News/ Opinions Of Week 5/9-16

THERE IS TALK that the block with Petco will become an office or apartment building , and if, so, we certainly hope that the retail stores below will be kept.
CUSTOMERS for the last week have informed me that they have received notices that WEYGANDT'S Wines is closing it's location here. Though never close to them ( we used to have Peter Weygandt himself come here and propose his wines for us to buy, many that we did in fact and sell well - along with the wines of many fine importers, as there are many ), and we wish them well as they are a part of the community as we are. Was it the high rents there that have them closing shop there?
LOTS OF SPECULATION continues to circle with the old Four P'S Irish Pub location across the street, with talk of retail and an open market coming there soon on the weekends? All conversation, very little transparency as to what exactly will surface there, and we encourage that there be more information offered as this is a vibrant, important space across the street here in Cleveland Park.
LOTS OF CONCERN , too about how other areas are taking our business away from us and making us as a neighborhood/ business - retail area less desirable to live in, where many roadblocks are there to even get or want to open a store or restaurant here in the vacant spaces. That is disheartening as we deserve to be, should be as desirable and imprtant a destination here in D.C. as any other area, even though we are older, we have weathered the many storms and still have so much to offer.
COME SHOP and DINE and EXERCISE here with us : keep supporting our community, we need it, we want to stay open for you all, we are only able to be here with your active support. Tell others, spread the word, Cleveland Park is a great area and we need to stick together and grow more together.
ON THE POSITIVE SIDE I often hear new customers coming here, wanting to lve here becasue of our community and it's look and feel and variety of small shops and businesses that are not chain stores. That is good, we love hearing that. We are small businesses here to offer you something more personal, more special , more important tahn simply only price.
ONLINE shopping is hurting many retail operations, please think carefully before ordering something online because it is simpler and sometimes less expensive, they do not have the operating costs that we do, and a world with no retail at all would be rather bleak.
SORRY For The Lecture, I only pass it on as our enighborhood now, more than ever, needs lots of love and care and support. Like so many today we are surviving, certainly not thriving, and we do offer some great services and sense of contact and community that enriches us all, as being able to talk to someone is essential to many of us : our life-blood.
REMEMBER To Contact Your RET! Many of you do not know what a RET is? I know. I ask many of those that sell to me : " What does your RET say / think? " They look at me quizzically? RET?!? Spell it? What is that, what are you saying, asking, talking about?!?
A RET is short for retailer, just as a SOMM is short for sommelier. Consult your RET and have an eye-to-eye conversation where you will learn, have someone immediately there to question, ask advice, talk one-to-one with and get hopefully the information you need to proceed. A RET is here to assist you, we here at Cleveland Park feel very strongly about this and want to do all that we can to have an open / transparent conversation, on-going with you all, it is how we will grow and achieve more together as a community that stays and works , plays and smiles and bonds together in difficult times.
I AM ON FIRE today, much as I have recently siad that Theresa Morrison was on-fire here this past Saturday as she waxed poetic over all the fine Austrian wines of the HOEPLER Winery in Burgenland, Austria. It was inspiring to see and hear Theresa in action as she dscribed and told many stories about here visit there to the winery to see owners Jost and Henry his son - both that have been here. Their wines are perfect for this warmer weather, although it does Yo-Yo back and forth and can be quite confusing at thimes.