Rose Tasting 5/4 5:30-8:30PM! Free, join Us, 20 Rose Wines 2 Taste!

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COME TASTE HERE tomorrow our fine still and sparkling wines, most of them are from France, but we will include a  ...
- FINE OREGON dry rose from HOLLORAN Winery,tasted here awhile back with a barrel sample by owner Bill Hollaran ...
- Fine SPANISH dry rose from CAMINA,
- Fine PORTUGUESE dry rose from LAGO ,

THIS WILL BE A GREAT TIME with quite a selection of rose wines, with varying degrees of color, clarity, dryness as dry can cover a whole spectrum of fifferent tastes, and many prices, too! Come check them out.

WE HAVE Four wholesalers involved with this :
TABLE Number One :
Voila Collection of Oslo Enterprise with both Oscar Losama and Olivia Bombart the owners coming to pour tomorrow an assortment of French roses : 1) CAMAS Pinot Noir from Anne de Joyeuse, 2015, $13.49 ... 2) PIGOUDET ' Premier ' Vin de Provence, $14.49 ... 3) DOMAINE DE CAMBIS ' La Vie en Rose ' Saint Chinian, 2015, $16.99, ... 4) CHATEAU PIGOUDET ' Classic ', 2015, Aix-En-Provence, $19.99 , pale, delicate color , ... 5) CHATEAU LA TOUR De BERAUD 2015 Costieres de Nimes, $14.49 a bottle
TABLE Number Two :
Vignobles LVDH imports with Vice-President Alan Cohen here pouring mostly French with ... 1) DOMAINE MILLET 2015  dry French rose, $10.99 ...  2) RESERVE DE LA DAME OISSEAU Cotes Du Rhone, $10.99, 2015 , ... 3) DOMAINE DE PARIS, 2015, Cotes de Provence, $15.49, ... 4) LES LIGERIENS Val de Loire Rose D'Anjou, 2015, $11.99, the one we have that is mellow and off-dry .... and the .... 5) STAFFORD HILL Pinor Noir rose of HOLLORAN Winery, $18.99, 2015 ...


Roanoke Valley Imports with James Kellaris pouring ...  1) GUILHEM un vin comme autrefois Pays D'Herault, 2015, MOULIN DE GASSAC, $11.99 , ...   2) AIX Vin De Provence 2015, Coteaux d'Aix En Provence, $21.99 , ...  3) MAS De DAUMAS GASSAC Rose Frizante, 2015, Aniane, southwest France ...
Lanterna Distributors, Inc with Erin Weaver pouring ...  1) CAMINA 100% Tempranillo, Spanish 2015 dry rose, $9.99, ...  2) LAGO Cerqueira Portuguese Vinho Verde, 10% alcohol by volume, $12.49 a bottle ...  3) DOMAINE LA BOUYSSE ' Floreal ' Corbieres, vin BIO, $21.49, 2015, .... 4) LE GRAND COURTAGE ' Grand Cuvee ' Brut rose, Southwest, France, $22.99, NV brut ...  5) Champagne DEVAUX, Brut Cuvee Rosee from Troyes, $65.99, and .... 6) Champagne DEVAUX Champagne Brut Cuvee D Rose, Non-Vintage Brut, $95.49, ...
TABLE NUMBER Five : I am trying to get Chris to pour a fifth table with : he just said yes, hurray! I also spoke just now to Sotiris and either he, Nassos or Iason will come to help Chris pour : great teamwork!
1) DOMAINE SAINTE-EUGENIE Recolte 2015 Corbieres, $13.49, ... 2) DANIEL CROCHET Vigneron A Bue, On Special $17.49, regularly $25.99, 2014 ( see what you think ? ), ... 3) Leo HILLINGER Secco, $19.99, NV Brut 100% Pinot Noir, ... 4)  SCHLOSS VAUX Sekt-Manufaktur Rose brut from Franken, Germany, ... and the Greek , wine of Siatista, from DIOFILI, a 2015 dry rose made from the Xinomavro indigenous grape, On Special for $12.99 a bottle
THIS MAKES 20 rose wines that we will taste tomorrow. JOIN US, NO CHARGE, everyone always welcome,
SAVE BIG TOMORROW :  1) Any bottle tasted over $19.99, SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker, price, 2) Buy any six bottles or more and save 15% OFF the marked sticker price, .... 3) Buy 12 or more bottles you tasted at any price and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker prices. 4) Buy any bottles tasted, three or more and SAVE 10% OFF the marked sticker prices!
SAVE BIG, LEARN BIG, TASTE BIG, ENJOY BIG, BE BIG, have a great time with us , meet people, make new friends, experience new taste sensations in wine, and see and taste what all the noise is about with rose wines that we have championed here now for many years, way, wya, WAY before they ever became popular here in Washington D.C., and in the United States.
     Friday, International Cellars to pour a selection of their wines, still to be decided?  ALSO : Nicole our local and great D.C. distiller will pour her gin, vodka and bourbon whiskey, what a great event, from MAGNUS, brilliant and exciting ' new D.C. ' spirits!
     Saturday, Eric Platt here with the international sales rep of MAI MAI in New Zealand, what fun, a Chardonnay, a Sauvignon Blanc, and a Syrah, too! Cheers,
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, we appreciate all your patronage and all that you do for us. Thank you! Cheers ...
I WILL RETURN to our regular email with more info about everything next Tuesday. Ran out of time today ...   TONY


Great tasting last nigh with Oscar pouring here at our Big Theme Dry Rose wine-tasting with Twenty+ dry roses for everyone to try and enjoy, and buy at really great prices, too. Thanks you Oscar Losama, James Kellaris, Alan Cohen, Erin Weaver and Sotiris Bafitis : we could not do these larger themed wine-tastings without your effort, time, passion, belief. knowledge, samples ... and enthusiasm in the wines you are pouring for our customers over a three-hour period. I want to take this time also to thank your spouses for letting you come and pour as I know that many of you have families and kids now, so please accept our thanks for doing such a great job here last night? ... THIS IS THE START back to ' Monthly Wednesday Once-A-Month ' Wine-Tastings from 5:30-8:30PM. Stay-tuned for more information. Thanks to : Lanterna Wines, ‪#‎OenosWines‬ Vignobles LVDH USA Roanoke Valley Wine Company, you all are the best, the cream of the crop. Your small wine distrubution, importing, wholesale operations really help all us small boutique wine stores that are struggling to stay in the game and " add to the equation ", as I like to put it, as so many larger stores that sell a bit of everything and often just add wine on to add to their profit and bottom line are hurting us that are only wine, beer, cider and spirits stores that specialize in these categories and not everything under the sun. We still respect boundaries as they once were. Sorry for the editorial here at the end of my thanks to our small distributors that go way and above the call of duty to assist us and make your shopping experiences here all that more personal, informed, friendly, professional, special and ones where you become part of a community. Cheers, come taste what is still here left from last night. Stop by, I will pour what there is remaining and share them with you all day today! Cheers!