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          WE CONTINUE TO TWEAK THE STORE and to do what we can to improve it as a destination and shopping experience for you all. THe passing of time, of weather, the changing, the changing and adapting and learning and fitting-in of us all into this ' new normal ' as my brother-in-law Robert likes to call it is a challenge with each passing moment of much uncertainty and atmosphere , and yet being an eternal optimist I always dig deep if necessary for any silver lining there might be! I am blessed, however, that all I have to generally do is smile big, open my arms, and hug someone close to me and they melt, too, and world harmony is miraculously restored, strengthened, enjoyed, and shared of course.
     WE CONTINUE TO SHARE our long rectangular space here with you all, freely, gladly, openly and with warmth and honesty and humility I hope. Come check out the ' longness ' of our rectangle here. Discover that it is, indeed, longer and packed full of goodies, more than you ever imagined.
     I WAS REMINDED of all of this when I looked at the old after-hours wine-classes that Peter Anastopolus used to conduct here from 10PM on. They were a big success and many customers would gather here and the store, this rectangle would be lined with seats up and down the length of the store with people huddled in conversation, listening as Peter passed by and poured, all intent, all focused, and all really caught up in this moment like when he tasted the fine wines of Chile!
SPEAKING OF WHICH we have a Big-THeme Wine-Tasting in September on the wines of Chile with our special guest Manuel Rojas , on Wednesday , September 14th, 2016, 5:30-8:30PM, free of course, join us. This will be a great way to celebrate Chile's day of Independence here early as that is on Sunday the 18th of 2016!
ANYWAY, it is fun to remember, to build on old memories, to create new ones, and to strengthen everything, that is essential, that is growing and changing along and keeping up as best we can. It is both a duty , a challenge and a neccesary means of survival. Let us survive magnificently together, that is our offer to you : let us shine bright and boldly, consistently, and prodly.
MY MOTHER PASSED AWAY this past Friday morning early around 1:30AM as I was outside in our back yard under a blanket of clouds with a full moon and twinkling stars bravely trying to shine through as clearly as possible. I was drinking some of our mother's favorite brandy, Calvados Pays D'Auge from Normandy, France, I was toasting her and thanking her for all that she hs and did do for me, continues to do even now , for me. It was a sign to me that now I am starting a new book so to speak of my life and I hope to make things even more special and positive for all those who's lives I am able to touch. Cheers.
SO : What does all of this really mean? What is going on here?
THERE ARE NEW AND WELCOME CHANGES here as we work through new and exciting management where there will be a better, more positive atmosphere, more welcoming environment in which to move forward together. Jagir, Ranjit, Santos, Chris, Agostine and me, Tony will work together even more closely now to ensure that everything here is the best that we can make it for you.
CERVESAS De Santos River : Beers 4 U : Ciders, Too :
     1)  Small Batch MT. DEFIANCE Cider , Farmhouse Style Hard Cider from Virginia, On Special , with 8.8% alcohol by volume : this is really ' new and exciting here ', as we have had their spirits here now for awhile, they are all still here, the two rums, the absinthe and the creme de cassis that blows me away, it is decadently delicious and bright and refreshing, I really like it!
     SANTOS HAS ARRANGED for a MT. DEFIANCE Cider tasting here with Kimberley on Friday, June 17th, 2016, 5-8PM, no charge. This will be fun, we may also taste one or two of the spirits with our local importer Estebe Salgado, we will see about that!
     2) Scrumpy in the Gunks Cider , aged in a bourbon barrel, ' still, unfiltered cider. Contains lees. Pour off slowly or decant to evenly distribute. Store in a dark, cool place." $18.99 a bottle, with 8.5% alcohol by volume, from Aaron Burr Cidery, LLC, Wurtsboro, NY. Fun, really new and really exciting!
          BEERS now from Santos :
     1) Game Of Thrones Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Alem From OMMEGANG Brewery, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, what a great addition here considering forst the great taste and brewery as well as the fine t.v. show after that name that everyone is hooked on!
 Come try some, see what you think for this 1Pt. 9.4fluid ounce bottle, , 750ml bottle,  with 6.9% alcohol by volume. Cheere
     2) EINBECHER Mai-Ur-Bock beer from Einbecher, Germany, with 6.5% alcohol by volume, On Special for $13.99 for a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles! Yes! Prost!!!
          Jagir has found us some great Liquors and Liqueurs :
     1) ' Originel " Calvados Pays D'Auge ' fruite et delicat ' $22.99, for a 375ml bottle, this is quite soft, bright , delicate and silky, fruit-forward, I like it, I like it a lot, especially now as the weather gets into the eighteis today and through Memorial Day weekend!
          But Hey, We Cannot All Flock To Calvados :
     2) FLOC de Gascogne, from Armagnac, southern France, so flock to Floc! From Domaine La Salette,, this is made just like the Pommeau de Normandy or the Pineau du Charentes, $21.99 a 750ml bottle, serve chilled really chilled, ...Off-dry, quite fruity, the Armagnac version!
          Some Of Us Flock To Our Vermouths, Amaros  Too :
     1) Liqueur BATCH No. 14 Amaro from BRoVo, their Project Amaro, from Mike Ryan, from Washington State, I was blown away by these BRoVo products when I met the owner, she is making some outstanding products, she and her small team : very special, very impressive. Everything that they make adds to the equation of what is already out there, never duplicating. This Amaro $39.99 a bottle, is no exception to that. With 32% alcohol by volume ... great deep color, so distinct, really quite unique, never had one quite like this!
     2) BoomRang hand-crafted liqueur that's a vermouth-style Cherry, Apricot, Orange, Walnut, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Peppercorn vermouth-style drink from BRoVo Spirits in Woodville, Washington State, another real gem that really does excite the senses, make your head stop, your taste buds taste again, pause, linger, luxuriate in the flavors that stimulate all of you in mostly alwasy favorable ways! Yes! $29.99 a bottle, a real special treat.
          ALSO From Jagir : 2 Whiskeys :
     1) American Whiskey TINCUP from Colorado, $34.99, made with pure mountain water, made by Jess Graber. Jes writes : " I made TINCUP in honor of Colorado's first whiskey drinkers and the tin cups they drank from. TINCUP is distilled from a blend of corn, rye and malt barley, cut with pure Rocky Mountain water, and aged in American white oak casks. It's got the mellow base of a bourbon with some added kick from the rye. Hope you like it. " Great packaging, too.


I have  Julia Goldstein here from the Kennedy Warren that is the Private Events & Club Manager there of the KW Club, and we are back in business with them , having not done anything for awhile , and are thrilled that Julia called me today to get the ball back in motion. Here she is to say a few words : "I'm excited to collaborate with Tony to provide our residents with a few fun tastings this summer in the Club. We've already thrown around ideas for events featuring rose, vermouth, or locally produced liquor. We welcome suggestions! Please stop by and let me know what you would like to taste. Cheers!" 
THIS IS GREAT NEWS indeed! We have done wonderful events there in the past and I have missed not being there, so this will get Julia and me thinking and brainstorming, and figuring out what you might all enjoy. Any ideas? Any suggestions? Let us know. We are completely open to making this a wonderful ongoing event at the Kennedy Warren where everyone benefits from it, and comes away having tasted and learned, met and made both new contacts and friendships! Cheers, thanks for stopping by Julia, look forward to arranging something in June if possible, it is on our end, I know that.

     2) CLEMENT Tres Vieux Rhum Agricole Aged 10 Years, from Martinique, $77.99, since 1887, aged in small oak barrels. What a smooth silky refined slow-fire-warming-welcoming treat! Yes! Oui oui oui oui oui!

     WINES From Chris and Tony : 4 Rose Wines & Cider :
          Rose Cider :
     1) Owner Rob Miller brings us this and pours it here himself from DLC Ciderworks in Jefferson, Maryland, this Holiday Celebration with a splash of Cranberry juice, $19.99, is a delight to sip, entirely his own apples, no additives, pure, natural, simple delicious!
          One Great Dry Austrian Pinot Noir Rose Magnum :
     1) Leo HILLINGER Secco dry sparkling Austrian rose from Burgenland, $37.99, is quite the way to celebrate this great weather in the 80's now and through Memorial Day ... love it!
          TWO French Roses For Nancy Quinn My Mother :
     We lived in France in the seventies and so this is to celebrate that and her great life. Come try them, enjoy!
     1) Vin de Provence  2015 ' Premier ' from PIGOUDET, $14.49, great flavor, color, taste, great concentration, and fabulous price, too. It offers a world of flavorful taste sensations that will complement many a meal, even those off the grill now as we are back to grilling weather outside. This one is for you Mom! Cheers!
     2) " La Vie En Rose " 2015 Saint-Chinian dry French rose from DOMAINE DE CAMBIS, $16.99, a good color, some real finesse, spit and polish and character, like my mother, she was brave enough to always speak her mind. I had been listening to some of my old records and listened to one of the Edith Piaf songs, and I was able to share that experience recently with my mother. Too bad Oscarthat I did not have the rose to share with my Mom, that would have been perfect. I toast you now Mom!
     Pietro of Sorriso was here just a little while ago and we were working on our tasting here tomorrow night with his own Merlot from Venezia-Giulia, as well as ...
     Wednesday, 25th, ... ( 5-8PM )  Narayan of Global Wines Maryland pouring the two FABulous wines from BRANIZZI, a Pinot Nero, and a Pinot Grigio, both kosher, come taste them! Also we will include another wine, a Viura bianco dry Rioja white, SOLAR TEULES , real nice minerality, stone fruit, refreshing, $11.99 on special, regularly $16.99 a bottle! What a treat, this will be fun. Come by, this will be great. Ask me what surprise I have for you, ask me and you shall receive it, don't ask me and maybe not! Limited supplies and availability on this surprise. Cheers!
     FRIDAY, May 27th, 2016, 5-8PM, Mike Cavanagh will pour some fine wines from his selections of the Family Cavanagh portfolio that we will discuss tomorrow! Call for more details.
     SATURDAY, May 28thy, 2016 ( 2-6PM ) : Sotiris Bafitis will pour Greek and Italian wines here then, what fun, white red and rose wines! Yes, free, join us!!!
     THANKS for everything , we love you , you are the best, cheers!
here and there and everywhere. Antonio asked as I walked into the store first thing this morning : " How do you like the fans? " I looked up and smiled as they were all working beautifully and circulating the air inside our store. This will be especially important as it continues to warm up more and the humidity rises, too. They are our silent custodians of the space up above wher eyes rarely go and rarely stop to rest or observe. WE are also now adding maps of the various wine regions of France and will soon add other areas from around the world as we have time. Please let us know how you like these new changes. Most have been very positive : some prefer the old look better. We are just trying to take an old store that has served many glorious years serving this community and trying now to make the changes that are needed after all the wear-and-tear that happens naturally with time.      IT'S SALE TIME ONCE AGAIN HERE at Cleveland Park. We have tried to have one TWO-DAY SALE EACH MONTH and so far a lot of you have gotten the word either here, with the signs in the front windows and through our weekly emails. WE ARE THRILLED to be now working with I-CONTACT and getting all the emails to you once weekly in a timely fashion. This is a great relief to us as for three or four months we seemed to have a lot of problems with it.


1 ) 20% OFF on twelve ( 12 ) or more bottles of STILL WINE ( No Sparkling Wines Included ). You may buy the same wine or assort them here in the sale. 
2) 20% OFF On ANY STILL WINE that costs more that $20 a bottle : including ports, sakes, marsalas, madeiras, sherries ... in any bottle size.  SALE IS GOOD FOR EXISTING STORE INVENTORY, no special-orders. Come SAVE, SAVE and please let us help you all to SAVE SOME MORE. Make an assorted case. You can include the sparkling wines in the twelve and get 10% OFF on them and 20% OFF on the rest of the still wines, ports, sherries, marsalas, madeiras, sakes - in any bottle size or box size. YES. BOX WINE is included here in this sale.


          BEERS :

       1) BEERLAO Dark Lager from the LAO Brewery, Ltd ( www.paleewong.com www.beer-lao.com ) and the Lager beer ( BOTH $10.49 a six pack ) are both " new " arrivals here.

       2) CHANG Beer, product of Thailand, $7.99 ( www.changbeer.com is also a " new " arrival/ The label claims that it is Thailand's Number 1 beer. Ask Santos Rivera our beer specialist for more info.

          LIQUOR :

       1) MATA HARI Absinthe Bohemian ( product of Austria ... www.absinthe.at  ) is also new . It sells for $52.99 a bottle.

       2) 100 ANOS Tequila Blanco, ON SALE $23.99, Mexican tequila is also a brand new item here. It's great : there's always something " new " and " exciting " happening here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and here in Cleveland Park, Washington D.C. N.W.

          WINES :


       1) Macon-Villages 2006 ( great year for French whites ) " Cuvee Exception "  from Jean-Pierre Teissedre, $10.99 is A GREAT DEAL for this wine : fully-mature and developed, it has it all at a very inexpensive price for so much flavor and nuances of tastes that dip and soar and cradle on in their middle ranges as well. This is fun for those that like traditional wines where the flavors have developed and evolved nicely/gradually over time.

       2) Macon-Villages 2007  " St. Armand ", unoaked 100% Chardonnay, $14.49 from LABOURE-ROI is drinking beautifully now. I just enjoyed a bottle a couple of weekends ago with my wife out on our back deck ( I blogged about it and included pictures, too at : chatwine.blogspot.com ). It's like a good bottle of red wine : it has to open-up gradually and one must be patient with it so as not to lose it's charms which perform to the beat of it's own piper and to no one else's. That's wine : that's life.

       3) Cotes Du Rhone white " Les Abeilles - The Bees " 2007, $12.99 from JEAN-LUC COLOMBO was tasted here last Saturday by our rep Franceen Khang for Palm Bay imports. It's on the lighter/brighter side : good mineral and good acidity, fresh and lively ; medium-to-light-bodied. It's a really nice food wine, especially when you are outside with family and friends relaxing. I liked it precisely because it is not so heavy, especially considering the humidity will raise it's ugly face off and on now.

       4) " Raoul's Willow Tree White " 2007 South Africa's Walker Bay dry blend of Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay, $14.99 is a fine wine to enjoy with or without a meal. It's medium-bodied and forward with a great dusty-dry style now in it's youth which will fill-out ans soften and round-out as it continues to develop in the bottle. It will be nice to enjoy with some finger-foods and when you mostly just want to feel pampered and with life serving as a backdrop for your eyes, ears, nose and all other senses. Chill with this " Willow Tree " white. Some hummus and pita bread would be all that you need here to set the stage beautifully.

       5) " Principe Di Corleone : dry white Bianco from Alcamo/Azienda Agricole Pollara, %16.99 2007 from Sicily is a blend of two indigenous grapes ( Cataratto and Inzolia ). It's a cool-fermented white with a light fruit driven palate that has become more complex and tasty in the bottle. It has a lovely crisp, dry finish and is best with food : how about some calamari anyone, or a seafood salad, some tapas, anything Mediterranean with fresh olive oil, bread and a goat's cheese, too? It all sounds so good : show me the way ... I'll hang my " Out To Lunch " sign on the front door and return refreshed, smiling and rejuvenated. Cheers ...

       6) " Zeppelin " 2007 crisp/mineral dry-style-with-some-fruit style Mosel German Riesling, $16.49 from MAX FERD. RICHTER ( owner Dirk Richter has been here now three or more times ) is an excellent wine to enjoy with a flavorful warm-weather meal and which will also help to displace some of the Washington D.C. humidity to " other " places as you sip it. Close your eyes, don't swallow it all immediately : rather swallow in " steps " and remark how it works it's magic on you and your frazzled nerves. You will like it a whole lot : it doesn't get much better for some of Germany's finest at a very reasonable price, too. Try it with some fresh rainbow trout with a nice butter sauce and some shaved almonds for extra crunch and texture.

       7) " Estate Riesling " 2007, $18.99,  Germany's Mosel valley, from WEINGUT MAX FERD. RICHTER is another " gem " from Germany's Mosel valley. I can't get enough of wines of this quality, sheathed in such grand steel and mineral flesh that speaks immediately to me of vitality, varrocity, energy and forward flavors just bursting and ready to burst and please again and again on your palate until your tongue cries " stop"! It's just too good, really : and this off-dry Riesling works with so many foods as it is full with fruit in the middle but when you swallow the acidity returns to make you CRAVE AGAIN that fruit that disappeared somehow mysteriously? Where did it go? Can I please have some more? It's there, just simply in the next taste/sip : relax and enjoy.

          Rose :

       1) Dry Rose 2008 De Cote Bleue, $11.99 from JEAN-LUC COLOMBO is so charming, so smooth, so elegant, so refined : it's the BEST SUNSHINE FILTERED NICELY through these three grapes of 40% Syrah, 40% Mourvedre and 20% Counoise. I can't believe it is so velvety and sublime : there's no burn or anything to upset anyone. It's the perfect dry rose to just sit around sipping and enjoying while you connect with the life around you completely on your own terms. You will be amazed : everyone else was as they tasted and bought it this past Saturday afternoon ( 2-6 PM ) as Franceen Khang poured it for anyone lucky enough to have stopped by during those three hours. Wow, sooooo nice.


       1) BEAULIEU VINEYARD'S " Century Cellars " BV California Merlot 2005, $6.99 is a " GREAT EVERYDAY " Deal to enjoy now that it has developed all it's flavors and nuances subtle and complex- high and low and everything in-between. You may very well become a fan of Merlot after you taste this Century Cellars 2005. Try it once, what do you have to lose : what do you have to gain ? So much more than you will ever lose.

       2) Tempranillo 70%/ Merlot  30% 2004 ( great year for Spanish wines ) from Spain's Navarra region ( ON SALE for $8.99 ) from VINA SARDASOL was opened by me this past Saturday in the evenning ) : it's impressive - so much balanced spice and flavor and sweet fruit that has been integrated very well with the wood flavors. It's medium-bodied and very appealing both in it's nose as well as in it's body and texture n' flesh! Great value, too that's drinking so well now. No need to wait anymore for this Spanish Navarra " gem ".

       3) Crianza 2002 ( a challenging year, they rose to it very well ), Navarra dry red blend of 85% Tempranillo, 5% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon from VINA SARDASOL ( ON SALE for $9.99 - a great value as well ) is a heartier, more solid, more robust-gutsy dry red that benefits a whole lot from food. I was with owner Candie Fox of World Shippers over at Nam Viet restaurant just next door about a month ago when I enjoyed it with the others for lunch. It needed time to open in the glass : once it did it impressed me each and every time with it's backbone, earth and spice and zipping fruit and acids that explode like canon balls over one's palate : unmistakable the salvo of intense flavors.

       4) Reserve 2001 ( a grand vintage and it's really got some great bottle-age now ) Canernet Sauvignon ( ON SALE for $10.99 ) is another Spanish Navarra red from VINA SARDASOL that you cannot afford to miss. This is a very seriously impressive wine where anyone that is a Cabernet Sauvignon lover needs to try it and then take a serious position on it and buy as much as they can afford. There's gravitas and sublime grandeur to this wine and ON SALE at $10.99 it's A STEAL. Simple as that, rush over here and assoort some in a case Wed. or Thurs. and save anothe 20%.

       5) Cahors mostly Malbec( 10% Merlot and Tannat ) 2005 ( another great vintage in France ) from DOMAINE DES GRAVALOUS, $13.99 is a great way to discover why everyone is so impressed with the Malbec grape. IT ALL STARTED IN CAHORS, don't forget the origin of the Malbec grape : it's in the town of Cahors which is the Lot ( south of Bordeaux where they make the great white bean stew with lamb called Cassoulet ). This is also a really fair value for such an interesting, flavorful, distinct wine.

       6)" Cuvee Ferry " 2001 100% Cabernet Franc from the CHATEAU DE TARGE in the Loire Valley's Saumur-Champigny ( ON SALE for $13.99 ) let's you experience the grandeur and the wonderment of the Cabernet Franc grape as it ages slowly, gracefully and wonderfully. You will become a lover of the Cabernet Franc grape once you try this bottle ( or the less expensive 2001 ON SALE for $11.99, same producer ). There's no turning back : watch out all you Cabernet Sauvignon bottles out there!

       7 ) Malbec from Argentina's Pategonia area, 2008, $13.49 I bought for the store because it personifies the elegance and finesse that one can find/achieve with the Malbec grape. It's another great place to go for a really fine Malbec.


     How is that possible? Where is the energy and the direction coming from now? Funny, it's always been there : age and maturity and more growth are the factors serving as catalysts for all of us here. We're simply working to do our jobs better and with renewed conviction, passion and success. We want to succeed. We want you to succeed. We want to succeed together : after all - WE ARE A COMMUNITY HERE AT CLEVELAND PARK.

     The Michael Downey Selections delivery is now rolling through our back door with : more Barberas, more Verdicchio, more Tocai, more Chianti, more Merlot, MORE EXCELLENT ITALIAN as well as one excellent Sauvignon Blanc from Uruguay ( from Bodegas CARROU ) : PERFECT TIMING, perfect to start tomorrow's 20% OFF SALE on 12 or more still ( non-sparkling ) bottles of wine. Cheers ...



       FRIDAY, MAY 29th, 2009 ( 5-8 PM ) : We have Meredith Breen here of William's Corner. With Meredith we will taste an assortment of mostly French wines from Laurent Miguel ( a dry rose 2008 and a 2007 dry white Viognier ) as well as an Austrian FORSTREITER Gruner ( " Grooner " ) Veltliner 2007 and a Loire Valley dry 90% Chenin Blanc and a 10% Chardonnay from DOMAINE DE LA BERGERIE. JOIN US, it will be Meredith's first visit : let's make her feel welcome.

       SANTOS has organized as well a tasting of SAM ADAMS here and that should be an experience as usual. They've got new flavors like the Honey Porter and Cherry Wheat.

       SATURDAY, MAY 30th ( 3-7 PM ): Arielle Monaco of Country Vintners will be here doing a VIAS IMPORTS Italian tasting that was selected for us by veteran Jim Hutton. Jim came by recently with his rep from Italy and we tasted some great Tuscan and Umbrian wines ( we will include the Chianti Classico in this tasting ). This will be fun and special. Come and see what " goodies " that Jim has chosen for us all this Saturday. Be ready to put on your drinking shoes for later afterward when you leave us and wind your way home to continue in the frivolity and the spirit of merriment that we have sent along with you. Cheers ...

     PARTING IS ALWAYS SWEET LIQUID TEARS and yet part I must from your joyous company now and post finally this email in time for tomorrow's sale. Cheers, and please always do let us know how we may better serve you all.  TONY