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New Management,Big-Theme Wine-Tasting Tomorrow 5:30-8:30PM! Join Us!


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 Week's news IS ROSY WITH Tomorrow's Big-Theme Wine-Tasting , Wed. June 15th, 2016 5:30-8:30PM, free,  join us, make this your event as we make it collectively ours!


      I SHOULD SAY this week is sunny , clear, breezy and quite lovely and bright. It started with Monday and here we are already on Tuesday and it was a pleasure to drive here to work.
      WE HAVE NOW initiated a series of Big-Theme Wine-Tastings, pretty much every month here, we have tomorrow's on Wed. June 15th, we have another on Wed. July 13th, ( featuring Gustavo with fine Spanish wines and Robert with his fine Bulgarian that also include kosher wines , and more )  and are already beginning to work on the one for August17th, with Caitlin and her mother featururing fine South African wines likes those of owner David in Wellington,and more ), and September to celebrate Chile's Day Of Independence on Sunday the 18th, we will do our tasting on Wednesday, September 14th featuring Manuel Rojas with his ALMA and IN SITU and DOS PASOS wines, and hopefully Eduardo with COUSINO-MACUL Winery, and maybe more , too - all in the works ) 
: SO : Stay-tuned, mark your calendars with these dates I have just included here.
     THE IDEA is to harness the energy that is already happening all around us and that already has brought us interesting people, wines, spirits, etcetera. WE want to have fun with all this, harness all this amazing energy, enthusiasm, delight, emotion, discipline, produce, liquid art in so many guises and platforms, sizes, forms, textures : wow, why THN?!? GDR ( gosh darn right ! ).
     IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS for themes let us know, we are happy to listen and include them as we are able.
     WE ARE ALSO THINKING about Big-Theme Tastings of the Other Spirits and beers and Ciders that pass through our doors as well : why not?!?

     THIS IS ALL BECAUSE of our new management and getting into a more reasons for you to have to come by and see us and benefit from our combined efforst with owners, winemakers, local resps, distributors, brokers, anyone that has something really special going on that we can be a part of and draw attention to and share with you : YES!!!!!

     SO : HERE IS OUR incredible lineup for tomorrow : we have seven extraordinary people pouring their selections here, what fun, how exciting.  5:30-8:30PM, no charge, join us!
Here they are :
     TABLE NUMBER ONE : With Eric Platt : Italian VALUES:
We have Five ( 5 ) Wine-Super VALUES :

          TWO Dry Whites :

     1) ' Le Battistelle ' Soave Classico from MONTESEI, 2012, with 12% alcohol by volume, I was enjoying it last night with my wife, the bottle was a day-old and it was still beautiful, bright, balanced and a delight, On Special for $9.99, regularly $15.99, what a treat, I have bought some for us, what a treat, get some while you can, tomorrow if you buy 12 assorted bottles by the case this one is 20% OFF and that makes it $8.00 a bottle, hard to beat if not impossible. You be the judge tomorrow.
     2) ' Gli Orti ' fromFRECCIAROSSA ( Societa Agricola, Casteggio, Italy, Oltrepo Pavese ), a wonderfully dry Riesling 2011, with 13% alcohol by volume, On Special now for the ridiculous price of only $12.99, originally $21.99 a bottle! Back in the twenties when Alfred Hitchcock was alive her drank this and their other white blend, their Barbera reds as well as their extraordinary Pinot Nero 2008 ' Giorgio Odero ' 14% alcohol by volume, at $47.99, ( we still have two bottles of that, will not taste it but it gets down to $38.39 by the bottle, and in 2012 it got the highest award that Italy gives to it's wines :  ' trebicchieri .' You will be amazed, amazing wines, really amazing!

          Four Dry Reds :

     1) Guado al Melo's :   2011 BOM BA BA BA BA cantino a ballino il arciballandolo ebrifestosi .... from BACCO IN TOSCANA, a delicious ripe, opulent, redolent, unctuous joyous, rapturous party and taste with flavors that are toasty and bright, bursting with fairie plums and dashing prunes all soaked and saturated, lush and so easy to sip all by themselves. How do they do this?!? On Special this 2011 for $9.99 a bottle, regularly $15.99 a bottle, this is when you want to sit back and have your taste buds perfectly entertained, everything done for them, just pleasure at it's purest and least demanding!
     2) Chianti 2011 from FATTORIA MONTEPESCINI, from Murlo, On Special for $11.99 a bottle, regularly $17.99 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume, another fabulous treat, again really balanced and a classic style, all of these made to be enjoyed with food, made to complement the food as well as the food complement it; what a great marriage of liquids and solids, yes, si! Come taste it here tomorrow.
     3) Langhe Dolcetto ' Bricco Del Cucu '2009, On Special for $11.99, regularly $21.99, with 12% alcohol by volume. This sttarts of in a classic, more spicy, earthy, toasty berry style that , with time open in the bottle morphs into a thicker, denser, deeper taste profile that approaches, for my taste anyway , a more modern style. I feel this will appeal to many of you that like a bolder, denser, deeper, more ' contact ' style wine like this. It will be interesting to see what you all say?
     4) ' Levante ' Toscana dry red 2009 Sangiovese On Special for $16.99 a bottle, regularly $25.99 a bottle, with 14% alcohol, this will also appeal to many looking for the more modern-style dry medium-bodied red with strong, intense, thick and more forceful flavors that are excellent with more flavorful meals, older cheeses, some red meats, many meats across the board, a fine food red at a really ridiculous price once again.
     TABLE Number TWO : With Sarah Frissant,  family member of CHATEAU LA COUPE ROSES, Minervois, France, 2015 vintages, dry white, rose and four reds! Sold to use by Roy Cloud of Vintage 59 Imports :
     1) ' Champ du Roy ' 2015 dry white, a white blend of Grenache Blanc 70%, and 30% Muscat : flavorful, quite dry and intense, a great food wine to cut through many food flavors, sauces, etcetera, that will stand it's ground and help to define better the food, as the food will also soften the wine's many flavors, too. Made by owners Francoise Frissant Le Calvez and Pascal Frissant, with their daughter Sarah here to pour and extrapolate on all these wines many wonderful uses, charms and magic, too. $It sells for $17.49 a bottle, and gets a further discount tomorrow.
     2) ' Fremillant ' 2015 dry rose is a delicious, cleaner, crisper, brighter, really fresh and lively rose wine blend of 40% Mourvedre, 30% Cinsault, 20% Grenache and 10% Syrah : what a fun wine to enjoy outside with this lovely warmth, blues kies, slight breeze : a total delightful REFRESHER. With 13% alcohol by volume, it sells for $17.49 a bottle, and gets a further discount that could get it all the way down to $13.99!
     3)  ' La Bastide ' 2014 dry red  is a field blend of old-vine Carignan and Grenache-Noir, made in stainless-steel, fresh, bright, toasty roasted cherries and a delight to sip in this heat! $It costs $16.49 a bottle, chill 30 minutes, enjoy it inside or outside, a lovely summer quaffer!
     4) ' Cuvee Vignals ' 2014 is a rich and bright and fruit-bursting-forward blend of Syrah , Grenache and a touch of old-vine Carignan, that sells for $21.99 a bottle, with 13.5% alcohol by volume! It is a more refreshing fruit-forward symphony of flavors, tastes, tweeks and accent, mmmmmm mmmmmm good!
     5) ' Granaxa ' 2011 dry red blend of Granaxa or Grenache, with the rest Syrah. Aged in old barrels and the brim, all the bright, all the bristle, thistle, thatch, tar, leather, spice and herb shout out in seemless orchestrations as if perfectly-timed, only changing as you enjoy your meal and those solid flavors of food change the tastes of the moment, as they all adjust to one another, to you, too : lovely, a fine southwest French wine from Minervois : bravo!
     6) ' Orience ' 2011is the ' luxury ' cuvee, a blend of mountain Syrah with a ' dollop ' of Grenache and old-vine , hand-harvested, neither fined or filtered, this is the pure, grand murkiness, the settling, the essence, the grace and the thunder, roar of these southwest French mountains in Minervois that are heard by us, and tasted and felt by us through the Syrah, Grenache and Carignan grapes : ahhh, what a choral performance, what a stellare shining of our stars on earth, this is sublime, and a great food wine, best with a meal. Cheers, et a bientot Sarah!

     TABLE Number THREE Kerry Tate od Diamond District Wines pours Three Wines :

     1) Veronese Italian  Bianco 2014 of the CANTINA Della VALPANTENA, a dry , delightful bright blend of Garganega and Trebbiano grapes, $10.99 a bottle, great summer warm weather beach and mountain wines, yes!
     2) Circa Italian  Toscana Rosso 2013 is a delightful dry , fruit-forward yet tasty red blend of both Sangiovese and some Merlot grapes, nicve with a meal, chill 30 minutes, enjoy, $10.99 a bottle : perfect for this heat now.
     3) 100% Macabeu 2013 dry white from old-vines   JOSEP FORASTER in Spain's Penedes, Montblanc regio, estate-bottled,  D.O. Conca de Barbera, $25.99, this dry white that is still and not sparkling in this case is one layer upon anotherm balanced on another, dangling freely off another, almost flying, certainly soaring and coming back, returning, pleasing and teasing and testing us to stop, think, reflect, retaste and smile brightly as these flavors charm us so surely, what a grand treat!
     TABLE Number FOUR : Robert Kennedy Pours Red & White Lambrusco :
     1) ' Bianco ' Dell' Emilia vino frizzante secco/ dry from Sorbara PALTRINIERI  is a real smooth, silky, velvetty bright satinty taste on the palate that cannot be ignored or denied! Our customers, many of you love this! And we have put it On Special now for $11.99 ... from Alberto the owner and winemaker that will be here himself tasting his whole range for the third time on July 9th, Saturday, from 2-6PM.
     2) ' Piria ' Lambrusco red from PALTRINIERI, another from Alberto, toasty, roasted, lively, delightful refreshing light-red sparkling flavors and rays of light and sparks of monn-dancing-tapping feet barely touching ground or one's palate, enough to drive one crazy!
     TABLE Number FIVE :  Four From Alexander Counilh and Elite Imports : Tasting Fine French Rhone, Burgundy, Loire Valley , too :
     1) ' Perle Blanche ' 2015 dry white 100% Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley's Sancerre region, made by Christian Lauverjat, $26.49. clean, crisp, some real weight and body and substance, and great will al shellfish, yum!
     2) ' Aux Betises ' D'Eloise et Lea,, made by DAVID REYNAUD, 2012, a grand bottle of white Crozes Hermitage from the northern Rhone, tasted to us here with the owner David himself and our local rep Richard Lay, I fell in love on the first sip! On Special for $24.99 a bottle, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, this dry and full, rich, lilting, lulling, rocking and swaying bevy of flavors is brought to our tongues by the 80% Marsanne and 20% Roussanne! Si, oui oui oui!
     3) Bourgogne rouge 100% red Burgundy Pinot Noir old-vine grapes ' La Croix Blanche ' 2014, from the DOMAINE ARMELLE et BERNARD RION, that is located in Vosne-Romanee, $29.99 a bottle, with  12.5% alcohol by volume, this wine matures slowly and gracefully and connot be rushed. BUT, when it hits it's peaks and mids and lows it sings as sweetly as the violin's music sounds as authentic cat's gut hairs in the wand move over strings, strings touching strings, liquid red Burgundy Pinot Noir singing to us, tasting to us, revealing to us all it's ardour and love and magic, yes!
     4) 2012 Bourgogne Cuvee Le Chapitre Suivant 100% Pinot Noir from Rene Bouvier that is in Gevrey Chambertin, $32.99 a bottle, this red Burgundy is more silky and soft and lighter yet still delivers more magic on the surface of your tongues than you will be expecting, wait till the third and fourth sip and you will be hooked!
     TABLE Number SIX : Erin Weaver of Lanterna Imports Pours Three fine Kiwi Sauvignon Blancs from Winemaker Simon Barker of the Blind River region, all certified sustainable!
     1) ' Arona ' Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2015, $13.99, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, so smooth. I was just tasting it earlier with winemaker Simon Barker himself here. What a treat. It is the smooth, silky, bright and pleasing Sauvignon Blanc, a safer, more easy-to-sip medium-bodied white that will lend itself really well to the food it is served with and that will tweek it in just the right way to make appear more highs and lows in it's flavors! Yes!
     2) ' The Loop ' Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc , $13.99 was my favorite as everything just came together perfectly, magically for me. If I were Goldilocks and deciding between the three porridges I would pick this one of the three, total harmony! Such satin silk on my tongue. AGTJ! 12.5% alcohol by volume.
     3) Ranga.Ranga Estate-Grown Marlborough 2015, $13.99, 13% alcohol by volume, this was the most lively and active and playful and youthful on my palate earlier. I liked it, always have , but would definitely like it with a meal. Tasty!
     TABLE Number SEVEN With Ken Ross Pouring California & Spanish Wines, Still and Sparkling :
     1) Cava YA Cuvee 23 2013 Brut Reserva, $17.49, a grower sparkling Spanish Cava that is sustainably-farmed, rich, creamy, deep and wonderful-feeling on the plate, rests so nicely on the tongue, slowly saturates-infiltrates lovingly all our senses, really nice, try it, see how it fits you?
     2) Chenin Blanc 2014 from California's Mendocino County from GRAZIANO is deliciously tart and mineral-striking dry and cleansing and pure and refreshing, a great food wine! $15.99, both Chris and I really like this! With 13.5% alcohol by volume.
     3) Pinot Noir Dry Rose 2015 from Mendocino County, made by SAINT-GREGORY is another great refreshing, heat-quenching path to saunter , move slowly down daydreaming and spotting the ladybug on the leaf under a open-inviting flower, yes, a fine food dry rose, with 13.5% alcohol by volume.
     4) Primo Rosso 2013 MONTE VOLPE dry red blend from California's Mendocino county, $12.99 a bottle,a special red blend that makes me drift back to Italy with the Zinfandel, Dolcetto, Carignane, Negroamaro and Petite Sirah grapes, a pure gustatory delight, great value, too!
     5) Red Wine from Paso Robles, from ROTTA, since 1908, wow, that is old, a 2013, $22.99, dry and flavorful, distinct and tasty blend of grapes, ask Ken, he will have all the details, I just remember really liking this and wanting to sell it here!
     6) Moscato 2015 ' Enotria ' from FATTORIA Enotria, Mendocino, northern California, $13.49. 8% alcohol by volume, is a lighter, brighter, less sweet, less cloying version of Moscato. It is another delight, balanced, tasty, a real treat! Cheers!
COME JOIN US, SAVE UP to 20% OFF on your purchases tomorrow, three ways to save , and many of these wines are On Special anyway. Come taste and discover!
THANKS For Everything, I am sending this now ' as is ' and will add the calendar of tastings later on our web page and on our Facebook apage. Cheers, thanks for everything , I must send this now have run out of time! Cheers,  TONY