Liquor Specials 7/5-12/2016

BUT HEY, we ned to talk SPIRITS  here, too : From Jagir :
1) ' Finely Crafted GRIND ' Espresso Shot , from bean to bar, " rich espresso taste with Caribbean rum, in collaboration with BARISTAS & BARTENDERS ", made with Arabica coffee beans, On Special for $14.99 a bottle, with 30% alcohol by volume, ... come check this out, looks like fun!
2) " Old Scout ' Straight Bourbon Whiskey from SMOOTH AMBLER Est. 2009, aged 7 years, $45.99 a bottle, with 49.5% alcohol by volume, from Maxwelton, West Virginia, Batch. No. 179, bottled : 5/4/16, bottled by James! We have enjoyed representing these here now for five or so years, what a treat, met two of the three owners, have worked together to develop and promote this fine Bourbon whiskey from West Virginia, YES! Ramble, amble, skip, run, walk on with a big smile on your faces, very smooth, a smooth fire and flame-gentle taste. Mmmmm,

3) Tequila CAMPO AZUL Extra Anejo , 100% Agave, On Special for $92.99 a bottle, number 2321  of 5000 bottles made, very small production indeed, such high quality, such high standards, some of the best I have ever tasted, I like it a lot!