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Conventional Spirits 2 Turn 2 During National Presidential Conventions?!?



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MANY SPECIALS & SALES TO BRING lift r spirits through so much world and national tragedy, our hearts go out to all those that have suffered current events


     THE FIRST thing on my mind is harmony, unity, healing, ways to better work together as a family team, a community team, a city and neighborhood team, a national team, and a world team. 
     IT IS EASIER to start small and to grow, and here at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits I am happy to tell people like Nadeen : " We always help anyone that comes to us for a request for help with either a donation of spirits or time and our effort to help advance their cause. "
     WeE SUPPORT YOU and the community, always have. Please correct me if I am wrong, but in most cases we reach back to those that reach out to us, sometimes things do fall through the cracks, and I am sorry for that, as that is never our intent.
     HAVING SAID THIS it is impossible not to mention all the tragedies that have befallen many here in the United States recently from citisens to our police officers, and our hearts bleed for them and their families : tragic.
     The REPUBLICAN National convention started yesterday and my wife and watched it last night. We watched the NPR coverage starting at 8PM that will continue tonight  and go for another three days I believe? I drank some wonderful Soave Veneto Italian white with my wife before with our dinner, and then some apple juice later : both filling the bill for me/ us. My wife enjoyed her iced water after dinner, bot of us happy.
     WHAT SPIRITS TO ENJOY while watching the Republican Convention coverage or other shows, while reading, playing games, working on projects, whatever?!?
     A LOT OF OUR ENJOYMENT is based on where we are, who we are with , are we inside our outdoors, what does it feel like where we are?
     TODAY WAS THE FIRST DAY in a very long time that I have driven to work and not had any traffic at all to deal with! Wow, that should tell me something about the time of year? I should, I am so grateful, really I am. That is a layer of stress I did not have before walking through our front door here in Cleveland Park.
     IT IS HOT, it did rain cats and dogs last night and that both lowered the temperature and took away some of the humidity. I think it will all rise once again and may be quite the scorcher that is very dangerous for us all. Stay hydrated, drink lots of water.
     THE SOAVE WE ENJOYED last night, the MONTESEI Soave Classico ' Le Battistelle ' 2012, On Special here now for $9.99 is showing really well, round and full, generous, silky, bright, a lovely vibrant and mature wine to enjoy now, showing no signs of tiring, and at a ridiculously great price. Come get some, it is lovely.
     I CAN SAY ALL OF THIS with complete confidence as we started with an open bottle that was already two-three day's old, cold from our refrigerator, lovely, everything I said above. Then I opened another fresh bottle and it was equally good, showing brilliantly as well. Come get some : highly recommended.
     I THOUGHT ABOUT ENJOYING a bottle of the SHINER IPA that Mary-Lynn gave me to enjoy. She gave me a six-pack, nice of her. I did not do it becasue I was busy grilling and just too busy when the thought crossed my mind. I was grilling a large salmon filet outside that I had sprinkled with fresh rosemary from our pot outside, a gift from Kathleen when she moved and had too much to deal with moving pots of herbs and flowers :our gain! The salmon and thyme and fresh rosemary was wonderful with the Soave Classico.
     I LEARNED A VALUABLE BEER LESSON the other day : temperature ( as it does with wine ) matters, : I realized that I liked the SHINER IPA at room temperature and not refrigerated, refrigerated all the edges and sharpness, the heaviness came out and made it hard for me to drink and enjoy. At room temperature it was softer, creamier, smoother, and, in fact, I enjoyed it - surprising myself!
     NEVER TOO OLD TO LEARN a new trick, that is a valuable lesson and reminder to me : try things, keep experiementing until the fit is right for you, whether a beer, cider, liqueur, liquor or wine. I was happy to learn this, and I have enjoyed the SHINER IPA as a result.
     WE HAVE SOME OF THE SINER ' Ruby Redbird ' now in out cooler ( I think we are currently out of the IPA ) , a six-pack , $10.99, with 4.01 % alcohol by volume, : " Beer brewed with Texas ruby red grapefruit juice  and with natural and ginger flavors added. " Grapefruit is all the rage now, this is really good, too, and easier to enjoy with so much heat and humidity. Come get some, make Mary-Lynn, Santos and me happy! Cheers.
     WE HAVE A ' New " MESCAL to enjoy now, too :
     1) ' Alipus ' Mezcal Joven 100% Agave, SnAndres Mezcal, On Special for $44.99 a bottle, with 47.2% alcohol by volume, made with 100% Agave Espadin, distilled by Don Valente Angel Garcia Juarez, ' new and exciting ' here, come try some, great price , too.
     GIN MIGHT BE A GOOD BET for this heat and humidity as well, and ...
     1) GREENHAT GIN has paved the way years ago. A local Washington D.C. Ivy City distillery, the YELLOW/SUMMER gin, $34.99, with 44.9% alcohol by volume is a smart way to go. You should come check it out if you do not already know it.

     BUT HEY, MAYBE Oloroso Sherry will do best :

     1) Oloroso Jerez- Xeres - Shaerry from ALEXANDRO was tasted here this past weekend, $21.49 a bottle, with 17% alcohol by volume, and it sure was a delight to sip, with a bowl of mixed nuts by your side, a chilled bottle of this ALEXANDRO, soft and velvet and lilting, delicate rocking sherry, like being rocked in a hammock with a gentle breeze, your taste buds will delight in these delicate nutty-honeyed flavors, so bright, fresh and lulling, too.
     DO YOU INSIST ON SPENDING TIME outside even with all the heat and humodity?!? Here are some suggestions :
     1) Pura Vida IMPERIAL La Cerveza de Costa Rica, On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack, with 4.6% alcohol by volume, lighter, more refreshing, a great way to go when the temperatures become sweltering and oppressive, and yet you still crave a lager beer. Enjoy!
          Organic Wine , No Sulfites Added :
     1) 2013 Organic ' Agriculturist ' Blanc California white , USDA Organic, $17.99 a bottle, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, from California's Mendocino county, from FREY Vineyards, tasty, flavorful, will be graet when you grill and enjoy some appetizers with family and friends, real taste to complement many a meal or snack!
          Red Wine Is The Only Way 4 Some :
     1) " Motley Cock Till Down " from CASTRA RUBRA , estate-grown and vinted 2011 Thracian Valley, Bulagrian red blend, dry, of 45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot and 20% Mavrud, with 14.5% alcohol, $17.99 a bottle. On Sunday early evening my wife and our neighbors and I enjoyed some of the ' spoils ' left over from our Wednesday Big-Theme Wine-Tasting here at the store. The bottles had remained chilled after the tasting, first at the store, then later in our refrigerator at home.
     I did not know quite what to expect with these bottles, chilled , now 4-5 days'-old? I hate to just pitch them and not see what they still have to offer? So I invited our neighbors over ans this Motley Cock Till Down dry red blend was still quite tasty, quite flavorful, spicy, earthy, less fruit immediately, but very balanced and pleasing, especially with both the pate and the goat's cheeses there with crackers. We enjoyed this bottle, just as I enjoyed a sip at the tasting here on Wednesday night with all of you that made it. Glad to have this, a great wine to chill 30 minutes and enjoy indoors or outdoors with a meal, flavorful, from the grill or well-seasoned, marinated : vegetables and meats, cheeses, cold-cuts, pates, smoked fish or meats, a treat with a fun, quirky name that makes one say : " What ?!? " I thought of the band Motley Crew when I saw it first.
     2) 2010 PENDAR from CASTRA RUBRA, a kosher for Passover dry red Bulgarian blend of  55% Rubin and 45% Merlot from Kolarovo, Bulgarian was amazingly delightful on Friday night with the moon shing brightly and all the lightning bugs flitting here and there. It costs $18.99, with 14% alcohol by volume, was also chilled, and was really quite smooth and full, more fruit up-front than the Motley Cock, easier to sip immediatel all by itself, also from the Wednesday Big-Theme Wine-Tasting here. Another gem , another treat : much-appreciated. Thank you Robert and Diana that poured it here that Wednesday night and shared it with our customres.
    THE BIG NEWS that resounded over and over again from our Big-Theme Wine-Tasting this past Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 was how much everyone enjoyed the selection of wines poured, the people pouring them, their knowledge, expertise, stories and info, enthusiasm. It was music to my ears to hear their praises sung over and over and over again to me!
     THANK YOU ALL for your time, your knowledge, your enthusiasm, passion, efforst, everything : thank you Sarah, John and Theresa, Gustavo, Stephane, Peter, Noah, Robert and Diana : none of this would be possible without all that you did and brought here to the store and to your tasting tables/ stations.
          Madeiras My Dear?! Take The Edge Off? Two New Ones
     1)  Sercial dry Madeira, aged 5 years. from BLANDEY'S, since 1811, it is matured in oak casks for five years, and that gives the flavors a smoother, silkier, yet quite distinct series of flavors profiles that hit the tongue in different spots and add accent, spice and velvet nut and honey nectars, nuances, yes : wonderful. Chill slightly, enjoy thoroughly, indoors or outdoors, great in the shade, something to be rediscovered. $33.99 a bottle, with 19% alcohol by volume, yes!
     2) Vinho Madeira Wine Sucrs, LDA doce / sweet, from HM BORGES, $18.49 a bottle, with 18% alcohol by volume, what a great way to kick-back, throw your legs up, tilt your head back, close your eyes, let the gentle breeze of the day or night refresh you, and these flavors charm and soooo please you completely. Another wonderful treat, to drink, not just to cook with : try some quick, sip while watching the Republican National convention, or the show : " America's Got Talent ", or whatever pleases you.
          Some Of Us Love Our IPA Beers :
     1) " Backseat Berner ' IPA , ' from our stash to your glass ' from OTTER CREEK Brewing Co. from Middlebury, Vermont , On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce , with 7% alcohol by volume, this is a great way to go, plenty of taste to spread around with the joy, the mirth, the laughs and smiles and love! Cheers,...
          AND To Leave You Now With TWO :
     1) Springhouse Ale , a bottle-conditioned Belgian-style Farmhouse ale, On Special for $8.99, with 7.2% alcohol by volume, for a 1 Pt. 9 Fl. oz bottle, a trae from ALEWEKS Brewing Company here in our backyard . from Williamsburg, Virginia : glad to have this here in our collection. Get a bottle, kick back and enjoy tonight or this week, good most anytime.
     2) LOT No. 40 Single Copper Pot Still Canadian Rye whiskey, a malted rye, $48.99, a personal request from a couple of customers, so glad to have it here on our shelves, with 43% alcohol by voume, distilled in small batches using D. MICHAEL BOOTH'S single recipe that goes way back to Joshur Booth, you have to come try some if you are a serious rye fan. Cheers, ...
     DON'T FORGET TO SAVE ' Big ' HERE every Wednesday on wine : 3 ways to save, two ways to save up to 20% OFF sticker prices, one way to save up to 15% OFF sticker prices. CALL if you cannot come : 202-363-4265, place your orders, pay and either deliver or you pick up what you ordered at your convenience, SAVING BIG here each time you do each Wednesday < SAVE BIG on wine here!
     1) Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 ( tomorrow, 5-7PM , free ) : We have Nicole the gin and vodka distiller of MAGNUS Distilling here pouring ( Nicole managed the gin bar of New Height's restaurant down the street from us, for eight years, with owner Umbi Singh ), made in Ivy City : her gin and vodka are extraordinary, come and taste and decide for yourselves! Cheers!
     2) Friday, July 22nd, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) We have Narayan Campbell here to pour some delightful red and white Bordeaux wines from BARON De LUZE  like the 2013 Sauvignon Blanc < $16.99, with 12% alcohol by volume, a richer, fuller, more layers of flavors here, a lovely taste to complement many a meal, the Jean D'Alibert ' Les Fees ' Pays D'Oc Cabernet Sauvignon, rounded, full, flavorful, On Special for the ridiculous price of $9.99 a bottle : a joy to enjoy now with or without a meal, and the CHATEAU SENAILHAC 2008 Bordeaux Superieur, $22.99, which is mature and drinking beautifully now, everything in place, medium-to-light-bodied, a real treat! Cheers, join us, always a free tasting.
     3) Saturday, July 23rd, 2016 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Eddie here of Opici Selections here to taste some fine French Rhone wines, some fine California Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon, too : and more, join us, what fun, always something up our sleeves here for you. You have to stop by to see what it is as we often do not know everything we will offer you till the last minute, and there are always ' goodies ' that we throw in : cheers!
     THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, you all are the very best, we could not do any of this if it were not for you and your support of us. Thanks again,  TONY
PLENTY 4 U ALL here ... come on by!