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 OUR " state of MIND " NEEDS 2 B  AddressED AS WE FIND OUR ' NEW ' NORMAL!

THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED already four times this morning,  three times getting stuck in our alley here behind the store, especially behind Ardeo and just beyond that, a real mess, three cars, one mine, two others belonging to Jane and Ricky!
ONCE WE GOT Jane out of the thick wet icy water and narrow path in the alley she got out of her car and came up to me and, smiling said : " I will never buy my wine anywhere else! " I loved that, it made me smile and I said : " I recognized you but I did not do it for that. We are a community here at Cleveland Park. " I answered. Simple as that, we are a community, and it is a mess here and I feel that much of today will be spent helping those in need as they try and navigate with their cars this really messy, narrow-laned, sloshy-wet, cold and icy paths! Yikes, no fun, not easy, there will be problems as no one really knows what they will find as they try and move forward!
ANYWAY, HERE we are open and ready to help you as we can. We have lots to interest you from an almost case of dry white Sauvignon Blancs for Susan that will be entertaining today, to a lady that needed a couple of butter Chardonnays, to a man that came in shopping for his wife, saying he was ' new ' to this, and needed a soft dry red blend, and also a buttery Chardonnay, too, both under $20 a bottle. I sold him a bottle of the BOGLE ' Essential Red ' 2013, On Special for $14.99, and a bottle of the J. LOHR ' October Night ' 2013 Arroyo Seco Monterey Chardonnay, On Special for $19.99,  with 14.9% alcohol by volume. I told him to take the credit for these choices if his wife liked them, otherwise to blame me. I am always willing to take responsibility for anything that I recommend or sell here.
WE WERE OPEN ON BOTH SUNDAY and also yesterday, Monday, and I asked Santos how it was yetserday and he responded : " IT was slow. " But at least we were here for you Sunday and Monday if you could get out and to us safely to purchase whatever you were out of.
I DO NOT THINK that any stores were open Saturday? Correct me if I am wrong, but I heard that the D.C. government asked stores not to be open to leave the streets open for any emergency needs.
I ALSO SPOKE to Ricky earlier, the owner of Nam Viet and he told me that he was opening today for the first time, to protect those that worked for him, to be sure that they were safe and sound. Good thinking Ricky. As I told you I will be ordering your #61 Vietnamese noodle dish with pork and chicken, shrimp, etc. to take home for dinner tonight, as a real treat for my daughter and wife! That will be special. I have the perfect wine for it, too : some of the Gabriele Rausse Cabernet Sauvignon, stainless-steel, from Charlottesville, VA. $20.99 a bottle I think, we are temporarily sold-out! I will enjoy ours tonight and write more about that later. Love the wines of Gabriele Rausse, for subtle, elegant, bright, fruit-forward flavors and taste!
 WHEN I LEFT at 3PM on Friday afternoon, the snow had been coming already for awhile, I talked to one of the managers at Ardeo and he responded that he had already sent one of his chefs home, and that we was concerned, but did not know exactly when they would close? Driving home that Friday afternoon was a bit tricky , slow and yet I was safe and I did get home before it got really bad, ennabling me to be here on Tuesday, to place orders for " essentials " that we sold-out of on Friday!
THANK YOU 4 ALL being so smart and shopping while you could, early and not waiting until later. We appreciate that, Friday was really like New Year's Eve here, we were slammed and I remembered to take some pics of the long lines here as people waited patiently to pay. One husband said to his wife that the line was long, and she immediately responded : " I will get in place and you get what we need. The line will go quickly. " I seconded her opinion and smiled as she took her place in line saying that it was a smart decision to get what they needed now while they still could! Smart!
I SPOKE WITH BOTH ANDREW and CHARLOTTE standing in line and said : I am going to take a picture of this. Charlotte, turn your back so that your face is not in the picture as you do not like to have your picture taken. " She immediately responded : " You just want to see my a.. " I told her that that was impossible becasue her thick coat was in the way. Both of us smiled. Silly, fun, cheerful times! 
I HEARD THROUGH FACEBOOK, and saw, too, through pics and a great video that Olivia took the corner here at Ordway and Connecticut Avenue NW, D.C. just 200 feet away from our front door, the piles of snow, and I learned that she was headed to Nanny O'Brien's , and that put a smile on my face as I appreciated them being open on Sunday or Monday was it? Open anyway. Thanks Olivia, that was helpful. I liked it very much.
WE HEARD ON Channel 4 that the Nayional Zoo got 16 feet of snow, makes me think of how the animals fared? Anyone know. We know that the young panda Bei Bei is it loved the snow, the clip rolling in the falling snow shown on Channel 4 and also on Facebook was priceless!
JESSICA AND HER BOYFRIEND just came by to see how we are faring? That was nice Jessica. We appreciate that. They spent a lot of time discussing beer choices with Santos at the front of the store and they bought some of the SIX POINT ' Sweet Action ' Ale, 6 12-ounce cans On Special for $10.99. Let us know what you think of this Sweet Action ale? Thanks again.
SETH JUST CAME BY, he lives on Hawthorne Street N.W. , and he told me that a plow came through and shovelled some snow and left it right there at the entrance to their street so no one can get in or out. " They did more harm than they did good. " Seth said throwing his hands up in disbelief! He had a bottle of the ' Zeepaard ' WEST CAPE HOWE, western Australia, 2014 Sauvignon Blanc in his hand as he passed, me, I saw it, recognized it and immediately said : " That's a good one you picked . " I like it, always have, have walked the rows of the vines there with the winemaker Gavin Berry and my then rep Chris Pigott for Country Vintner distributors. What a great time that was in Australia. Treated like royalty, a splendid journey. Seth's bottle should be lively, bright, fresh, crisp and a touch of tartness, some great zip and zing of mineral and cutrus tones, too!
JANE JUST STOPPED by to get a bottle of a ' favorite ' of hers, the dry red 2014 Rioja Cuvee KPF from MONTEBUENA, On Special for $9.99, it is a lovely treat!
A TALL GENTLEMAN with a train of three children, sounding like he could be from Germany asked : " Where are your Albarino whites? Do you have any Roero Arneis whites? " I showed all the choices we had, we picked two from the Piemonte region where his wife is from, and so he asked me my opinion of the three white wines : 1) TARANIS Rias Baixas Albarinio, 2014, On Special for $14.99, light, fresh, bright, easy-sipping, ... 2) Villa Della Rosa Bianco Piemonte 2013 PICO MACCARIO, On Special for $10.99,  and ... 3) Roero Arneis 2014  from Azienda Agricola MASSUCCO, On Special for $13.99, : both the Piemontese wines are bolder, with more weight and body, both dry, I recommended that he buy the two Italian wines for that reason, that it was cold outside, and that they would give his wife more grip and taste to warm her as it is still quite cold outside. He took my advice, we will see her response later?
I JUST SPOKE TO RAZVAN that sells us the MONSER and the GLIA wines of Romania. He and his wife, Gabriella that live in Baltimore in a high rise, up on the 22nd floor, enjoyed the storm, weathered it together, as Razvan said, spending this quality time with his ' special one '. I like that Razvan. He will be delivering some of the MONSER ( pronounced ; mom chere, my dear )  reds, the Babeasca Neagra, and the Fateasca Neagra, as we have had requests for them now quite frequently. They should be here by this weekend! The MONSER Sarba white we have, a dry white like a Bordeaux wine sells for $9.99 and will be excellent to drink with this cold. The GLIA 2011 Feteasca Neagra DOC-CT Husi, $13.99, is a delight to drink now. The extra bottle-age has filled it out beautifully, great taste and complexity, and value, too. Medium-to-light-bodied, a nice complement to many dishes! THanks Razvan.
I JUST SOLD a bottle of the MAN Family Wines Pinotage from Bostok Coastal region of South Africa, $9.99 becasue she wanted a Pinot Noir for her dish of Boeuf Bourgignon, I told her the Pinotage, a clone of Pinot Noir and Cinsault would work better, add more flavor, and not cook off as fast as a Pinot Noir for the same price. We will see what she says later. I told her to have a sip of the wine, to know that it is also really fine to drink as well as cook with.
CHEERS ALL,  thanks for everything, be safe, warm and happy.
COME SEE US, we are open!
     Wednesday,  January 27th, 2016 ( 5-8PM, free tasting )We have winemaker Christian Stahl here tomorrow as long as he is able to get here to try his fine German wines, from 5-8PM. WE will see, let's keep our fingers crossed that everything goes well. He makes some outstanding German Franken 1)  sparkling wine Scheurebe soft, elegant, light, airy dry sekt , ( there will only be 12 bottles to sell of it unfortunately so be early ), as well as .... 2) 2014 DA MAS ZE NER ' Whiteout ' STAHLScheurebe dry white, $17.99, with 12.24% alcohol by  volume, wow : amazing, as well as the ... 3) 2014 Feder STAHL " Steep Slope "Muller-Thurgau , with 12.01% alcohol by volume, another mineral-laden, dry and refreshing, flavorful expression of the Muller-Thurgau, $16.49, wonderful with a meal as well! Cheers! Join us, call us to be sure : 202-363-4265.
     Friday, January 29th, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : Join Mike Cavanagh here for a SALTON BRazilian wine-tasting where we introduce some ' new ' selections from SALTON like their dry white Sauvignon Blanc as well as theri new Intenso dry sparkling espumante rose, too : and more of course. Join us, always free.
     Saturday, January 30th, 2016 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Robert Kennedy here to taste a selection of his finer small-family, small-production, high-quality wines, white and rose and red wine, all dry, I think we even have included some of the PIRIA dry Lambrusco red, and I know we have included the PIETRAVENTOSA dry Primitivo red, silky-smooth, $21.99, as well as the TRE ROSA 100% Primitivo dry rose, too 2013, ' Murgia ' On Special for $17.49, both from the Gioia del Colle, ... wonderful expressions of the Primitivo grape from that special region in Puglia. Join us, free tasting as usual.
     THANKS AGAIN, please LIKE us on Facebook , we have 895 people that LIKE us as of this morning, so please LIKE us so we can pass the 900 mark, then the thousand LIKE mark, too!
     CHEERS< stay war, dry and safe, and happy ... call us at : 202-363-4265 with any requests.
WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old store email that I wrote and sent in late January 2011, read and enjoy it, and ask for current availabilty and prices, too.   TONY
ress this Wednesday, January 27th, 2010. I know that I will and so I have some suggestions here for you all to think about getting tonight, tomorrow and before the Address on Wednesday. I start the email with this because I know from past experience that we have many of you coming in the night of these addresses looking for something to drink with your meal and to listen to the President speak. It's usually wine that you are in search of but I don't want to assume it's only wine so I will include other categories, too.
     THERE ARE ALSO SOME " Inventory Reduction " Lists That Chris and I are looking over as we finish January and launch full-throttle into February with more " VALUE SELECTIONS " for you all. This is an exciting time as many of the wholesalers want to get through their older vintages and those wines that just fell through the cracks, that should have already been sold but got passed over somehow.
     IF ALL WORKS OUT WE WILL HAVE FOR YOU some GREAT ITALIAN and some EQUALLY GREAT NEW ZEALAND wines here the first week of February like declassified Barolo being sold as Nebbiolo with some bottle-age and GREAT VALUE at $11.99 instead of $30 or more. From New Zealand we will get a very small amount of Pinot Noir that we will be able to sell from $14.99 a bottle instead of $35-$40. I don't want to zinx things so I am saying very little here as I place the order later today. And these are only from one distributor. I am printing the other list now as I type this.
          PODERI BOSCARELLI ( Tuscany ) :
     Owner,   LUCA DE FERRARI   of BOSCARELLI ( Via di Montenero, 28 53045 Cervognano di Montepulciano ( Siena ) info@poderiboscarelli.com www.poderiboscarelli.com ) was just here with Gary Diamond tasting his 2006 Rosso di Montelpulciano dry red ON SALE now for $37.99 a bottle. It usually sell for $45-$50 a bottle. It sure is elegance and silk and soil and vine and place and time personified. It's medium-to-light-bodied and best with a meal for as after a glass you will be searching for something to nibble on. I liked it's delicate and light-stepping over my palate just a few minutes ago. It also has a lovely bright red ruby-cherry color that has just the faintest brick reds in it. We will have some in February and may even splurge and buy some of the 2004 if it's still available and sell it for $39.99 a bottle.


     SPEAKING OF  2006  Rosso di Montepulciano,   we currently have some of it from TENUTA VALDIPIATTA and it, too is drinking beautifully now. It sells for $19.99 and is a bit deeper in color and  with a bit more color and body. It, too will benefit from a meal and as I told Luca I enjoyed some recently when in the town of Montepulciano at the Cafe Politziano. I Highly Recommend this wine as with a meal it will hold it's own against many flavors and textures and even sauces. I had some with the special noodles that they make there with a beef and pork ragout-like stew. GREAT VALUE everything considered ... and it will transport you to this hillside town where they recently filmed part of the " Twilight " movie ....
     BEER: ( Santos has three great deals here ) :
       THREE ALL " On Sale " For 20% Off :
       1) PIRAT Amber Ale ( $31.99, 1.5ml size- magnum -, 10.5% alcohol, brewed and bottled by Br. Van Steenberge, Ertvelde, Belgium, ) is now 20% Off! Limited quantities, come by soon.
       2) GULDEN DRAAK ale ( $31.99 , Lindelaan 25, 1.5 ml - magnum - Ertvelde, Belgium , 3 pints 2.8 fl. oz ) brewed and bottled by Br. Van Steenberge is also very limited in availability and 20% off is $25.59 a bottle.
       3) AUGUSTIJN, anno 1295, Ale ( On Special for $28.99, 1.5ml - magnum - 8% alcohol by volume, product of Belgium ) is also brewed and bottled by Br. Van Steenberge in Ertvelde, Belgium and reduced another 20% now from this Special price of $28.99. Again, there are limited quantities here : come by and get some while you still can.
       4) LANCASTER Brewing Company " Milk Stout " ( On Special for $9.49 a 6-pack of 12 oz bottles, stout brewed with lactose, Wilkes-Barre, PA. ) is brewed naturally and without preservatives. We had a tasting of these beers this past Saturday and they all sold quite well. The other varieties are : Strawberry Wheat, Hop Hog, Amish Four Grain Pale Ale... ALL $9.49.
          LIQUEUR :
       1) ARAKU  " Ron Y Cafe "  Rum and Coffee ( $24.9 On Special, 28% Alc. by volume , 56% proof,  www.santateressausa.com ) from Venezuela is made from rum, natural coffee extract and sugar. It contains caramel color and is made by one of my very favorite rum producers , SANTA TERESA. This sounds like fun and something nice to sip on and relax with friends and family.
          LIQUOR :
       1) MURRAY McDAVID " Bowmore 1995 " non chill-filtered, colouring-free single malt scotch whiskey ( aged 11 years ) has lovely overtones of heather and guava, kiwi - even passion fruit. Do I detect some mint? There's a lot here including accents of green grapes ( yes! green grapes! ) and hazelnut and toast. You have to take your time, close your eyes and let the flavors linger and not be in a rush ... what an experience and all for the very reasonable price of only $78.99 a bottle.
       2) Stoli " Gala Applik " from STOLICHNAYA is genuine Russian-flavored vodka. Made from Gala apples , $23.99 and I believe it is new. Enjoy it in the Stoli Gala Applik Mule :  " i part Stoli Gala Applik, 2 parts iced tea, a splash of ginger ale, then pour over ice in a tall glass, garnished with a slice of Gala apple.
          WINE :
     WHITE :
            AUSSIE -
       1) BIG WOOP! from WOOP WOOP, 2008 liters of South Eastern Australian wine is a dry blend with loads of flavor. It's bright, fresh, lively and a nice treat. You get more wine for your money as these are liter bottles.
       2) STEELE'S 2007 Pinot Blanc, $21.49 from CA.'s Santa Barbara County is the first wine from Jed that I really got excited about years ago and here it is again. I'm glad to have it in Cleveland Park along with his " Pacini " old-vines Zinfandel. If all works out we will do a mini-Steele tasting here on Friday, February 12th, 2010. Stay-tuned for more on that.
       3) Bourgogne Chardonnay, 2006 , $27.49 ( great vintage for white Burgundy ) from Francois Mikulski is drinking beautifully now as it has fleshed-out and is showing more of it's charm, calculation and expertise in the field of pleasing one's palate thoroughly ...
       4) " Les Penitents " Chardonnay, 2006, French Coteaux Charitois from the outskirts of the Loire Valley, $27.49 from Alphonse Mellot is a highly-extracted and very rich-tasting dry white that , like the Francois Mikulski really benefits from a good meal. It's got some great attitude, really it does. It's also got some great maturity and the stories that it could lay on one if only one talked grape-wine as a language ...
           MOLDOVA CHARDONNAY -Like Grand Cru -
       4) CLOS De CORTEN 2005, $32.99 Private Reserve, very limited production Chardonnay from Moldova is world-class and very impressive indeed. What extraction and flavor and harmony and lushness-ripeness of balanced flavors would be hard to beat here. This has it all and is lovely to sip as it is to enjoy with some Cordon Bleu chicken and ham for example, or some succulent lobster and butter sauce.
            Italian White Falanghina -
       5) Falanghina dry indigenous white from Italy, $11.49 from PICCODELSOLE, Beneventano is a great way to have a really nice, smooth, bright glass of dry white that helps to smooth things out and elevate one's mood so that they may once again smile and laugh at the end of a long day. Great value, too. Try it instead of just another Pinot Grigio.
           Alto Adige, Italian Pinot Grigio -
       6) Dolomiti  ( Lasino )Pinot Grigio 2008 , $13.99 from PRAVIS has really got some wonderful dry and extended flavors as well as really fine depth. It's also a great value.
           Resinated Greek Wine : Retsina -
       7) Retsina, $10.99 liter bottles of this resinated white wine is always a big hit with many of our customers. Here you have the ACHAIA CLAUSS bottle that has been around for years and is well-liked by many.
          REDS :
            Italian Red Aglianico -
       1) Aglianico indigenous dry red grape variety, Beneventano, $11.49 from PICCODELSOLE has become both a favorite and a hit with our customers. It represents the more forward and smooth ans drinkable all-on-it's-own version of this grape variety, it's a bit like a Rhone wine with some spice and some earth and in this medium-to-light-body style it is charming and lends it's personality well to many food forays into the world of casual and enjoyable drinking and dining combined well into one ....
            Italian Sangiovese Red Blend From Umbria -
       2) 2008 " Streppaticcio " dry red blend from Italy's Umbria region, $12.49 is a really nice wine to enjoy with a meal. It's the old-world style of wine-making and is specially nice with food : anything grilled my marinated and grilled chicken thighs of last night would have been a primo combination. Too bad I did not have a bottle to put this to the test.
            Moldovan Pinot Noir -
       3) 2007 " Corten " Pinot Noir from Moldova's Cahul Region , $12.49 has got some nice rustic country earthiness and will open and stand it's ground really well against many a seasoned dish. With it's good color and extraction and medium-body it stands a great chance of enhancing many a gathering and meal.
            Oregon Pinot Noir - A Chris Barker selection -
       4) " Klee " 2--8 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, $21.99 from the Rcine Wine Company is the epitome of elegance, silk, refinement, finesse and great enjoyment and drinking all on it's own. It does not need anything. Two women on  last Saturday here told me without hesitation that they could drink the entire bottle all by themselves it was so tasty and smooth. It's a " must-try " : it's also brand new and one of Chris Barker's recommendations.
            Italian Aglianico Robust Dry Red -

       5) 2004 " Contado " dry red Italian Aglianic, $18.99 is a mouthful : hearty, earthy, youthful, gregarious, brawny, pithy and a bit too young for me all on it's own. Have it with some chili and sloppy Joes, or some Jambalaya to take some of the edge that it has in it's youth. It's from a great year in Italy and some of the 2004's really need more cellaring like this one in my opinion.

            Sweet Red French Banyuls - Valentine's Day
       6) Banyuls " Hors D'Age " DOMAINE Du TRAGINER ( Proprietaire- Viticulteur : propriator - harvester ) is ON SALE for $39.99 and is a GREAT FAVORITE for " Valentine's Day " and since it is coming up I thought that I would mention this now. This is a really great " special treat " to enjoy with some cakes, fruits like cherries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, nuts and lots of dark chocolates ...
          BUBBLY :
            Prosseco from Italy -
       1) Spumante GEMIN Prosecco di Valdobbiadene ( the best area for prosecco production ), $15.99 is dry and flavorful and with a welcome long finish that simply refuses to quit and where the flavors linger on and remind one that it's close to time to raise their glass once again to their awaiting lips and put them out of their intense/sudden misery at the thought that either the bottle was empty or that their glass was empty and not to be filled quickly again .... It's been a favorite here with our customers for years.
     WEEKEND TASTINGS : Friday & Saturday 1/ 29-30/ 10 :
       Chris Barker on Friday from 5-8 PM will continue to open some of our picks. We will do the same on Saturday from 3-7PM and continue in this same fashion : probably opening some of the wines I have written above here.
     TOM SIETSEMA of " Dining/Resyaurant Reviews " wrote or responded to a question last week on his On-Line Chat :
     D.C.: Hi Tom- Love the column and this weekly Q&A. What is your favorite area store to shop for wine?
     TOM SIETSEMA : I'm a regular at Cleveland Park Wines, in part because it's convenient, in part because they deliver ( for free ) but mostly because I've developed such a warm relationship with the merchants. They know my taste. They remember what I bought the last time. They frequently introduce me to delicious bargains. At other places, I've felt rushed or ignored. Not here.
     Thanks Tom we appreciate the kind words. We value you as a customer and are always ready to be of assistance any time that we can. I love your enthusiasm and warmth that always comes through in all of your visits here.
     I ASKED CHRIS BARKER TO GO AROUND THE STORE and to select some wines for us to draw attention to. Here is his list :
       1) THUNDER MOUNTAIN 2000  CA.Chardonnay, $41.99
       2) ANTHONY ROAD New York Finger Lakes Cabernet Franc/ Lemberger dry red, $21.99
       3) LAMELA Portuguese red wooden box of three reds all from the same year but aged in different oaks - American, Portuguese and French : $59.99
       4) ATLANTIS 200 dry rose from the island of Santorini, Greece, On Sale for $10.99. Mention
     Mention this in the email and get 20% off on any of these items. No further discount. Cheers.
     FOR MORE UPDATES : check the web page at : www.clevelandparkwine.com for more sale items, also for more info and pics, poems and art check : chatwine.blogspot.com as well as chatpoetry.blogspot.com, chatitaly.blogspot.com and chataustralia.blogspot.com. Cheers,   TONY