Special for $25.99, regularl price is $35.99, I love this, again so svelte and silky and toned, tanned, sublime, highly recommended, too like the Pisco from Melanie. GREAT SALE here, buy some now while the prices are so ridiculously low!