Liquor/Liqueur Specials 1/6/2016 Call :202-363-4265

     FROM Jagir and Malkit we have in Liquor, Liqueur :
          THREE Vermouths  from DRAPO, 1 Black Note Amaro :
     1) ' Black Note " Torino, Italian Amaro, $21.99, distinct, flavorful, good herb and spice and distinct flavors! We have it here, ask for a taste, try some, see what you think?
     DRAPO Vermouth : Rosso, Blanco,  and Dry white :
     1) Vermouth DRAPO Rosso, $18.99 :  (   for the liter bottle, I opened it , the sample bottle given to us for that purpose ) , and tasted it with Courtney and her father Don that was visitng. Flavorful, distinct, balanced, very pleasing, a nice change and something ' new ' to try. Cheers.
     I have samples to still open of the Bianco and the Dry white vermouths and will do that here soon. If you are interested in trying them please let us know? Cheers!
     ALSO :
     1) Blanche White Bas-Armagnac from TARIQUET, On Special for $46.99 is slowly sweeping the spirits' world off its feet, come get some some, see and taste what all the buzz is about! Clear, like a vodka, tasty and firm and bracing like a good French Bas-Armagnac!
     2) Tequila Blanco from CAZADORES, On Special for $23.99 a bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, hecho en Mexico, a fine value, we still have a bit left at this great discounted price. Come get some while sipplies last!
     3) Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey , a blend of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Spirits from the finest grains, from KENTUCKY GENTLEMAN, a 1.75ml plastic bottle, , On Special for $13.99 , made since 1879, what an incredible deal, FABulous value, come get some now! Cheers! With 40% alcohol by volume.
     4) Single Barrel Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 120 Proof, On Special for $4.99, from KNOB CREEK, this small batch is aged nine years, smooth, silky, warm and nice, really pleasing, soothing for this cold, biting weather just now! Come get some asap while our supplies last.