Our Holiday Specials For December 8th-15th, 2015 Cheers, Happy Holidays



WE DELIVER AND WE ADVISE YOU TO take advantage of this time before the big sun drenches us in good cheer, positive attitudes, energy to perform well in all fields, enthusiasm to finally relax and be swept-up in this lovely warmer weather that is pretty amazing for early December! WE will take it, we welcome it, still cool and a bit brisk, feels good to move around outside these days, a good thing.
HOPE ALL IS WELL, hope you have time to get everything ready to enjoy the many holidays now, the great holiday spirit for us all, sharing in this good cheer!
I CANNOT BELIEVE how beautiful it is outside now, gorgeous! Makes me feel really good as I type this weekly Tuesday store email and think that Hanukkah has already started and Isabel and I walked outside and she immediately called out to a friend and wished them happy Hanukkah as they got into their car, flooded, of course with brilliant sunshine to warm and cheer us all. Lovely. 
WE HAVE wineamker/owner Willy here tonight from 5-8PM of his own FREJA Cellars, in Oregon's Willamette Valley, pouring two of his really fine Pinot Noirs : ...  1) ' Winemaker's Reserve ', 2009, $49.99, with 13% alcohol by volume ( for more info on these stunning wines go to : www.frejacellars.com ), and come meet tonight and taste with a really fun, knowledgeable man, Willy Gianopulos, from Grece originally. We can talk Oregon and Greek winemaking and joys in combining both with food, what a grand treat tonight will be! Cheers!

WE WILL ALSO TASTE WITH WILLY : his 2012 Pinot Noir Willamaette Valley Estate FREJA, $26.99, with 13% alcohol by volume... lovely, real Pinot Noir, the real McCoy, FABulous for this price!

COME JOIN US in just two hours Willy will be here!

JOHN PETERS COMES TOMORROW to pour some stunning French Cremant D'Alsace sparkling wine from GUSTAVE LORENTZ, a Brut dry rose as well as the Brut dry regular, BOTH really impressed me no end! We will also pour some of the  BODEGAS MURIEL Reserva 2008, $20.99 a bottle, ... all three wonderful treats, all three receive 20% OFF on the marked bottle costs as they are all three over $20 a bottle.
SPEAKING OF OUR WEDNESDAY WINE-SALE, come by or call, pay tomorrow and save THREE WAYS on each and every Wednesday here at CPWINESPIRITS!
ON FRIDAY We Will Be Tasting with Andrew Stover and I am thinking some of the great Idaho wines of SAWTOOTH wines, some reds like Merlot and Syrah and also the dry, clean, crisp Riesling, too! What a treat that will be : focusing on Idaho with Andrew, and maybe some Michigan wines, too! WE will see, he will be here tomorrow and we will iron-out whatever are the best wines for the best prices now for the best waether and time of year, all important considerations. Cheers!
I JUST SPOKE to Andrew Stover and we are including the CHATEAU GRAND TRAVERSE Michigan Gruner Veltliner dry white that is now On Special for $18.99 a bottle, it used to be $23.99 a bottle, so now it is much more affordable, and a delight to sip and also serve with many a casual, impromptu meal and gathering, it will put bis smiles running from ear-to-ear on our faces, and relax us thoroughly!
ON SATURDAY we have Aleks coming here to pour some wonderful wines from Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and perhaps Albania, too? I am excited about this as I would like to devote some more time to these wines that are flavorful, tasty and good to enjoy this time of the year.
I KNOW we will taste the CHE Non CHE sparkling Extra Brut TRAPAN, $34.99, with 12% alcohol by volume, this is a great, very serious bottle of dry rose from Croatia that will shine with some foods, like some curied/smoked meats and fish, like the smoked trout my daughter, wife and enjoyed yesterday, this would have been great with that, really splendid.
I WOULD LIKE also to taste the cloudy, unfiltered ' Ponente ' TRAPAN Istrian dry and full, rich, multi-layered Malvasia white, also from Croatia, $19.99, 2013, with 13% alcohol by volume. It looks nasty when all shook up, and yet it tastes divine, really splendid, quite the treat, a wonderful surprise, trust me, you will be lulled and charmed, warmed, teased and rocked like some great classic rock music, the intrumental in a classic piece like " Stairway To Heaven" .
AND From ALEKS ALSO we have the 2011 Kallmet dry indigenous red from ARBERI, $19.99 a 750ml bottle, from Mirdite, Albania, with 13.9% alcohol by volume, ... a medium-bodied, earthy and pithy and delightfully-engaging red to chill slightly and enjoy completely with many a meal. Ask Aleks about it and what he would serve with it? Cheers. Join us, never any charge
     1) 2013 Torrontes dry white from La Rioja, Argentina, made by RECUERDO, On Special for $7.99, what a lovely wine, developed, flavorful, balanced, showing all it's charm and pleasures, tresures, teases and pleases, too : great value.
     2) Dry Muscat 2012 Sud Italia Terra di Vulcano from BISCEGLIA, On Special for $5.99 a bottle now, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, this is a fine food value as again, all the flavors are fully-developed and together with a meal both it and the meal will sing sweet nothings in our ears, especially for only six bucks a bottle!
     3) '' Il Cigno Nero - the Black Swan ' V.Q.P.R.D. Cerasuolo di Vittoria, ROMOLO BUCCELLATO, a dry , flavorful, fully-developed dry red blend from Sicily, On Special for $7.99, from the incredible vintage of 2001. NO WAY that this excellent and mature dry red should be available, and available at only eight bucks! Come get some quick! Do not delay! Come get some! With 13%  alcohol, this wine smells like divine shit and tastes like luscious and oak-cedar-sweetened wood with red grape overtones, moods, mellows, mists, mires, muds and magnificent montages, mountains, meadows, meows, too! Grape and wine meows, of course.
ALSO : In Beer : From Santos Rivera :
     1)  Blackberry Barley Wine Ale LIPS of FAITH Series from NEW BELGIUM, On Special for $8.99 a 1 Pint, 6 Fl. Oz bottle, with 10% alcohol by volume to warm you at night while the blackberry charms and challanges your palate, too!
AND From INDIA in Whisky :
     1) ROYAL CHALLENGE Spirit Whisky, a blend of rare Scotch, select grain and matured Indian malts, On Special for $19.99 a bottle, with 42.8% alcohol by volume,  : what a lovely deep color, what a great price, come discover this Royal Challange and see how you like it's mouth-feel, mouth-grip, taste?!?
TIME TO POST THIS, have to get ready for Willy's visit tonight! 
COME TASTE Oregon Willamatte Pinot Noirs with Willy the winemaker of FREJA Cellar wines!
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, you are the very very very VERY BEST.
IF YOU NEED a delivery call us at : 202-363-4265.
HAPPY HANNUKKAH and holidays to one and to all. Let us know what we may do for you.
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HAVE A GREAT WEEK, ENJOY this sun for the rest of the week , warm, yet not hot, cool and refreshing enough, some great mild days in the fifties and even in the sixties through Saturday, with rain only anticipated for this coming Monday! Wow.
JOIN US for all our tastings. Celebrate again the life of John Lennon that was shot on this day I believe? Imagine all the possibilities, the love, the sharing, the togetherness, the great cheer, the good in life and in us all, imagine!     TONY