Liquor Specials 8/15-21/17

     LIQUEUR / LIQUOR From Jagir -
          Liqueur Triple Sec From Calabria, Italy -
     1) CAFFO Solara , a triple Grand Orange liqueur ( kissed by the sun of southern Italy ), On Special for $24.99, with 40% alcohol by volume, , made in Calabria, Italy, do you know this @AmyRiolo?!? You should. It would be great to include it in all your food recipes of the Mediterranean area as well as Calabria that is near-and-dear to your heart, as well as to ours! Cheers. Great flavors, great taste, a treat at a really fair price for all this taste and distinct character.
          Mexican Tequila -
     2)   Cimarron 100% de Agave Reposado Tequila. a perfil seco, envasado de origen, cultivado a 4,600 ft. en atotonilco el alto, Jalisco, Mexico, On Special for $26.99, for a full liter : great color, great value, what a taste and character to boot! Very pleased to have this as the flavors are distinct, with extra character and yet some polish and finesse, too.
          Dominican Republic Island Rum -
     3) Ron Gran Reserva 1888  doblemente anejado rum, only 613 barricas, from BRUGAL in the Dominican Republic, On Special for $49.99 a bottle : the top level of flavor and taste, so much power and yet a smooth silkiness as well, a silvery shiny golden fire that elicits a positive appeal and pleasure with some nice burn, some added distinct layers of flavors that take several sips to define and realize are there as you settle back for a wonderful Dominican Rrepublic magic carpet ride. Recommended.
          Japanaese Whisky -
     4) Toki SUNTORY Whisky from the House of SUNTORY , whisky established in 1923  : almost their 100 year anniversary! On Special for $41.99 a bottle, with 43% alcohol, glad to have this back. It was missing in action for a number of years, and with all the fascination of what Japan adds to the whisky category, this is great to have back here once again. Cheers.
          Local Spirits From DC : A Gin & a Vodka -
       DC Vodka -
     5) Royal SEal Vodka from Jos A. Magnus in Ivy City, made by distiller Nicole Hassoun , On Spercial for $27.99 a bottle : softer, more delicate, more refreshing, has a unique lightness of being that is amazingly bright and refreshing. Like a great song, like a great tenor - the middle range notes are so expressive and alive, and the swallow and end flavors just linger and linger!
       DC Gin -
     6) Checherbark American Dry Gin from District Distilling Co. , made by master distiller Matt Strickland , On Special for $30.99 a bottle, with 47% alcohol by volume, this has more weight and texture, mouth-feel, and is a treat when you want some silk and bright polish and some extra creamy-dreamy layers of taste - like mille feuilles, going in that direction : like a fine croissant.