Liquor Specials 8/30-9/2

LIQUOR From Jagir :

     1) The All-Natural Spirit of the Andes, MACCHU PISCO, $27.99 a bottle, product of Peru, with 40% alcohol by volume, this is tasty all by itself as well as when mixed, you can drink it either way and enjoy the experience a whole lot either way and get up the next morning and feel perfectly fine, refreshed, really good!
     2) Exotic Brazilian rum, AGUA LUCA Cachaca from Brazil, $29.99, with 40% alcohol by volume, : " Using techniques and traditions refined over 450 years, this exceptional Cachaca is distilled in Brazil from fresh sugar cane harvested by hand and is filtered twelve times to produce a smooth and lively finish. " Come get some, perfect summer drink, will cut the hot weather and humidity at least in half! Cheers, great soothing color to the bottle, too, you will be pleased and charmed all in one.
     3) Gin Small Batch Estate Grown from MYER FARM, On Special for $49.99 a bottle, with 42.7% alcohol by volume, : " This handcrafted gin is distilled from select traditional botanicalsand soft white winter wheat grown and harvested on Myer Farm, est. 1868. " From New York, new and exciting, cheers!