Our Weekle Specials For Thanksgiving November 24th-December 1st, 2015, Cheers! Happy Thanksgiving All!

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WINE NOW as well as beer and liquor, all 4 u 2 give thanks, b thankful!

It's been a bit - a lot  crazy really here & In R World. how 2 process it all?!? how to adjust, keep r sanity, not lose it as we are all part of families. communities, neighborhoods, organizations, companies, job, volunteer positions helping others.

WE TRY our best to provide a harbor, an oassis, a place that can be a shelter for the many storms that we face daily these troubled days where the solace that comes from being together with family and friends becomes even more important that ever.
LIFE In the fast lane, we enjoy the commotion, the energy, the action and the passion, joy warmth and togetherness here as people gather to shop and taste, to learn, to share, to hear and listen, to tell their stories. How wonderful.
LIKE CESAR that just came by a little while ago asking me when he got here : " Do you have a case of the QUARA Torrontes? How many in a case? Six or twelve? " I said : " Yes. We have it, right here. " I showed him and Cesar decided to buy six bottles for his girlfriend that discovered it here but cannot find it now in Ohio where she lives. That was a good story ending well.
ANOTHER was with Josephine calling and asking for two bottles for Thanksgiving. She told me her name, asked I remembered her and her husband, I said that indeed I did. I had the lighter red already ready in my head, the CHATEAU GRAND TRAVERSE Gamay Noir 2013, $18.99 and told her about it. For the fluller-flavored red I said I would have to check and she said I had plenty of time as Richard would not be here to pick the two bottles up for another fifteen minutes. Phew!
THAT WAS PLENTY of time for me, and when Richard did show up I was ready with the Nebbiolo 2013 Charlottesville, Virginia GABRIELE RAUSSE, $21.49, and the CHATEAU GRAND TRAVERSE Gamay Noir 2013.
I TOLD RICHARD about Gabriele Rausse starting the Virginia wine business here in April 1976 when the only existing winery was FARFELU Vineyards. I also told Richard that Gabrielle is the head gardener, grounds-keeper at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's estate there.
RICHARD is also the only person I know to have guessed me to look ten years' older than I really am! My wife said that maybe he needed glasses? I don't care, I told Richard so, he felt embarrassed, I tell him it was perfectly okay. WE both smiled.
SO JOSEPHINE, yes I know who you and Richard are. Happy Thanksgiving to you both.
GIVING THANKS at this time of the year, anytime, is about being together and sharing some time at the table, in the kitchen, in the family room, telling stories, listening, watching a game, whatever.
YESTERDAY I GRILLED some salmon on our grill out back. I poured a glass of the CASTILLO Del BARON Spanish 2014 Monastrell from Yecla that I had wanted to taste with food. We have it here On Special for $8.99 and I wanted to see how it was drinking now?
YESTERDAY EVENING at sunset it was beautiful and the breeze and wind made it seem quite cold. I loved the intensity of the Monastrell grape here, characteristic, alive, bright, rough, powerful, toasty and quite strong the edges that were so distinct and warming and welcoming to me, especially for only $8.99 a bottle, a grand deal indeed! I think that it is drinking really well and may be enjoyed with some flavorful dishes and even outside as I was braving the vanishing sun on one horizon and the brightening and visible orb of an almost full bright moon in back of me. I loved it all, poured some of the CASTILLO Del BARON red Monastrell on my salmon to tenderize, moisten it , flavor it, too just a tad, just the slightest bit. Steam rose as I did. I took photos of the disappearing sun and the clarifying moon .... winderful, and the Yelca red warmed me, and the salmon was amazing, too later with my wife.
I WOULD Have Enjoyed more but we had an emergency that took us to Kaiser, hours later we discovered it was a false alarm, everything well, and so my glass that was on our dining room table was still poured and full, but it was too late  to drink ot.
FAMILY CAME THEN , STILL DOES FIRST. The wine was there, and will still be tonight when I pour another glass of this excellent CASTILLO Del BARON with dinner tonight.
Some Other  THANKSGIVING ' Goodies " :
     1) COPPER FOX Rye Whisky , $44.99, from Speryville, Virginia, here sine 2009 I believe, aged in cherry wood is a really wonderful local rye treat that Rick Wassmund makes with the help of Sean, we love it!
     2) THREE from LONERIDER :
          a) Deadeye Jack Porter, from Raliegh, North Carolina, On Special $10.99 for 12-ounce cans.
          b) Sweet Josie Brown ale , On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans.
          c) Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen ale, On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans.
     3) Liberator Gin hand crafted American Gin distilled in alambic bottles with 9 botanicals, On Special for $33.99 a 750ml bottle, with 42% alcohol by volume. New and exciting.
     4) THREE St. Peter's : United Kingdom
          a) Old-Style Porter , a 1 pt. .9 Fl Oz bottle, On Special for $5.99, from Suffolk, England , with 5.1% alcohol by volume ...
          b) Organic English Ale, I Pt, .9Fl. Oz bottle, On Special for $5.99,  ,,, from the United Kingdom.
          c) Cream Stout , 1 Pt. .9Fl. Oz bottle, On Special for $5.99 a bottle, , with 8.5% alcohol by volume.
     5) Our 6-Bottle Samplers On Special for $71.99 a 6-pack in our handy travelling wine bags, One sparkling dry rose from Spain, three dry reds from Spain, California and France, and one dry white Italian Piemontese, and one dry Southwest French white, too! ALL great picks to enjoy during the holidays, at the table, watching games, gathered around deep in stories and conversation.
     6) Negroni Ricetta Originale from CAMPARI, On Special for $41.99, with 26% alcohol by volume, something really new and exciting for many of us that have never seen or tasted this Negroni CAMPARI, from Milan, Italy before.
     7) 15 Spices and Heather Honey , Herbs , made with the 15-Year-Old Speyside Malt Whiskies, from DRAMBUIE, ' new and very exciting ' indeed! $65.99 a bottle, with 43% alcohol by volume.
     8) 2013 Pinot Grigio from Charlottesville, Virginia from GABRIELE RAUSSE, $20.99, with 12% alcohol by volue, fresh, lively, bright, good body and acidity, a real treat to enjoy this holiday period. Period!
     9) 12 Year-Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky non-chill-filtered, from ABELOUR, On Special for $64.99 a bottle. We had Lauren pour it here this past Saturday, it sure was showing beautifully, all up-front, rich, stylish, great definition and balance. It was for me a very polished, elegant show-stopper. It sure stopped me dead in my tracks as I rushed around here this past Saturday. I liked it, was quite smitten and pleased tasting it.
    10) Bench Break 2012 Pinot Noir from Santa Maria Valley and made by CAMBRIA is showing fruit-lush-bright-rich-forward, nicely-balanced, a treat to sip! On Special for $21.99 a 750ml bottle, usually $31.99 a bottle. Great to enjoy with the Tanksgiving bird.
    11) Apple made with the CIROC Vodka, apple and other natural flavors, made in France, $37.99 a bottle, with 35% alcohol by volume, this for us is really quite new and exciting. Compare it to the BAK'S Imported Vodka with Bison Grass added, ZEBROWKA, $26.99, with 40% alcohol by volume. Buy a bottle of each and see what your tastebuds favor bewteen the two, or perhaps you like both equally-well?!?
    12) Cranberry Moscato, also : Raspberry Moscato and also : Blueberry Moscato, all from TOMASELLO Winery, all delightful and fresh and bright, $10.99 a bottle, come get some.
Tuesday, now, Andrew Shapiro of his own Ginger Brew tasting : "Locally hand-made Ginger Beer developed by long time bartender in the area. A blend of fresh ginger and lemon juice, brown sugar, white peppercorns and water; perfect for blending in cocktails or to be drunk on its own." Available in 12oz bottles for $1.99. COME TASTE NOW!
Wednesday, Nov. 25th, 2015 : Sotiris Bafitis here pouring Italian and Greek wines, some sparkling Prosecco, too : something for everyone, 5-8PM, come celebrate here tomorrow before Thanksgiving Day on Thursday!
We Are Open On Thanksgiving Day, come get your lat-minute needs! No Tasting though.
Friday, Nov. 27th, 2015 : Chris and Tony Selections!
Saturday, Nov. 28th, 2015 : We will taste from 4-7PM the ABELOUR 16-Year-Old and more of the 12-Year-Old and more, join us, never any charge.
More of Chris and Tony's selections, we will see what lloks the most interesting, but I see trying some of our special CAMBRIA Pinot Noir Bench Break written about above from the Santa Maria Valley of California, On Special for $21.99. Denis just bought three bottles for his Thanksgiving!

COME SEE US, hang out with us awhile, let's tell each other what we are thankful for as we give thanks - merci - gracias - grazie - obregado for, to yes, si, oui, claro que si, es verdad, bueno, bellisimo, grandisimo, comme c'est bien tout ca, vraiment, clearly, we are a family, we are a cummunity, a village, a neighborhood, a street a rue, an avenue, a cul-de-sac, a mueble, a house , a ciudad, a cucina, a famille, una familia, todos, nosotros, nous tous, ensemble, together, gathered, smiling, laughing, joy-filled, family and friends enriched, all of us, .... cheers!

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, I have to post this now!