Sparkling Wine Specials! 12/29-31st, 2016!

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Anthony Quinn This was quite the tasting last night! We also have here Jean Gagliolo, @ValerieWrightson and @Matt Daniels, all representing smaller quality local distributors like Raya Imports, @ChristopherDouglasSelection and Lanterna Wines, pouring wines like the #LuminescenceBrut of the Domaine des Herbauges - Choblet , On Special for #19.99, ... the @SalasarBrut #CremantDeLimoux, and the #Brut of Domaine Céline & Laurent Tripoz that have been here in the past pouring their fine Burgundy wines with Laurent Givry, I remember them both well, $26.49, a bit heartier, beefier, more muscular with iron overtones now of spices and herbs, great with a meal ... cheersm thanks, and from Jean Gagliolo we had the ' grower champagnes ' like the Champagne Forget Brimont #PremierCru, $45.99, from #LudesChampagne, cheers, all in stock still, come get some for New Year's Eve celebrations! Here at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits, ask for me, Anthony Quinn, or @ChrisBartha, we will be glad to help you all! Some we still have open to taste, too!