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AMAZING TIMES 4 Beers/ 4 wines/ 4 liquors / 4 Liqueurs / 4 cider / oh, 4 so much more - galore - x'plore, b 4 u 4 us 4 - what's in store here 4 u?!? :

high recommendations ... read on

     JUST IN : it was a breeze to get here this moring driving to work, loved it, no air-conditioning, just windpws down, a steady stream of a breeze, hopping the tail ends' of night's dreams, coiming into full or mostly complete focus, fleashing, dressing 4 the wonderful day here in store for me to share with you att in this marvelous cleveland park neighborhood of ours, look closelt and you may see the stars ?

IT'S LABOR DAY this weekend, let us help you plan and get ready to enjoy it fully. What are you plans? Try and be as proactive about it as you can. We have been doing this for so many years now we can do it in our sleep almost. Try us, see what we recommend for you, maybe something new, something old, some of both?!?
FRANK JUST CAME BY to say ' Hi ', and to see what we have. He had not been in for awhile, he browsed and then I helped him pick three wines to enjoy now :
1) 2013 Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon On Special for $16.99 a bottle, ( down from $19.99 - both Chris and I really liked it ), ....
2) 2010 Quintessence dry red 2010 red Bordeaux, On Special for #11.99 a bottle, what a delight to enjoy with a meal, great value, too! .... AND : ...
3) Anne de Joyeuse <albec 2014 ' Original ' since 1868, French from southwest France's Limoux region ( not far from the town of Carcassonne ), $14.49 a bottle, an elegant, bright, polished, balanced Malbec to enjoy now with or without a meal, a real treat.

SO ONCE AGAIN I walked the aisles here to see what we need to shine some attention on. I pulled beers, liqueurs, ciders, and wines and have made a circle of them here on our tasting table ( the pictures I took should be on our Facebook account for you all to see, check it out when you get a chance ) ... and I will start to mention these now.

MY VIEW Of The Washington Post Weekly Wine Suggestions  follow below :
DANIELE Davidowitz our local rep from Dionysos Imports just came into the store to tell me that our Portuguese PROVAUN Portal Fidalgo, ( $16.49 a bottle ) Alvarinho ,  will be in tomorrow's Washington Post Wednesday Food section, and so I ordered more to have as sometimes the reviews really pull a lot of interest and requests from customers, some times not so much, sometimes not at all. We have to be prepared as we like to support any wine business that we can, and Dave McIntyre writes each week and we often get ' new faces ' coming through asking about the various wines he reviews.

SO OFTEN I DO NOT FIND OUT about the wines listed in the Post until I open and read the paper that we get delivered at home. That is a problem, a big problem.

SO OFTEN we have wines in the Post that we bought and have been selling but that were not given credit for having.
SO OFTEN we are listed for having wines ( that we may have had at one time but are out of when the article is published on Wednesday's ) , and we do not have them when customers come asking for them.
MORE THAN OFTEN we are not informed about wines going to be written about that we may sell, may have sold, might be interested in selling.
SO OFTEN I CALL and discuss this with the various wholesalers and ask them to call us when a wine is going to be reviewed, just to let us know, as we may want more, we may want to taste it and see what we think, as we may be low on a crtain category and want to ' beef up ' that section ? At least give us the chance.
SO OFTEN in the past I mixed up cases of wines for Dave McIntyre tp take home and taste and write about, enjoy with his wife and family and friends.
SO OFTEN in the past Dave would come and check in here and see what was ' new and exciting ' , chat, trade stories and impressions, share : I miss that. He still comes by once in awhile, we do appreciate that.
SO OFTEN I tell the distributors to tell their sales reps what wines are going to be written up so that they may pull samples and take them around to see what interest there may be in them?
ONE OF MY REPS that is ' on top ' of these  reviews told me that it takes him two weeks to get samples, even if they are going to be posted in the Washington Post newspaper. He said this in response to our last conversation about a California Sauvignon Blanc being reviewed. I knew it from past tastings going back five-ten years ago.
That has been the last time I tasted the wine. I told our local wine rep that, and that I wanted to taste it again before buying it. I said even if I could taste it the day of or the day-after the article was published in the Washington Post.
He did not seem inclined to get me a bottle saying his hands were tied, and so I told him I would not buy the wine without tasting it.
Our name, of course, did not get mentioned when the article appeared. What a lost opportunity to encourage and increase business, at least from my humble own point-of-view.

SO OFTEN I believe the system could generate more interest, business, actual sales and support for the wines being reviewed.

LAST WEEK Dave mentioned on his review of the GUNDLACH-BUNDSCHU Estate Vineyard 2014 Chardonnay : " And it's another eminder that we should not be so seduced by the new that we forget the tried and the true. Unfortunately, area retailers don't seem to agree. " My comment to the first sentence is that I totally agree that we should look at ' tried-and-true ' as well as the ' new '. I do that all the time, having some bottle-age on myself I wholeheartedly agree that we should not forget those wines that led the way for so many others. I do not agree with Dave's second sentence.
MY COMMENT ON THAT is, as well, concerning this 2014 Chardonnay GUNDLACH-BUNSCHU Estate Vineyard , I see that there is no store represented in Washington D.C. selling this wine? I also see that there is only one restaurant mentioned selling it : BOE Restaurant? How is this possible? Does anyone sell it, even the 2013? I have to believe that some of it is available in Washington D.C.? If not, then the wholesalers should have been proactive and told their reps to take it around, make some calls, send some emails, and get it placed in time for the article to appear this past Wednesday.
MY ASSESMENT is that the system is totally flawed. I was having a conversation with an old friend that used to sell to me and now sells to other stores and restauarnats. He was also an office manager at one point and this rep pointed the finger completely at Dave, blaming him for everything, saying that he did not give wholeslares enough lead time to get the information out, pull the samples, and make some ' new ' placements for the wines. I cannot believe that the whole problem should be blamed on Dave. That does not sound possible.
MANY WHOLESALERS have told me that they look at the month's purchases of who has bought the wines, and those names are submitted. It would be helpful if they would look at the last three month's purchases and inform the stores and restaurants that the wines would be in the paper soon? That way we could plan what to order, and if we had a previous vintage we could try the current one and include that before the articles' appear on Wednesday morning.
ANOTHER OBSERVATION to increase business and attention for a wine : have the wholesalers send an extra bottle to be tasted in the stores on the days that the wines appear in print. That also would be really helpful.
SO : IN SUMMARY : Even though I find the system really flawed I still think it works on some levels, and we do manage to work as a team to promote and educate and make available wines from other sources besides our own.
That is good, that is important, glad to do it, glad to be here when old and new customers come in search of a wine that they would like to taste.
That encourages a healthy wine business, and that is ultimately essential to any of us in the wine and spirits and beer, cider business.
I WRITE THIS TO HELP shine some light on this system as I hear from all the wholesalers when I reach out for comment from them, and I also hear from many customers, too. The comment from customers is that they often do not find the wines in the stores that are listed. We try not to have that be the case with us, and we probably succeed 80 percent of the time. Cheers. Thank you all for your patience, thank you very much.
SO : About Labor Day :  Here Are R Specials :
     BEER: From Santos :
     1) Crazy Brewski Imperial Fils, On Special for $3.99 for a 1 Pt. .9 Fl, Oz bottle, with 15% alcohol by volume : "Naturally filtered, and bottle conditioned ", from Lithuania Rinkuskal, Birzai ... yes!
     2) Incubus Abbey-Style Triple , a bottle-conditioned beer from SLY FOX, On Special for $8.99 a 750ml bottle, : " A wondrous spirit haunts the night, seeking to reclaim a reputation sullied by ancient storytellers. Mysterious ... intriguing ... " read on, come get the bottle, get to the bottom of this as you sip this fine beer.
     CIDER :
     1) GAZTANAGA Sagardotegia Apple cider , Sagardoa Sidra, $10.99 a 750ml bottle, with 6% alcohol by volume, cloudy, unfiltered, tasty, good tang and tart and flesh, from Pais Vasco, Spain, come try some on for size, fit and feel!
     LIQUOR From Jagir :
     1) The All-Natural Spirit of the Andes, MACCHU PISCO, $27.99 a bottle, product of Peru, with 40% alcohol by volume, this is tasty all by itself as well as when mixed, you can drink it either way and enjoy the experience a whole lot either way and get up the next morning and feel perfectly fine, refreshed, really good!
     2) Exotic Brazilian rum, AGUA LUCA Cachaca from Brazil, $29.99, with 40% alcohol by volume, : " Using techniques and traditions refined over 450 years, this exceptional Cachaca is distilled in Brazil from fresh sugar cane harvested by hand and is filtered twelve times to produce a smooth and lively finish. " Come get some, perfect summer drink, will cut the hot weather and humidity at least in half! Cheers, great soothing color to the bottle, too, you will be pleased and charmed all in one.
     3) Gin Small Batch Estate Grown from MYER FARM, On Special for $49.99 a bottle, with 42.7% alcohol by volume, : " This handcrafted gin is distilled from select traditional botanicalsand soft white winter wheat grown and harvested on Myer Farm, est. 1868. " From New York, new and exciting, cheers!
     WINE From Chris & Tony : Five Wines :
     1) Chardonnay 2014 from France's Val De Loire, from DOMAINE BELLEVUE :$11.99 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume, this is fresh and lively and bright and not oaked : enjoy now, perfect for this hot humid weather at times.
     2) Syrah 2011 VALLEGARCIA On Special for $15.99 a bottle, from Montes de Toledo, a Spanish Vino de la Tierra de Castilla,, with 15% alcohol by volume, chill and enjoy with a meal, very flavorful and bold, great when you grill outside or have flavorful cheeses.
     3) White indigenous Greek grape variety called Malagousia, using 100% of the grape, a 2014, a wine-art estate, On Special for $16.49, from TECHNI, my family loved this wine in August at the beach. It has it all, highly recommended. Come buy a bottle and see what you all think? Cheers!
     4) 2013 indigenous Greek grape varietal called Malagouzia from the producer ANTONOPOULOS, Axaia- Acaia , from Patras, Hellas , Greece, On Special for $19.99 a bottle, was $22.99.
Sotiris Bafitis will taste this here tomorrow night from 5-8PM, it will be special, we will taste it and other fine Greek wines.
I love Greek wines, they are wonderful and special and I am thrilled to have so many here, really a great treat! Cheers!
     5) Bourgogne Burgundy white Hautes-Cotes de Beaune 2012 from the Domaine Henri Naudin-Ferrand On Special for $19.99 a bottle, regularly $23.99 a bottle. Chris and I both liked this, I took the open sample bottle home later that day and my wife really enjoyed it as well with our meal. A treat, flavorful. balanced, mature, a real treat all around! Cheers!
WEEKLY WEDNESDAY 3-Part Wine-Sale here, come by and take advantage of it. Call for more info, ask for Chris or Tony.
Wednesday, August 30th, 2016 : 5-8PM : We have Sotiris Bafitis here to pour a selection of fine Greek wines from the Oenos portfolio that he manages with Iason and Nasos. Cheers.
Friday, September 2nd, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : Our taster just called with a family emergency and so I have reached out to both Alberto Panella of Tenth Harvest as well as to Jim Reeves of Comete Wines, and I hope that one of them will be able to be here to taste with you all. Otherwise it will be me tasting ' Tony's Picks '. Cheers!
THANKS For Everything, You all are the very best, the cream of the crop, the creme de la creme, cheers, and see you tonight soon and this week. We are always here to help you as best as we can. TONY