Rose Tasting Big-Theme Wednesday, May 4th,2016 5:30-8:30 PM, Join Us, FREE! SAVE BIG On Roses This Special Night!

' BiIG THEME ' ROSE tasting coming up this Wednesday, May 4th, 2016. Free, everyone always welcome. Please mark your calendars now so you do not forget.
IT WILL BE FUN, it will be exciting, many rose dry wines, some sparkling, too will be poured by four of our favorite reps that represent really fine portfolios of trose wines :
1) Oscar Losama co-owner with his wife Olivia Bobart of Voila Collection / Oslo Enterprise that specializes in French wine. Oscar always comes by with samples, many of them, of his fine small estates all around France for us to try. As a result we always buy an assortment from Oscar, and are happy to do so as we have thus tasted the wines and have some real idea of what we will be tasting. That is important. From Oscar we will only our French wines, and they represent all prices, all styles, all different colors and densities, too of rose dry wines, prices as well. Thank you, merci Oscar, merci Olivia, can't wait to taste the Provence, Costieres de Nimes,  and southwest French wines, too, like Saint-Chinian - the ' ever-popular ' La Vie En Rose ', 2015, $16.99, ... and more ...
2) Alan Cohen , Vice President, Owner of LVDH Imports that also brings early here a selection of fine, mostly French, dry rose wines, with the wonderful adition of the HOLLORAN Willamette Valley rose that we tasted here with the owner himself, Bill Holloran , we presolf off the bottle sample Bill had 14 bottles, not bad! Thanks Bill, thanks Alan. From Alan one I look forward to is the ' Les Ligeriens ' Val de Loire, Loire Valley Rose D'Anjou 2015, $11.99, because it is always a touch off-dry and so nice to sip all by itself. Some of our customers love this style, so we must have some each year.
3) James Kellaris of Roanoke Distributing will be pouring three amazing French bubblies : two from France that includes a fine southwest France MAS DE DAUMAS Frizzante sparkling , a GUILHEM dry rose 2015, and an AIX en Provence dry 2015, too.

4) Erin Weaver our local rep for Lanterna Imports actually suggested this idea to me for another rose tasting and I jumped on it once I thought about it. It makes perfect sense, really works for us. This will be wonderful. With Erin we will have Le Grand Courtage , a Grand Cuvee Brut rose, $22.99 a bottle, that has a lovely focused, firm yet generous pleasing taste. really quite special! Erin will also have one French dry rose from Corbieres that was delightful, as well as some Spanish roses, and also a Vinho Verde dry rose, too! 

THanks Erin for suggesting this to me over the phone the other night. This will be a great way of fully embracing spring and thinking, too to the summer months that are already knocking on all our doors and soon on our windows that will either be open to welcome the breezes or closed to keep the humidity and heat out!
CHEERS ALL, JOIN US for our ROSE Big-Theme Tasting on Wednesday, May 4th, 2016 from 5:30-8:30PM, free, you all are welcome to join us.
ALL WE ASK is that you call and give us your names of the number of people coming to taste these delightful rose wines, or send me an email telling me how many you will be in your party :

JOIN US with James, Oscar, Erin and Alan as we pour some FABulous dry roses here to celebrate the season, the good weather, and the perfect time to enjoy rose wines! Up to twenty-five, we will really put on a great show and tasting, and you can SAVE BIG on these wines here. Cheers! Free, no charge!