Liquor/Liqueur Specials 1/10-

LIQUERS / LIQUORS From Jagir Singh :
     1) Double Expresso from VAN GOGH, On Special for $25.99, a 750ml bottle, , family-owned distillery since 1879, from Holland, a ' class-act ', must try it, distinct, flavorful, perfect imported vodka for this cold and damp weather now of ours! Warm-up!
     2) Extra Dry Vermouth Aperitif of VYA, in Madera, California, from @AndrewQuady, highly-recommended, such a treat to sip all by itself! $23.99 for a 750ml bottle, with 17% alcohol by volume. I like it a lot.
     3) BRoVo Project Amaro 14 , Liqueur Batch No. 14, Mike Ryan,, $39.99 a bottle, a ' lady and mac made liquor ', with 31% alcohol , " Serve people not just drinks. ' Bottle 097 , ' Brovo amaro 14 is a dark, delux chocolate with Sarsaparilla, Cinnamon and Thyme. ' From Washington State, highly recommended, quite special, quite unique, TRY SOME!
     4) HouHouShu Sparkling sake, $18.99 a 300ml bottle, with 6% alcohol by volume : from Japan, produced and bottled by MARUMOTO SHUZO Inc, Okayama-Ken, Japan : quite a livelt bright fresh ALIVE taste, recommended, you all must try it : so refreshing!