Liquor.Liqueur Specials 3/8-15/16

          IN LIQUOR :
     1) William Wolf Rye Small Batch 100% Rye whiskey, $30.99, with 46% alcohol by volume, from Holland, : " Think like a wolf " is their logo, the price is excellent for this quality. Come try some.
     2) Single Malt Whisky Rappahannock Pot-Stilled non-chill-filtered from Sperryville, Virginia, from WASMUND'S, $39.99 a bottle, with 48% alcohol by volume, I I loved this, was enjoying some on Saturday night over at our neighbor's and really enjoying the weight, the mouth-feel-attack, the smoke and the simmer and the gentle flame of fire , liquid, passing over and through and between all my senses, nice! Highly recommended, this has come the distance and is keeping up and showing that what it has is really worth the serach and the price. Cheers Rick and Shawn!

THREE-PART Wednesday Sale On Wine, Each Wednesday, Order and Pay on Wednesdays and SAVE UP to 20% OFF on the marked sticker prices on all wines in the 750ml size bottle besides Veuve Clicquot and Moet & Chandon French Champagne!

          WINE From Chris & Tony :
     1) Romagna Sangiovese from Italy, from TRAVERNELLO, On Special for $5.99 a 750ml bottle, what a great outdoor sipping wine for this weather in the sixties today, love the price, too!
     2) Bianco dry white blend from Calabria, Italy, this CIRO 2014 from LIBRANDI, $12.99 a bottle, with 12.5% alcohol by volume come from Jody Kackman that was here tasting this past Friday, and it is a fine white to enjoy now as the temperatures rise and it feels sooooo good to be outside!
     3) ' La Vie En Rose ' 2015 dry French Saint-Chinian rose from the DOMAINE DE CAMBIS, $16.99, an elegant and bright, fresh lively and balanced blend of the Cinsault and the Syrah grapes is drinking beautifully now. Oscar Losama of Voila Imports had it open here this past Saturday and you all loved and bought a lot of it! Come get some now and start the spring off right.
     4) ' Melange ' 2010 dry red from the NARMADA Winery in from Amissville, Virginia. Lovely. I really liked it, we have a selection of six wines from NARMADA here now for you, come by and check them out! Something for everyone.
A LOT OF THESE WINES, BEER, LIQUEUR and LIQUORS would be nice to enjoy tonight while the results come in from the primaries from the various states here.
          TWO Sakes That Are ' New ' :
     1)  Organic Nama Sake from SHO CHIKU Bai, $5.99 for a 300ml bottle with 15% alcohol by volume. I sampled this a week ago and was quite impressed, really fine quality, what a fine dry, distinct, tasty sake that will be perfect now in this heat. So refreshing.
     2) Nigori unfiltered sake that is sikly mild taste from SHO CHIKU BAI, $9.49 for a 375ml bottle, with 15% alcohol by volume, is drinking like a dream, so smooth, so round, so right and soothing-pleasing, oh yeah! DRank some in New York in Hell's Kitchen in August of last year with my son at a local restaurant there, wonderful. Tried some again here last week, really loved it!